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*Video* Small riot breaks out in Phoenix over Immigration bill

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posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 11:51 AM

Originally posted by OutKast Searcher
reply to post by Wolfenz

the Deli is like their own Arbys! is CALLED AMERICAN STAR! and the ones that OWN it that RUN it are Foreigners ok Personally OWNED ill say it again American STAR AMERICAN STAR !!!! they are not even Americans !
do you get it NOW ?

So you know for a FACT that they are not American citizens? Did you go ask them?

Did it ever occur to you that they came to America legally...became citizens...and started a business???

I see your Trolling ! and a Foreigner

Is there a reason you think this couldn't happen...or maybe shouldn't happen?

what ?
i think ... i said that a page ago.! ! yes i really did , and why , I ask them where they were originally from, why because They have Heavy Accent !!!!!!!!!! and they where from they said Pakistan ! I would of never ask if they had an American accent !

WOLFNZ = I did not say they were Illegal! did I ! yeah right start a business where would they come up with the money ? from a country like Pakistan if they had that kind of money from their own country ! why would they start a Delli called American Star !! ?

is it easy for a Foreigner from Poor Country to start a business ? in the Grand USA ? or any other country for that matter ?

are you from china ? ( your Avatar might say so ) what is your Origin i told you mine !

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posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 12:46 PM
Well let me state my peace and I will let you decide.

I completely agree that illegal is illegal and that they should enter the United States the correct way.

A little info about me:

I am Hispanic
Born and Raised in the USA.
My Parents, Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Great-Great Grandparents and even further were born and raised here. Hell they were here before this was the "USA".
I am a True Republican - Ron Paul Republican


Here is my issue with the whole Arizona deal...

I don't mind them toughening the immigration laws. However, when it affects me and my children which are United States Citizens by Blood and Birth; that is when I have a problem.

The first question that my 16 year old son asked me is what is going to happen to us. He was afraid cause he doesn't have an ID and was worried that if a cop "suspects" him of being illegal he couldn't prove his citizenship. Well me knowing better, told him to call me.

But this raises a huge question, why would United States Citizens which are of Hispanic decent have to carry around their papers as if in Nazi Germany to prove that they are hear legally?

We have illegal immigrants of all colors and creeds, yet since the Hispanics have become a "factor" in political power, the economy, and more it seems we are now the problem that has to be solved.

Also, since now the Hispanics have to prove that they are United States Citizens shouldn't it be required of every race or person to carry their passport, birth certificate, drivers license, social security card, and any other necessary document or evidence to prove we are all United States Citizens?

I fear that we are turning in to Nazi Germany and trust me racial profiling is automatic with this new legislation. If not then every person in Arizona would have to prove they are US Citizens each and every time they were even approached or seen by a cop.


I do hope we find a real solution to getting the illegal immigrants back to their country and out of ours and I do wish that if they wanted to be in the United States that they would do it correctly. But why do my kids and I have to suffer because of criminals? It's not us that are illegal and we haven't broken any laws.


Just thought you should hear it from a Hispanic that is a True American (US Citizen) that loves this country with all his heart.

I do hope you understand our Point of View.



posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 12:55 PM
reply to post by Wolfenz

Matter of fact it is extremely easy for anybody in the US to start a business. If you actually study up on it, there is money and assistance available to all. The SBA is a good start and coming up with 10-20% isn't hard especially if you have business partners.

People from other countries tend to live together in packs of 4+ to combine their resources and save cash, then together they unite their money to start a business and they use the money from the business to expand and spread the wealth.

That is the reason why the majority of US Citizens are "Pissed" at immigrants, lol. Americans are not willing to suffer by living in packs, and don't trust even their relatives as a business partner, and if they did make it they will usually screw over each other and never accomplish their dream.

It's sad I know, hell I am an American (US Citizen). However, I own several businesses and have launched them the same was as the immigrants except that I don't pack in the same house. However, I do take business partners and will build them up so they are successful and make me money.



posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 01:08 PM
reply to post by OutKast Searcher

My point exactly, people are assuming it's the illegal immigrants out there protesting this law.

Hell the illegal immigrants don't want to be anywhere near a protest right now. They are in fear of getting deported.


There is a fatal flaw in the law. It affects American (US Citizens) in a very discriminatory and unlawful way. Talk about major civil rights issues going to arise off this law.

Heck, half of the people protesting don't mind being tougher on illegal immigration. They just don't want it to affect them the US Citizens of Hispanic decent.

Grow up people this is a major violation of our rights as American Citizens and screams blatant Nazi Germany tactics.

"Papers Please" - Prove you are not an illegal!

I am waiting for the Sombrero shaped patch to come out now, before you know it Hispanics will have to stand in line to prove they are Americans and if not they will be given a Sombrero shaped patch to let the Guards know they are illegal.

It's a sad day for Civil Rights!

posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 02:02 PM
Wont the riots make it easier to round up the illegals?

Or are they smart enough to not participate in these protests/riots?

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 12:26 AM
reply to post by siahchi

Not true several times I was questioned by the police as to why I was in a certain neighborhood, in their minds the only reason a white person would be in that neighborhood was to buy drugs. Granted it doesn't happen anywhere near what it does to other races, but yes white people also get racially profiled by the police. What the Hindu's do with their caste system isn't racial profiling, it's social segregation.

Funny I support well regulated militias (with no hidden agendas) and I don't remember cheering when the Murrah building was bombed. It's also kinda funny how Mcveigh did that with a truckload of fertilizer and oil, yet all the news footage from that morning reported three bombs inside the building, one that went off and two that didn't. Not to mention that there was a domestic anti terrorist bill stalled in congress that had no problem passing after the bombing.

I hate to break it to you but our law enforcement agencies and military have their fair share of mentally unbalanced people running around with big guns.

That's a good idea in theory, however our legislators don't hear us and our representitives don't represent us, they only hear and represent the big corporations. Our system is broken we have no chance of getting anyone elected that doesn't have big money and power behind them.

Oh could you be talking about non white politicians like Luis Gutierrez, one of the biggest advocates of illegal immigrants in our government ? There is no way politicians like him can ever be of any help since they are one of the biggest parts of the problem.

You could be right there very well be some acts of mass violence by some whacked out white people, but I really doubt it (unless it suits our governments purpose). I think if something like that were going to happen it would have happened when Obama was elected. But then again you may may have some inside info that will make your prediction come true.

LOL and there it is on a silver platter, the race card, because we all know that people couldn't possibly be upset about anything concerning Obama other than the fact that he's black right ? Personally I could give a rat's ass if he's white, black, green, or purple with yellow polka dots. What I care about are his criminal ties, they way he sold out his people (meaning the people of his district) to help his criminal friends, his job performance as our senator, and mainly his voting record as our senator. A man like that would never make a good president and all he's done is prove that fact.

Funny you seem to have a problem with the tea party, yet you say something like this....

The solution is to use our power as citizens to bring attention to these situations to legislators, and failing that, to mobilize among the people to get someone other than a well connected millionaire into office, and, failing that, to elect each other.

Isn't what you propose exactly what the tea party is attempting to do ?

Now back on topic. I agree there will be racial profiling, and it isn't right, it will also cause many problems. Honestly though if we suddenly had a great influx of illegal immigrants from Africa they would be checking the status of black people's citizenship, or Asian's if the majority of illegals were coming from China.

I do understand the fact that people don't want to be racially profiled, my sons and my brother have been racially profiled many, many times and if we lived in Arizona they would be racially profiled, but they would understand why.

I guess my point is that people's anger should not be directed at the states legislators that had to make this law, or the LEO's that will have to enforce it, or the citizens that support it, but at the federal government that forced it to happen. They refuse to secure our borders, they leave our border patrol without proper protection, they send our troops to fight a war that isn't our to fight, but won't use them to secure our borders when we're being invaded. For cripes sake they won't even have the national guard out there, but they are calling for them to be deployed in Chicago because of gang problems, how idiotic is that ?

Anything that is backed into a corner will fight back and the people in the border states are backed into a corner now. They are being invaded by drug cartels, people are being killed, their economy is being destroyed by illegal immigrants living off of our social services and using our education system. People have asked over and over for the feds to do there jobs, enforce immigration laws and secure our border, they refuse to do so, So now the only thing the states have left to do is to take matters into their own hands. People are angry, sure , but direct that anger where it should be directed. People want something changed, then go after the right people to change it. If the feds had done their jobs in the first place the problem would have never have gotten this bad and the states wouldn't have to go the route they're going.

If you have a cleaning service and they don't show up eventually you'll have to clean your own house right. Well I guess they got tired of waiting for the service to show up and now they're cleaning their own house.

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 02:56 PM
Remember when people were talking about martial law. Now you know why. The sending of illegals in the u.s.a to fema camps and shipping them by train out of the country. Soon more states will follow arizona and more troops will be sent to help out the police and keep the peace. The gov't knows of the problem and will be dealing with it shortly. Im sure that the gov't is ready to deal with the resistance and has started already by sending troops out to chicago. I hope this does not get ugly when more illegals find out whats going on here. I hope that the illegals that get shipped to fema camps go quietly by train. peace.

posted on Apr, 28 2010 @ 03:17 PM

OK guys what movie was it that featured the US in the year 2010 or 2011 going to war with Mexico? I can't remember or find it. I think that the TPTB are are beginning a war with mexico. At a time just before our economy will collapse. If this happens all Mexico will have do is align with a country thats dying to invade us and its over.

posted on Apr, 29 2010 @ 05:49 PM
if it had been white folk getting maced and arrested then I can guarantee that this thread would have been entitled POLICE BRUTALITY at peaceful protest.

posted on Apr, 29 2010 @ 05:54 PM

Originally posted by dalek
if it had been white folk getting maced and arrested then I can guarantee that this thread would have been entitled POLICE BRUTALITY at peaceful protest.

How is that race baiting coming for you? I suggest you gander at all those peaceful protesters in the video. I don't think you even watched to put up such a post.

posted on Apr, 29 2010 @ 05:56 PM

Originally posted by Barkster

one comment made by an angry lady & with 100% bravado and 0% intent & info wars is all over it!

I always thought that if your scratched Alex Jones that there was a GOP lover beneath the surface, I didn't realize that he was racist also!

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posted on Apr, 29 2010 @ 06:01 PM

Originally posted by prionace glauca

Originally posted by dalek
if it had been white folk getting maced and arrested then I can guarantee that this thread would have been entitled POLICE BRUTALITY at peaceful protest.

How is that race baiting coming for you?

what do you mean? & where am I wrong in my original post?

[edit on 29-4-2010 by dalek]

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