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Over 1000 Saudia passengers stranded at Jedda Airport.

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posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 05:30 PM
According to Arab News,
there has been confusion regarding entrance visas for scores of European Umrah
(pilgrimage to Mecca) pilgrims that have been left stranded in the Jedda King Albuttdulziz International Airport for five days. About 1700 stranded pilgrims will leave back to France tonight. Some comments include,” Masha'Allah... The Saudis never seem to disappoint when it comes to being inhumane, bad mannered and absolutely stupid...,
What else can u expect from Saudia, Its the common thing hapen(sic) everywhere in KSA...That how they treat people here...especially is the person in charge is local. They will just neglact(sic) they responsibility by saying - "Its not my business (sic)."

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