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The Rebellion of a Species

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posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 04:50 PM
Ok so I have had a bad day and want to channel my negative energy in some creative here goes...
The Rebellion of a Species namely us or Humanity is something I feel should be highlighted for very important reasons.
Authority be it Governmental or Godly is being opposed in greater intensity with every passing day.
In my opinion this is due to the state of living being stripped of any richness or substance leaving us all...well feeling quite hopeless.
If we look around us all the Organizations that are supposed to help us are in fact turning against us.
There is no more help in fact quite the opposite is true. People have become more distant toward one another. What was once termed good customer service has now turned into rude and obnoxious operators in call centers many in countries far from where we live.
Health systems are struggling to cope with demand and resources are drawing ever more thin to cope with privatization and profit.
The police system is more corrupt than most criminals.
The judicial system fails those that need help the most and exploits any vulnerability in people it is supposed to represent.
The strong and vocal are praised for their strength and the weak are criticized for their lack of courage.
We have entered a paradox whereby everything which was once good has become corrupt and abused.
We who are responsible for the failings of the construct of societies which house us are quick to point the finger of blame on others to deflect from our own inabilities to show love and compassion and look on issues with an open and honest heart.
We cause more problems than provide solutions.
In short we are our own demise.
The time is coming where revolution and rebellion are drawing nigh and we will all have our parts to play.
It was once said let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
yet we are all sinners throwing stones at one another.
It saddens me greatly that our existence on this earth is drawing to a close.
TPTB are responsible for governing us and we follow and abide by their rule whether we choose to accept it or not.
Yes we rebel occasionally and act out but consistent acting out leads to penalties and some do not care about these penalties, in fact some are encouraged to act out and in certain groups this rebellion is seen as a pathway to higher status amongst peers.
It would be an understatement to say the world is in a state of chaos.
Why is this happening you may ask?
Well I will take you back to a phrase used by one David Icke a while ago...
Problem, Action, Solution....or in the words of the Illuminati Order from Chaos.
Now think for a minute that you are at the top of the pyramid of power and everyone below you has to answer to you.
How do you impose a system whereby you can maximize total control and obedience from those beneath you in the pyramid of power?
Well the problem is the free will of the people and their ability to be individuals.
You would need to implement a system whereby all those you wish to control are linked into a central system.
That is what is happening. The Bankers and private companies are buying everything up. All power is being centralized and all information along with it.
Computer systems are becoming more intelligent and can now create psychological profiles on any individual it chooses by collating information across various government networks.
The aim is to get everyone linked into this system.
It is already happening with tags and microchips. They have begun printing off barcodes for new born babies instead of the name bracelets they once gave to our young.
Everything is spiraling upwards into an apex.
Energy is being channeled into a tighter and tighter point.
But why?
Total control? Total power? Battle for souls? Control of slaves?

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posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 04:51 PM
Power trip? Old ancient scripts being followed meticulously? Ordained ruling from high up? Satan/Lucifer's plot to dethrone God? Or just a cattle market where the value of a life falls well below that of numbers in a bank account?
Whatever the answer the fact of the matter is that a point will come where rebellion becomes uncontrollable.
Where the people turn against a system that no longer works for them but against them.
Yes people will get mad and angry they will feel like there is no way out.
They will be in debt, will lose their property, their kids will revolt against them, crime will escalate beyond control, things will get so bad that looking down on humanity will seem like a virus eating away at itself turning everything pure cancerous.
That is when humanity will snap and attempt the biggest rebellion in human history as far as we know it.
TPTB will have two options to fight or submit and I don’t think the latter will be an option.
So inevitably it will be them versus the rebellion and they will win.
They are more powerful, more intelligent, more organized, more effective, more calculated and more prepared than any rebellion will ever be.
We are all living in a state of fear, paranoia and panic-we are being divided so that we can assimilate or be conquered.
Time is growing short and I fear too little will be done too late.
We at ATS are aware of all the issues, all the conspiracies, all the injustices, all the corruption and so on. We have each other as allies. We are informed and we inform each other and there is a general understanding that we are awakening to what is really going on but there is so much going on it is hard to collectively pin point what is happening. We can guess and assume and point and accuse but those in power are protected those that control are hidden and the agenda for a New World Order is well under way. You only have to look at those in power proclaiming a New World Order is Afoot.
There is no more denying this. No more “you’re crazy” accusations. It has been flaunted consistently over the last few years and the globalist agenda is being promoted more and more aggressively.
If there truly is one saving grace and if it even exists it is God.
Nothing else can save us from what we are heading for. No man, no leader, no organization, no politician, no rebellion, no nothing.
We are powerless against a machine that has grown in power and weakened the people it once served.
God and Love are the only solutions to the nightmare that awaits us. If these notions truly exist.
ATS has the ability to rally its troops and form an informed army to overthrow the PTB but then all their efforts to do so are immediately thwarted due to laws that would label such a movement as an act of Terrorism so the truth is their hands are tied.
The people will never stand up to the machine because they will be locked up or shot.

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posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 04:51 PM
The more we rebel the more sanctions will be imposed. The more we fight the machine the more powerful it becomes.
So I say unto you all rebel with Love in your heart. Rebel with God in your soul. Rebel with the intentions to make the world a better place.
Any act of aggression or violence will not work.
We must come together through correct thoughts and correct actions we must rebuild our communities with Love and compassion.
We must educate our youth with truth and wisdom.
We must change internally and we must do this now. There is no tomorrow. The future is already here.
The true rebellion is that war we fight inside ourselves. We must rebel against ourselves and the negativity which is present in each one of us and we must do this through Love, not violence and anger and hate.
The minute we stop any form of resistance is the minute the machine becomes powerless. When we show that we are no longer fighting back laws cannot be passed to control us.
We must stand in the light of God and be firm in our convictions to love the system of the beast.
It is the only form of rebellion that will make the machine self destroy.
Any other form of revolution or rebellion will be in vain.

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