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Definitions of consspiracy. Do neuro. based survival hard wiring make some effective?

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posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 02:24 PM
The following are only my views, and not based on any broadly established scientific theory.

I 've been wondering, can we provide a reliable way to define a conspiracy? And could that help identify them? Can a more effective conspiracy be designed based on our brains automatic evaluation of our environment. To detect patterns, first to identify any threats around us? To ask, how extensive are conspiracies, you need to first define what one is. I diden't ask do conspiracies exist? Of course they do. History is full of them. When humans engage in co-operative behaviour, it is the first and required step for a conspiracy. However all co-operative is not a conspiracy, but all conspiracies involve co-operative behaviour It is not possible to have a conspiracy happen by accident. When events randomly take on the appearence of order, we call that coincidence. A conspiracy exists when two or more people agree to engage in an activity THEY WISH TO CONCEAL, from everyone else. We all know most people breaking the law try to do it so in secret. If you use the number of criminal organizations to define the number conspiracies, then they were right, THEY ARE everywhere.

IMO, a "real" conspiracy is very different from most of them. Most criminal organizations, business etc, attempt to conceal objectives by passive means. A passive defense can only react to things. A more sophisticated defense is proactive. Such a defense controls things. In this case the goal of control is to manipulate the perceptions of those who pose a threat to your group. This offers a nice feature. You don't even need to know the identity and nature of all the threats. You must know what is the communities perception of your organization (don't forget the municipality) People, etc. hide things because of the negative of consequences of their discovery (that was deep). It's natural for people to be suspicious of official secrecy. They must be hiding something. Well they are!!! If you have a secret base that everyone knows about it, like area 51, you can hide secrets using the basic approach; you get to close and the'll shoot you. Fewer mind games, more pain.

Since I do feel some conspiracies are indeed real, I wanted to ask, is there a methodology, that deflects the populations attention from awareness of, and true nature of a conspiracy?. In theory, this hypothetical conspiracy have the highest stakes. It's not just to gain some advantage, but compramize would detsroy that organization, or be disasterous to a nation, if revealed, or controled by another force. The recipie of that formula might be based on the brains hard wired ability to identify patterns in different environments. If you see an image, the brain using pattern recognition asks "have I seen you before"? Thats step one in threat avoidance. At a more complex level, when we identfy where we are, next we try to understand its relationship to me. I think this involves your brain also searching for patterns in a muti-sensory, event environment. Your brain seeks patterns to reduce uncertanty. To be uncertain makes you vulnerable. Wherever you are anytime, we constantly evaluate does our environment and ask, in a manner of speaking; "does it look and act as we THINK it should?"

The public starts believing in sinister manipulation when things happen that someone views as impossible. JFK's death is the classic example. So many people could not believe a lone looser like Oswald could kill a great man like Kennedy. The ironic possition I have about JFK's death is, IMO, I actually believe it was a conspiracy. I have no new revelation, it's based on howI evaluated information the public already has out there.

Anouther big topic, in theory, we deal with is. "The existance and presence on EARTH of aliens is true, but only a small amount of the public already "knows" about is true, the rest is not true. The problem is they all look the same. Not UFO appearence, which is different. But in in our ability to understand what each part does. "Aliens motivations are all different, some motivations we don't even understand." Protecting secrets, in manner, and put them in different types of maze's, physical and other wise, for people to get them. But with all the info out there, by introducing data, thats contradictory, or stuff any one would see was from the lunitic fringe. You want to trash alien credibility, all of them, as much as possible. By creating confussion which is not the same as uncertainty, a by product of that will cause the whole alien idea to loose credibility. Those with less credibility are also percieved as less of a threat in the eys of the public. The best or perfect conspiracy (from an artistic point of view)? That would be the same defenition of a successfull inteligence operation. Years ago when Alfed Hitchcock was asked to define the perfect murder, he also came up with the same answer: Something you would never know.

Last, IMO, for some of the "big" conspiracies to be most effective, they must have the full co-operation of the public not associated with them, or even aware they exist. One way to do this is to tap in to various institution, such as financial, to allow the organization to sustain itself. And it would be helpfull if they infiltrated regulatory affars agencies. But I don't as important as it appear. As a bank there not acting like one, they are one. The people who use that institution have no idea who's behind it, and that there paying for it. For deception to work, people need to experience something as they think it should be. You've heard the phrase; "give the people what they want"? If if you want to manipulate someone to your advantage I would say; "give the people what they think there going to get"

I will be much more specific about what impact our approach to problem solving might be to the feeling "something is wrong with this picture" on this behaviour.
Part 1

posted on May, 10 2010 @ 11:27 AM
reply to post by arbiture

I should be clear, my mention of an Alien conspiracy is of course hypothetical. I assume its size and importance and impact would make it the largest and most invasive from WW-2 to today. If real


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