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Bringing Home The Bacon. (E.T. Flaring Foolhardy hoax)

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posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 02:17 PM
Hi everyone. Just had an idea that Ive had buzzing around in my head for a half decent story. Hopefully everything is hunkydoory, and this ends up in the right category...

He only had seconds.
The word would be put out along with the video.
A slow smile spread across his face as he left the room.
The BBC had relied on the auto-timer of their computers too much and this provided the perfect oppertunity for the message to be heard.
It all started two months ago, over a quiet pint in the local... The way most things start.
Zaine had been listening to his friend Alex who showed him a video on his phone.
Alex was an animator. He made videos and was responsibld for major special effects in some big budget movies.
Zaine worked at the BBC in London as a technical engineer, responsible for the main-feed that was broadcast.
Their drunken conversation turned into the realisation that they could actually pull this off.
More than anything, the reaction of the public would be the best. As well as sending a video out on the BBCs transmition, he could also hijack and broadcast it on the digital radio stations owned by the company.
The video was actually a show casing of Alex's skill in the line of animation and special effects...
The door slammed shut and Zaine walked to his usual place in the production room where everyone presided over the stations controls.
The video was set to play at precisely at 1.11pm. It would interupt the 1 O'Clock News.
He knew at that moment, there would be 5.8 million people watching television, most likely eating dinner on their lunch-breaks, when the image of an interrorgation would show up... After that... Mass panic and dissolution...

Continued -

posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 02:45 PM
Time was ticking away slowly...
Zaine looked at the clock. It read 1.10pm and the news reader was on about the financial collapse and the current double dip reccession we are experiencing... ''Tedious news'' Zaine thought...
1.11pm. Zaine watched the televisions in the production room go fuzzy then blank out to produce the image of a strange looking humanoid sitting behind a desk being projected on T.V.
The control room at this moment in time was in a frenzy, trying to fix the picture, to link up the back-up transmitters to get the picture back.
Suddenly, sound came from the speakers as someone spoke, "Ill ask you again... Where are you from?" the voice came from a hidden person who slowly walked into viwe of the picture. This person was interrorgating the figure sitting at the desk.
"Im not of this planet. Im Eridan." the creature spoke. The way it spoke, it sounded like it had a bubble in its throat, yet, also a rougth husky sort of voice.
"Are you alone?" asked the interrogater.
"Yes, Im quite alone." said the creature dryly.
The room around Zaine had fallen silent as everyone watched.
"Why are you here?" asked the man.
"You know why. My race sought help from you. We shared infomation and you took advantage of our agreement." the creature stopped talking.
"Advantage you say? It wasn't us who abducted humans!" cried out the interrorgateor.
"It wasn't us who shot us down in 1942 in Penkridge Staffordshire. It wasn't us who poisend 'US' in 1950 over in Bahia Blanca. Even recently, you shot down a peacefull routine fact finding mission near your American colleagues town of Barstow." the creature said, breathing heavily.
The interigator walked behind the creature. He then switched on a light that illuminated the creatures face.
It had a large cranium and gaunt cheek bones.
Its nose slightly protruded from its face, yet the nose bone visibilly ran up the creatures fore-head.
The eyes had a fish-like look to them.
It had a faintly grey lens and black corneas.
The interrorgator placed what resembled an oxygen mask over the creatures face.
The creature achknowledged and adjusted the mask to make it fit its features. You could hear it faintly wheezing.
"Im sorry about that. But we're going to have to re-negotiate our agreements. We'll get in touch with your Eridonus race" said the interrorgater as he walked towards the camara and switched it off...

The normal computer programe kicked in and left a flabbergast news reader staring strait at the camara.

Zaine smiled as the director put up the technical error screen.


[edit on 23/4/10 by Esrom Escutcheon Esquire]

posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 02:59 PM
Good stuff! Thanks for shareing, I enjoyed it.


posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 03:26 PM
reply to post by MysterE


Ive also got an idea to add more, and build on the story, although ill have to write it down to make sure it makes sense.
But it may end up too long..

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