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Potential Flu Vaccine Problems In Australia

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posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 01:38 AM
Having previously raised this issue in the "Breaking News Forum" where it became quickly buried, I feel it might warrant discussion by our experts in the "Medical Forum".....


This is such a complex area of that always causes strong consternation & discussion amongst members.

I wonder what is going on here?

Is this just a series of unrelated incidents, or is this something to do with the vaccine?

Here's the article in full:

Child seriously ill as flu shots suspended

ABC News 23 April 2010

At least one child is seriously ill and dozens have suffered serious adverse reactions after receiving the free flu vaccine in Western Australia.

The Health Department has suspended the free flu vaccination program for children under five after a spike in admissions to Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH).

Health Minister Kim Hames says that in the past month, 45 otherwise healthy children have suffered fever, vomiting and febrile convulsions hours after receiving the vaccination.

Dr Hames says the program will be suspended until the department finishes an investigation.

The state's chief health officer, Tarun Weeramanthri, says the department is investigating whether the reactions were caused by a particular type of vaccine or batch.

"We are concerned that there's a much higher number of fever reactions than would be expected, and doctors at PMH have told us this," he said.

"Now we have to work out why, whether it's related to a particular type of vaccine or particular batch."

The manufacturer, CSL, says it is aware of the matter and is working closely with the Therapeutic Goods Administration and Western Australian authorities.

Dr Weeramanthri says parents should closely monitor their child if they have been vaccinated in the past 24 hours.

"Cool the child, [give them] paracetamol and make sure their temperature returns to normal," he said.

Worried parents can call Health Direct for more information on 1800 022 222 1800 022 222.

Kind regards
Maybe...maybe not
(visit the link for the full news article)

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posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 02:19 AM
reply to post by Maybe...maybe not

Very interesting.. not a mention of that batch that was tainted with a pig virus. Didn't they know?
I'm pretty sure it'd be the same company.. I'll have to double check. *edit* Not the same company but a rival company.
The abc article speaks of three vaccine companies. There is CSL.. so who are the other two?
Last September, Whitehouse Station, N.J.-based Merck reached a deal with Australian vaccine maker CSL Ltd. to distribute its Afluria seasonal flu shot in the U.S. for the flu seasons running from 2010-11 through 2015-16. CSL previously had been only a minor provider of flu shots among the five companies supplying the U.S. market, producing about 8 million Afluria doses last year.

As a result of the CSL deal, Merck will be marketing eight of the 10 vaccines U.S. health officials recommend for adults, on top of standard children's vaccines against diseases including chickenpox, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis A and B and Haemophilus influenza type B.

..sounds like these companies are really working things out with eachother. It's not like they want to prevent diseases but crossing their fingers that new ones develp so they have new products to whore. I knew this already but I imagine they had a party when pig flu hit. The more dieases the merrier.. for those who own shares at least.

I wonder if they'll dismiss as being nothing like they dismiss parents who claim their kids turn autistic after having vaccines. Their investigation can always finnish with their old classic "studies show that vaccines are safe in most cases.."

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posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 02:48 AM
Was it seasonal flu shot or was it flyingpigflu shots ?

Ive seen articles that the WHO want the H1N1 into the seasonal Flu shots so that Every body can get the h1n1 shot..If it will come to pass or not,Im not sure of yet.

the autism thing could be easily enogh be figured out. you compre 10 children that gets vaccineted up against 10 kids not vaccinated and see which batch gets the most autistc kids....

posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 02:50 AM
Excellent find Maybe... Maybe Not!

In my local paper today and yesterday the Australian Government have taken out one-third page ads. This is what they say:

Fact 003

More than one third of the Australians who died of swine flu were healthy before getting the virus.

Swine flu vaccine. It's safe, effective and free.

Contact your GP or health care provider today and get vaccinated. For more information call 180 2007 or visit

State and Territory Hospital Data, compiled by the Department of Health and Ageing. GP's may charge a consultation fee.

Next page:

Another ad.

Fact 004

Babies under six months cannot be vaccinated against swine flu. To protect them, parents should vaccinate themselves and others around them.

Swine flue vaccine. It's safe, effective and free.... then the same disclaimer as the first one.

The government is pushing this REALLY hard... I thought it was because they looked like gooses for spending 19 million dollars on the vaccine and nobody's taking up the offer.

Ridiculous really, who wants to take any flu vaccine during the summer months? I'm ready for Round 2 of 'spread the swine flu panic via media' any time now....

posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 02:54 AM
Thanks for highlighting this OP!!

This week i was handed forms by my 2 schoolgoing kids, inviting me to sign consent for vaccines, measles and flu. This has been mandated by our health dept, who claims great success in the immunizations countrywide.

I told them to tell the school that they were having it see to by their private doctor, which was accepted by the school. They were 2 of about 5 children (of 1400) that did not get the vaccines.

They obviously didn't understand why i did this, and i had to explain to them how vaccines worked, and why i believed it would be wrong for me to give consent. Something about aluminium and mercury, and how adjuvants are designed to make you sick, and how that sickness is a measure of the vaccines sucess.

This article will likewise be part of their education.


posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 02:55 AM

Not to mention the rotavirus vaccine that was found to be tainted with pig virus. Sorry to plug my own thread but I think it raises an eyebrow or two that this Australian case has happened now as well -

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posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 03:04 AM
Great post.....but its sooo sad these children have to my experience when everybody was scared of the swine flu(a few of my friends caught it and i was around them at the time) i carried on as usual. Drinking ginger and eating fruits and veg, i was completly fine. Maybe its time to reject the medicines and go back to the earth for cures.

posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 03:06 AM

Originally posted by ChemBreather
the autism thing could be easily enogh be figured out. you compre 10 children that gets vaccineted up against 10 kids not vaccinated and see which batch gets the most autistc kids....

They make it too hard for parents not to vaccinate to compare. Autism rates have risen drastically with the rise in vaccinations but they have swept that under the carpet by blaming changes in diagnostic procedures. I have thought about this alot and it still does not explain away the huge numbers of kids diagnosed with autism.

posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 03:14 AM

Originally posted by grantbeed


Not to mention the rotavirus vaccine that was found to be tainted with pig virus. Sorry to plug my own thread but I think it raises an eyebrow or two that this Australian case has happened now as well -


It's good that we compare these things. If they are connected and if some contaminations accidental (incompetence) or deliberate (to create more demand for other vaccines and cures) then it should be discussed and discounted accordingly.

..and they should be sentenced to prison accordingly.

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