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Weird Science: Questionable Conspiracy

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posted on Apr, 22 2010 @ 04:55 PM
Like many other members here, I enjoy an outlandish claim every now and then. I mean, who doesnt? Sometimes, there is science to support them...sometimes, religious belief.Some are way out in left field, while some most likely have a good deal of evidence supporting them.

Many people will argue that you CANT argue with science. But then again, some will say that you can.
Heck, alot of people....people on our own ATS, have forsaken science altogether. Personally, I think you have to meet somewhere in the middle. But my opinion is neither here..... nor there.

Sometimes when you ponder the possibility, you want to understand it deeper. At the very least, when researching a radical claim, you can learn something!

Lets get to the topic.

Lets talk about some claims. We can start with the least "far out!" and move our way up.

Has climate change caused all of the recent earthquakes?

Deadly earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, China and Indonesia in the past two years—as well as the recent Icelandic volcano that has covered northern Europe in clouds of ash—have provided a stark reminder that this can be a very hazardous planet. But what if such natural disasters are not wholly natural? What if stepped-up geological activity is somehow linked to human-induced atmospheric warming?

While I would love to think that humans are solely responsible for the recent anamolies, I honestly do not think so. It would take something far more major than the current situations considering global warming. The earth has made some rather drastic changes throughout the last few million years.

When glaciers across the globe melted rapidly at the end of the last Ice Age 12,000 to 15,000 years ago, volcanic activity spiked, and underwater landslides created massive tsunamis. At the same time, increased earthquake activity rocked Scandinavia, Scotland and North America. There is even evidence that much more ancient, and dramatic, climate changes could have led to the rise of the Andes.

So basically, it would take something pretty drastic. And quick, to make an significant impact. But thats just what this group says. What do you think? Do you have any research?
Now as far as HAARP is concerned.....thats another claim...

Is oil being hoarded, like diamonds, to keep the prices high?

I once wrote a thread on De Beers, and how they have hoarded diamonds to keep the price high, and provide the illusion that diamonds are actually very rare.

They arent.

But oil isnt either.
Is it?

......... in the 1980s and '90s, Thomas Gold, a professor of astrophysics at Cornell University produced a long series of publications—culminating with a book, The Deep Hot Biosphere—in which he argued that methane (the main component of natural gas) and other small hydrocarbon molecules are continuously being generated deep in the Earth’s liquid mantle layer, and that they migrate through faults up into the crust; there, he wrote, they bond into the larger molecules that make up liquid petroleum.

Gold’s hypothesis has been shown to defy the laws of thermodynamics (pdf), but elements of it and other abiogenic scenarios persist on the fringes of the energy community—pumping up a belief in unlimited petroleum supplies, the existence of which is, in the minds of some, being concealed by big oil companies that want to keep oil scarce and its price high.

I like the conspiracy here. I like it alot. I mean the diamond moguls do it, why wouldnt the oil moguls?And while oil has been found in places where bio-degredation would be impossible, it isnt any significant source for corporations/use.

The fact is, we need to find an alternative fuel. Once we decide as a whole, on this fuel, we need to use it. Put oil behind us. Because if oil were unlimited, then we really have a problem on our hands....

What do you think? Is the supply unlimited? Is this all conspiracy?

Sources: Science Journal: Abiogenic hydrocarbons in commercial gases from the Songliao Basin, China.pdf and

Did humans and Dinos co-exist?

Take a second to speculate on that.
Are you done?

Ok, lets begin.

One strain of “evidence” for coexistence of humans and dinosaurs is the claim that their fossil footprints have been found together in the same rock strata. Probably the most famous such mingled prints were found near the Paluxy River southwest of Fort Worth, Texas, starting in 1910. But had they been bona fide, the “human” prints along the Paluxy, at 15 to 20 inches long, would have had to belong to veritable Goliaths. Finally, in 1989, a team of scientists found conclusive evidence that the so-called “giant man prints” had actually been made by other dinosaurs.

Our favorite zealot, a certain lady who has "gone rogue", also believes there is evidence to support this. Being that our world is supposed to be less than 3000 years old. the only logical solution, is we co-existed. It's not worth citing a source, but I promise you...thats the least radical thing she believes.

Oops. That last part is opinion again...sorry!

And the spirit of Paluxy retains its tight grip on the state of Texas, where 30 percent of people believe the earliest humans lived at the same time as dinosaurs, and another 29 percent aren’t sure whether or not they lived together.

This seems to be a creationist belief, mostly. There is little to no hard evidence to support the theory. But belief is what do you think? Have you been sucked into a huge conspiracy playing on your beliefs?

Source: Anonymous web page

My mock claim:

The Earth is really flat..............No, seriously.

The facts are simple," says Charles K. Johnson, president of the International Flat Earth Research Society. "The earth is flat."

Finally! The man with the answers I needed!! Tell me your theory, Mr. Johnson.

You can't orbit a flat earth," says Mr. Johnson. "The Space Shuttle is a joke—and a very ludicrous joke."

WOW! Thats logical. You cannot orbit something that is flat. Round stuff is a perfect candidate for orbit, however. Continue on, good sir.

"Nobody knows anything about the true shape of the world," he contends. "The known, inhabited world is flat. Just as a guess, I'd say that the dome of heaven is about 4,000 miles away, and the stars are about as far as San Francisco is from Boston."

Ok. IM getting this now. I have a picture drawn here. Do you have a map I could see?

As shown in a map published by Johnson, the known world is as circular and as flat as a phonograph record. The North Pole is at the center. At the outer edge lies the southern ice, reputed to be a wall 150 feet high; no one has ever crossed it, and therefore what lies beyond is unknown.

Absolutely!!! 150 feet high is impossible to climb over!!! Even with my extensive moutaineering training!!

Wherever you find people with a great reservoir of common sense," he says, "they don't believe idiotic things such as the earth spinning around the sun. Reasonable, intelligent people have always recognized that the earth is flat."

Well. There you have it, folks.
The world is flat!!!

Do you know any other weird science claims? Can you add to the ones above?

What do you think ATS'ers? Theres alot of weirdness out there, but sometimes speculating upon the weird...uncovers truth.

In the end though, what's real? What is reality?
Reality is a harsh mistress, being it's entirely subjective.

Happy Earth Day!!

posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 02:41 PM
reply to post by InertiaZero

Great Thread!
The last one cracked me up!
Sounds like that researcher has been reading Diskworld books.. (I suppose there are four elephants holding us whilst balencing on top of a giant turtle too..)

The climate change one is a good one to speculate. I suppose you could argue that what with all the melting ice adding to the rising water levels, resulting in more pressure on the Earths crust, maybe a lot more weight on one tectonic plate, and when theres high tide, we could get a sudden Earthquake.
Im sure you could also add to the changing of Earths landscapes.
I remmember I read a great thread on here that was related to the 3 Gorges Dam in China, and how the sudden build up in weight due to the lake that was formed, may have resulted in the seismic activity in the nearby area.

With Oil hoarding... Id say its hoarded to a degree, like a countrys stockpile, but its distributed to keep the prices high. Which we all can easily imagine.

The Dinosaur thing... I dont know.
When ever I get into a arguement with a religious person, I ask why there are no Dinosaurs in the Bible, which usually sends them into hyper-mode.
But taking it seriously... I dont know what to think with that.


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