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June 2004 Prediction counter/records

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posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 01:59 AM
Hey folks,

Alright... it would be obnoxious for me to say that someone should start a thread that tracks every prediction made on this site. However... in the next month several predictions that have been made here (and at other sites) will either be proven or exposed as nonsense. So... My idea is this: Let's group the raw predictions -- minus long-winded 'proof' for them -- in this thread and watch if they come thrue. I'm thinking, specifically, of the Aussie bloke asteroid cloud stuff... but other people, as well, have made predictions about a variety of things that they say will happen in the next three weeks or so.

So... all I'm asking is that, when someone comes across a NEAR TERM prediction that can be broken down into a simple description, that they post it here... so that, at the end of the month, we can all grade the predictive abilities of this community.

OK, to start off, we have the predictions of Aussie Bloke and friends, who argue that we're about to drift into a cloud of space material that will darken our skies and eventually yield three major asteroidal strikes upon the surface of the Earth.

[Edited on 5-6-2004 by onlyinmydreams]

posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 02:14 AM
Here's The aussie bloke prediction, in a nutshell:

"June 8-9 Dust Cloud begins to reach the Earth and darkening of the skies.
June 18-20 1st impact
June 24-25 2nd impact
June 27-28 3rd impact of the "anomaly" "

I'm posting this as the first prediction to check

posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 02:20 AM
One can only wait to see what occurs.

It is possible this is what causes the civil wars around America to occur during 2005


posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 02:21 AM
And Kangaxx's writes the following in his thread ('aliens to make big cameback this year'):

"2- the first "mark operation" in order to be saved as only started at 28/4/2004 and will end in 1/8/2004. "

He is talking about a period where aliens will come down and decide who the 'select' humans are who will make it to the next level of development.

Though not entirely in June, this period will be completed in the next few months.

AS a sidenote: I'm not cataloguing this to be snotty... I really DO just want to see every prediction in one thread so we can keep a tally. No offense meant to AB or kangaxx.

posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 02:26 AM
Nans Desmichaels had a dream about President Bush's demise:

"I've dream that Georges W BUSH had a plane crash and was kidnapped soon.

I've dream that this will take place in France."

Again, no offence meant... I'm just adding all these ideas up.

posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 02:29 AM
Planetary citizen has used astrology to determine that bad stuff is on its way (actually, I like his initial post because it took some time to research):

"One Week Away from Major Terrorist Event

We are now one week away from a major terrorist event. The universe hints of something major as evidenced by the converge of the following on June 8, 2004:

1. The anniversary of the founding of the Islamic religion in Mecca / anniversary date of the death of the Prophet Mohammed
2. The opening of the G-8 Summit in Georgia with George Bush hosting the leaders of the main Western democracies including representatives of all of the European Union nations. George Bush will preside for the first time as 'president' of this organization.
3. The Venus Transit occurs for the first time in 122 years with a return transit in 2012.
4. Astrologically the day is like the day when Richard Nixon resigned from office amd left the white house 30 years ago. George Bush's astrological chart is very similar to the chart for the United States as a country. June 8th is a particularly dangerous date for both.
5. It is the birthday of George Bush's mother Barbara.
6. It will be exactly 1000 days apart from 09-11-2001."

posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 02:33 AM
thesaneone wrote, at the beginning of his thread:

"News Monday 23rd February 2004

Here is the latest vision from David Booth. He was talking with George Noory.

In 1979 David Booth had a recurring dream. He saw a plane take off from an airport, bank steeply and then crash. He alerted the authorities who took him seriously but could do nothing about it. Not long after a DC 10 took off from Chicago, banked steeply and crashed killing all passengers, exactly as in Davids dream.

In March last year David started to experience another recurring dream. In it he is viewing Earth from space as a large dark planetary object comes up from beneath the Earth and collides with the South Pole. Then he sees huge explosions on the west coast of North America.

He says it looked too big to be an asteroid and it wasn't a comet.

He says he thinks it will happen after 8th June 2004. Venus going into transit is a sign.

There are astronomers at the South Pole who are able to see something right now but are keeping it quiet.

Five hundred years ago Nostradamus predicted that 97.6% of the Earth's population would die because of a pole shift shortly after the year 2000.

On 16th March 2003 G M Scallion had a vision of 2 light beings pointed down towards Earth at the Wyoming/Utah area which was red. He said this will change the World in 18 months. That date is this September."

posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 02:37 AM
These are just things i found in the predictions forum. I know that other predictions have been made elsewhere... perhaps in categories i don't read that often or in threads I have forgotten...

So, please, feel free to add to my short list, here.

BTW. As sarcastic as I may sound, i really will be paying attention to June 8, 2004, as thsi date seems to be the focal point of all these predictions.

posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 03:20 AM

[edit on 2004-7-2 by Teknik]

posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 08:08 AM
Just some FYI for who ever is interested. Somewhere someone said that the June 8th date would be bad for G.W. I just heard on the news that Ronald Reagan is in very serious condition. Perhaps the June 8th date is for him and not G.W. They got it right that an American president would die, but they got the wrong president.

Just my observation.

posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 08:22 AM

Originally posted by onlyinmydreams
Nans Desmichaels had a dream about President Bush's demise:

"I've dream that Georges W BUSH had a plane crash and was kidnapped soon.

I've dream that this will take place in France."

Again, no offence meant... I'm just adding all these ideas up.

Yes, but I don't think I'll get it.

In fact, I didn't related my dream, because It's a dream and dreams are always a bit ridiculous. I should try to understand it...

[Edited on 5-6-2004 by Nans DESMICHELS]

posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 08:41 AM
just to informe you that start and end dates you have posted about my prevision, it will be not confirmed so soon, because that is a "first test" in many others untill 2012, and i think that it is no "normal" way to proof that at a "naked eye!they "mark" to "pick" in 2012-2017...just to resuming. you can read it again in my topic to see that better)althou my "primal prediction will can be confirmed or not untill the end oh this year.

good idea this topic
good to track how things are going


posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 10:21 AM
I realize this is a count for June predictions, and while my prediction doesn't have an exact date, i'll throw it in the mix .. and since Bush is away travelling, nans also had a feeling about it, and venus's effect on humans, it is possible that it could in the month of June, it gives Bush enough time to recuperate from his carefully planned injury and still hit the campaign trail for the timing might be just right...
Staged Assassination Event

i also see an increase (perhaps coordinated) in terrorist activity abroad, but mainly in Israel and Iraq around the 7th, 8th and 9th.

posted on Jun, 5 2004 @ 08:19 PM
Actually... I'm almost (though I was trying to be skeptical about the predictions thing) willing to give Nans credit for her prediction concerning Bush's death. If psychic powers do exist, I doubt that they, without training, would only be accurate enough to convey general feelings regarding distinct events.

In this case we have the death of President Reagan, a man Bush has obviously tried to model himself on. If psychic senses are actually conveyed by 'gestalt' feelings... as some parapsychologist believe... Nans prediction *may* have been accurate, as Bush and Reagan may leave the same gestalt impression in Nans' subconscious. Yes, Americans might hold the two men in two distinct categories in their heads... but a European might 'file' the two persons in the same drawer in her head.

think about it: If nans had just predicted that an American president had died while Bush was visiting in france, she would be clearly correct.

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