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Electromagnetic radiation and its effect on the brain: an insider speaks out

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posted on Apr, 24 2010 @ 04:50 PM
Just think that people are using microwave weapons on people, sickening. I never touch these things.

posted on Apr, 24 2010 @ 10:39 PM
reply to post by daniel_g

Newsflash, there has been hundreds of scientific studies which PROVE EM radiation, specifically the RF range, does damage to various organs. You're not thinking correctly. It's not simply a single wifi that's causing damage, it's every single electronic device giving off radiation. When you're in a major city, it's literally covering every area. You just don't get it. Watch the video, fool, or at least take the time to browse this report. If you don't, that's your loss. You would be choosing to remain ignorant. Deny ignorance, it's the motto of this site.

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posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 03:07 PM

Originally posted by unityemissions
reply to post by daniel_g

Newsflash, there has been hundreds of scientific studies which PROVE EM radiation, specifically the RF range, does damage to various organs.

Newsflash, re-read what I wrote in my last post, especially the part where I said I have no doubt EM waves can be dangerous in given situations.

Hint: EM waves includes RF waves.

Also, give me a report that doesn't highlight assumptions. pfff, and you call me fool.

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posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 03:57 PM
This is a highly interesting topic which relates to our well being.
I hate to say my favourite word but I will anyway... Pineal gland. Look it up and see how this regulates the functions of our body.
Electromagnetic energy affects the pineal gland. The Pineal Gland effects the body, mind... and dare I say, the soul.

The Pineal Gland is an active, secreting gland throughout life. Natural, unfiltered sunlight is necessary for the proper functioning of this gland. Light as conscious electromagnetic energy from the sun enters the body through the optic nerves of the eyes which, in turn, directly stimulates the pineal gland, a photo reactive organ. The pineal gland converts light energy into an electrochemical impulse which feeds directly into the hypothalamus.

We are facing a huge problem here and the interesting side topic which accompanies this is the question "is this happening on purpose or have we took a wrong turn?"

Human beings and all other living creatures have their own electromagnetic energy balance. Since our first moments on Earth, we have encountered external EMFs as part of the Energetic Continuum. The planet is naturally webbed with simple EMFs that are interconnected with solar activities such as solar flares and atmospheric events such as lightning.The Earth itself has an iron core that generates a halo of electromagnetic energy, reaching far beyond our atmosphere. All life on Earth has adapted to and existed in this natural electromagnetic environment for millions of years.


posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 04:05 PM
Again more info from same site I've already linked:

Countless studies have revealed the health hazards associated with electromagnetic fields (EMFs). These fields pervade our environment and have been implicated as a causative factor in countless health disorders, including childhood leukemia and fetal miscarriages.

Key to our understanding is the Pineal Gland.

The information is out there.


posted on Apr, 25 2010 @ 04:11 PM

Originally posted by walking_virus
Will a tin foil hat protect my brain?

No, but you can buy hats or cloth of emp proof material, I found it while looking for phone shielding.

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