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Ancient Zodiacs, the Clock, & Earth's Weight. Possible Connection?

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posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 10:48 PM
Facts are Facts, although there is some speculative undertones concerning this subject matter. It's a short read about something possibly just coincidental, but it seems like ATS material to me. Enjoy. Draw your own conclusions, i just present some information.

i have a guilty pleasure. sometimes i enjoy throwing money away for stupid reasons, just for fun. A few dollars every other week. A lottery ticket, or in last nights case, a call to "the kgb team" question text number.

I noticed a possible connection, not sure if people consider it prophetic or not, or just coincidence...

Not sure how to present it, so i'll do it in Q&A format. you can draw your own conclusions as to if there is a connection or not.

How many constillations were in the some of the most ancient zodiacs?
Thirteen, including Ophiuchus
How many hours are in a day?
How much does the Earth weigh?

"The planet Earth weighs a total of 1.3x^25 pounds.
That's 13 with 24 zeros after it!
-kgb team 542-542

13 signs of the zodiac.
24 hours in a day.
Earth's weight is "13 with 24 zeros" pounds.

Could it have been prophetic?
A message placed back in time?
Could it be prophetic information from our ancestors?

just some questions.
Thanks for your time,

edited to add:
I had a thought after a wierd dream i had. that is why i put this in the dream forum, as for the possible connections with wieght & time measurement. perhaps the ancients knew things.

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