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Pentagon Vs. CIA.......And the Winner is.........

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posted on Jun, 4 2004 @ 11:36 PM

Tenet's resignation comes as the CIA “has engaged in a continuing feud with the Pentagon over Defense officials' efforts to take over important intelligence work."

Tensions between the CIA and the Pentagon have flared in recent days "over public accusations that Iraqi exile leader Ahmad Chalabi, a Pentagon favorite, had learned that the U.S. had broken secret Iranian codes and leaked the sensitive information to Iran." Tenet has been at the forefront of ‘getting’ Ahmad for the double crossing and self-servicing he pulled on the USA and CIA.

Yesterday Chalabi “accused Mr. Tenet of spreading groundless allegations about him and "backing failed coup attempts against Saddam Hussein that caused the deaths of hundreds of Iraqis."

While publicly striking more measured tones, "Pentagon officials privately suggested officials at the CIA...were using the Chalabi furor to mount a smear campaign against individuals in the Pentagon." Pentagon officials also "denied reports that the FBI was conducting lie-detector tests on Pentagon employees who might have disclosed intelligence to Mr. Chalabi" and "suggested these reports were put out by the CIA."

It is possible that Tenet's departure "opens the way for the Pentagon to exercise even greater influence over intelligence work. And was Tenet’s resignation a result of his attempt to get Ahmed who knows where many of the skeletons of the Pentagon Neo-Cons are buried.

Just who is running this country? Who’s in control of the out of control mess calling itself the US Leader#s?

posted on Jun, 4 2004 @ 11:40 PM
There is nothing good about Tenet, his resignation is most appreciated. But then someone as blind as you doesn't seem to know anything about Tenet's great "disasters" over the past.

At least your article doesn't.


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