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DC Knows that Obama is Ineligible for Office

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posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 06:40 PM
Lets try the REALLY crazy question. What IF there was no paper birth record anymore? What if it's all electronic and all they have are the certificates of live birth?

What then?

No one born in Hawaii will ever be allowed to be president!

If I was Hawaii, I'd be fightin' mad...

I want to see all of your birth certificates now. Lets make sure you have the right to challenge someone's citizenship. No glass houses allowed here. I'd also like all your transcripts and dental records and a DNA sample as well.

posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 07:01 PM
I respect everyones right to have their own thoughts and opinions, but I think this is plain crazy. Wouldnt this have been validated before He even ran for POTUS? What would be the point? I dont understand and would love some of ur input as to who would benefit from and why? What would be the purpose for doing so? I've seen a lot of posts like this saying he's not a US citizen but not what purpose it would serve?

Peace. K*

posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 07:47 PM
If Obama had lost his eligibility by moving to Indonesia, he would still be a natural born citizen if he was naturalized. He would simply be re-naturalized, but he still was born here if he was born here. So that cannot be why he is covering up his birth certificate.
He is covering up his school records because they would reveal that he worked for the CIA instead of attending Columbia. They might also reveal that he was not some great genius who wrote such a great autobiography, because that was written by someone else. All he did was work for the CIA.
However if they can get it by the Constitution that a president doesn't have to be American born, then Schwareznegger has a chance at being president. That would be awful, because he is so popular with the spoiled brats grown into voters that he would win.

posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 09:49 PM
reply to post by Vinveezy

Reading here I have to wonder, am I still on Above Top Secret or did I accidentally click on Funnyordie?

posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 10:23 PM
reply to post by skunknuts

Pardon my ignorance as I'm not from the USA but on that Birth Certificate why does it say "Country Of Birth" HONOLULU ??
Shouldn't it say America/USA or is Hawai nolonger just a state and Honolulu was a country then?

posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 10:40 PM
Me bad..Scap my last post. Blurry eyed and read Country when it was County.
In my defence we don't have Counties in OZ.

posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 10:45 PM
Ok serious enough is enough. He is president get over it I have. Don't care about his race he is mixed anyways so thats not a issue. Trust me if there were people that knows he is an illegal president they would have A) said something about it. B)done something about it. It is what it is let it be. If you don't like how he is running the country then don't vote for him next time. There problem solved. Next topic please...

posted on Apr, 23 2010 @ 10:53 PM

Originally posted by Grumble
reply to post by skunknuts

Another excellent post. The facts are overwhelming, both against the ridiculous lies of the birthers and for the dramatic improvements we have seen since Obama took office.

Allow me to add one more bit of evidence: the auto industry. Yesterday I received an email from General Motors informing me that they had proudly paid back billions in loans to the government, five years ahead of schedule. Add to that the fact that my wife and I are looking to buy a particular Chevrolet vehicle and our local dealer has trouble keeping them on the lot. We have had a couple sold out from under us already and are now planning on ordering from the factory in order to get the kind we want!

Now, would any of that be possible if the economy were not in recovery? How can it be that the media are telling us things are good when in fact they are dire, if all evidence one can see is that things are not in fact dire?

I remember when Democrats were openly wishing failure on the last Republican administration. That was wrong. Now the Republicans are desperately doing the same thing. Still wrong.

Might want to browse through this article concerning your statement about the economy using General Motors as a basis:

"Evidence" can always be a funny thing in that regard, assuming the article is accurate.

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posted on Apr, 24 2010 @ 01:19 AM

Originally posted by Grumble

Originally posted by zarp3333
This is pure PROPAGANDA. The PTB are crapping their pants. Obama is cleaning house of the filthy crooks that were forced on him and now THEY ARE SPENDING MILLIONS on a propaganda campaign.

Don't believe the hype. Read between the lines. Obama is the first president to turn on Wall Street and the people are behind him.

Don't buy this crap. I'm a life long Republican and I see that Bush sold me out. I voted against Obama but something is fishy with the PR against him.

I never thought I would support him till I saw his enemies

Sir, you just spoke the truth that so many Americans have come to accept. We were fools to ever support the GOP in their modern incarnation (I will still call myself a Barry Goldwater Republican, but alas that party is gone).

It could not be more clear that this is a Carl Rove-style dirty tricks campaign. They did a pretty good job on Clinton but it was not quite good enough. But they learned, and now they have a much easier target.

To those of you who are "birthers" (I don't use that term in a derogatory way, but just to describe your group), just stop for a few minutes and consider what it is you have been asked to believe, over and over, despite it being proved wrong. Examine you conscience and see that your ideological bias against the president is causing you to rationalize spreading lies. We human beings derive pleasure from affiliation (literally, there is a dopamine reaction when a person affirms his membership in a group), but you have to carefully consider whom you are affiliating yourself with. Remember, you will be stained by their deeds.

[edit on 23-4-2010 by Grumble]

If 1930s germany had a-lot more 'birther' / tea-party types who didn't believe a lying violent establishment responsible for millions of suffering & dead innocent strangers.. WWII would have ended a lot earlier, or maybe been averted if every day germans listened to the our "conspiracy theorists" 1930s brothers who claimed the reichstag fire was an "inside job".

History has shown us that to accomplish / continue an agenda, rich elitists that run violent govts lie, manipulate, use propaganda and rely on people having an apathetic divided & conquored 1930s german "political party first" mentality of not questioning the govt because of phony nationalism... or whatever All while living in blissful blind ignorance unconditionally accepting the excuses & stories their party leaders & media tell them.. figuring it's for the good of the nation and their govt couldn't possibly be that bad.

The ego is a wonderfully bad thing, I'll bet there were 1000s of 1930-early 40s era german political party (nazi party) loyalists who refused to believe they had been used, abused and played like stupid suckers.. even as allied troops (terrorists) advanced on their father-home-land. Idiot pawns dumb enough to fully invest in contrived govt information (cough party propaganda) that enabled a military death machine & sociopath party leader to perpetrate an insult to humanity.. not only right under their noses, but with their support.

For some this birth thing is a party issue, for others it's a "lets learn from history" issue where the players, political wings dear party leaders skin tone and their meaningless promise-lies are irrelevant.. some us ignore the 2 party trash as they belch out dog whistle talking points that only resonate with their pack.

For some people its as simple as not believing "them", tptb them.. state them, federal them, employee them, all of them.. and about making sure known liars / manipulators know there is a growing mob of US citizens who will demand and or annoy the absolute 100% transparent truth about every claim they make.. no matter how small or "silly" 1930s german post-911 thinkers opine.

posted on Apr, 24 2010 @ 08:34 AM
reply to post by AmmonSeth

As much as i dislike Obama, i would like to point out that any american citizen (foreign born but holds legitimate citizenship) is able to take seat of 'the highest office in the land' after being a citizen for a certain amount of years, which is why arnold schwarzeneggar is eligible to run for presidency aswell (i believe he has been a citizen long enough anyway)

Fail. Requirements are "Natural Born Citizen", 35 years old, 14 years resident. The president must meet all three requirements, it is possible for you to look these requirements up for yourself. Try Googling "Presidential Eligability".

Obama was born in Hawai'i in 1961 and has been permanently resident in the USA since the age of 10. So he meets all three requirements.

Schwarzeneggar fails the first test. He is not a "Natural Born Citizen" and it doesn't matter that he is old enough or resident long enough.

reply to post by m khan

If Obama had lost his eligibility by moving to Indonesia, he would still be a natural born citizen if he was naturalized. He would simply be re-naturalized, but he still was born here if he was born here. So that cannot be why he is covering up his birth certificate...

He was 6 years old when he moved to Indonesia and 10 years when he returned to Hawai'i.

As a minor, he was incapable, under US law, to lose his US citizenship, no matter what actions his parents took, so there is no question of being 're-naturalized'.

As a minor, he was incapable, under Indonesian law, of gaining Indonesian citizenship, no matter what actions his parents took, so there is not even the possibility that he holds dual citizenship.

He isn't hiding his birth certificate. It was on display for any legitimate interested party to view at his campaign headquarters for the entire campaign and pictures of it have been published on the internet.

Just curious here. Do you folks ever get tired of repeating stale crap all the time, or are you just running an experiment on Adolph Hitler's propaganda theory that a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth. Because it just isn't working for you, is it?

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