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WoW, didn't know we had a automotive section !!

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posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 11:04 AM
Well in reality didn't know we had another forum beside ATS. If it hadn't been for the -bts points I probably wouldn't have seen this side. A welcomed change for me from the constant high edge of emotions from up there.

I am an automotive grease junkie. I haven't really picked up an automotive magazine since my college days when reading the actual course related books was a second thought.

Now that I am finally looking to be a part of the work force and my first car drowned in New Orleans 2 years ago, I am ready to make a new purchase. My first car was a beauty at least to me. It was a 2003 Tiburon GTV6 Six Speed. I loved that thing, never had any issues, got a lot of looks for being it mistaken for something exotic. I would like to step from a FWD frame to a RWD or AWD frame. I am in the NE USA so snow can be issue, well even the southern states are seeing cold weathers and snow right now.

I was thinking of the G8 GXP six speed, Audi A4 2.0t, Mitsubishi Lance GT turbo, Subaru Legacy GT turbo. I already had the chance to drive the G8, awesome stuff. I am waiting to test drive the others this summer.

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