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Ridhya's ATS Suggestions

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posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 10:04 PM
Hey I know I promised some people a big thread today but, I got some birthday suprises today that ate up my time, but I promise Ill get them up asap, just not tonight as that schedule's full. But here's this to sort of make up for it.

1. Make U2U Box Bigger
I get a ton of messages and I hate not being able to scroll and get old ones, I have to delete some to find ones buried, or move to saved. I think you should be able to spend points on larger U2U inbox.

2. ATS Marketplace
On one thread Stop-loss mentioned that he depserately wanted a playstation3, and I have one that I dont use much, but also our stores here are packed with them, since the slim ones came out. I wanted to offer to get one but thought it would be weird.
I think we should make an ATS marketplace, kind of like Craigslist or ebay, where we can post what we want to buy or have for sale, with the aim of helping out fellow members. My idea would be not to profit off others but help, but the world doesnt conform to my ideals... but it would still be cool. A local store sells this huge survival book for about $15 and I figured a lot of people would benefit from it.

3. ATS Connector
I want to go out bigfoot and lake demon hunting some times but my friends arent up for it ever... I think like the marketplace we could have an area where ATS members help each other out. You want to go hunting, post it. You want help interviewing witnesses, post it. You travelling to a different city, maybe some one else need a ride there..? Its like a secret brotherhood, without all the secrecy and psychological warfare brainwashing. Post something like:

Anyone want to join me to Okanagan lake camping? Pitch in for gas and liquor!
Bring camera equipment!

4. Response/Reply Counter
I always have to search through a thread to find replies, responses to my posts, I would like a number beside my 'posts' list that says how many different since last I looked. For example
2 29 At the Very Top 7 Men Control the World
(2 replies to my posts, 29 new posts to thread since last I checked)

5. Remove Flag Contributor Bar
As some one else have mentioned on this site, this is distracting and doesnt tell any one any information. For all you know they whore every news article possible for flags (psychological validation
). If anything put the flags/stars number that shows on our profile, to be seen in-thread under your avatar. But the blue bar is just useless to me, I dont see the point.

6. Friend Activity Indicator
You're more likely to view/like a thread if your friend did it any way, may as well make it easier I think, can make it highlighted in green in the 'recent posts' list etc. Normally I would be against such policy but when Im strapped for time as in now, I like to get down to the good stuff and dont have time for everything...

7. Merge BTS and ATS login
I think this was mentioned in the ATS 2010 thread but not sure. I deliberately avoid BTS because I hate logging in twice and forgetting to log out. You can make them different tabs within the site, ie at very top of page have what looks like a folder tabs saying
and you click on either one to switch instantly between the two...

8. Make the media page easier!!!
It just plain confuses me. I do stuff on it and then cant find what I want because it changes. Clean it up!! I always go to my profile > drop down menu > my pictures > add photos and thats literally all I know how to do... it would be great rewarding simpler!! Also, make 'friends' transfer over to it, ie ATS friends and Media page friends should be the same, I dont know why they wouldnt do that in the first place...

Anyway, Im off like a prom dress, Im old enough to drink in the States now so I dont have time to lose...

posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 10:11 PM
You do know that the ATS 2010 project will solve most, if not all of those problems right?

In about a couple of weeks?

All great suggestions.


posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 10:11 PM
Please post any suggestions of this nature in the ATS Issues Thread


Thank you


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