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Fighting terrorists sounds more noble than suppressing freedom fighters

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posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 06:51 PM
The following is a RT article relating how the myth of Al Qaeda cells was created to win public and international support for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The writer details how the US created the myth of Al Qaeda cells in these countries to cover up the fact that what they were really facing was a guerrilla war against the occupation.

Fighting against terrorists sounds so much more noble than suppressing freedom fighters after all.

How to set up an Al-Qaeda cell

Shortly before my visit to Iraq, I met up with Iraqi Shia and Sunni guerillas in Lebanon, who were members of fighting squads and members of the Ba’ath Party (the ruling Arab Socialist party under Saddam).

The world’s media was putting special emphasis on the fact that Al-Qaeda was going to disrupt the elections back then. Many made suggestions that the Ba’ath Party and Al-Qaeda in Iraq were practically one and the same thing.

Iraqi guerrillas used to say that the authorities wanted to turn the election in the devastated country into a show. I asked my interviewees, who were members of the Sunni resistance movement in Beirut, if they were members of Al-Qaeda, as it was alleged. I asked them if we could discuss that issue in the interview. And they stopped speaking English. Those people were seriously offended. I had to say that I was joking. But I am not sure that they forgave me.

When we made up with each other, they described every day of the time when the guerrilla war against the occupation began and about the uprising in Fallujah.

The first large-scale resistance operation was launched against the Americans in al-Fallujah in spring 2004, a year after the country’s occupation. The entire village, located 100 kilometers away from Baghdad, rebelled, though the Americans believed they had won totally.

The Americans had to retreat from the village. They started bombarding al-Fallujah with depleted uranium missiles, launched a gas attack, burned women and children alive – I saw the pictures; they are on the web as well.

Even women fought together with men. It’s very rare in the Islam world – women take up arms only in extreme situations.

There was growing international discontent over the cruelty of the Americans. That’s when the Americans declared that it was not Iraqi guerrillas, but the sinister Al-Qaeda fighting against them in al-Fallujah. To be more exact, its Iraqi cell.

The skeptics

A lot of people in Iraq believe that Al-Qaeda cells exist in their country. So do Americans, because if they didn’t believe in Al-Qaeda, they would have to start calling terrorists “guerillas” and then admit that the war in Iraq is not a war for democracy, but one fought against the people. One can also understand the Iraqis who believe in Al-Qaeda: they have to find a way to justify the fact they are co-operating with the occupant authorities, rather than fighting against them.

The US invaded Afghanistan because Al-Qaeda was supposedly headquartered there. Then again, they could not even convince all their allies that Al-Qaeda exists.

The man who showed me bin Laden’s house in Kabul doesn’t believe in Al-Qaeda. Neither does Peter, an Englishman I met who has lived in Kabul for several dozen years and walked all over the country.

Pakistanis don’t believe in Al-Qaeda either. I have been told this by Pakistan’s top-ranking interdepartmental intelligence officers, the people whose direct responsibility is fighting underground terrorism.

The look that appears on the faces of these officers when they are posed a question about Al-Qaeda is very similar to that of the Iraqi guerillas when they are asked the same question. They obviously start trying to figure you out: are you an American spy or just stupid for repeating propaganda clichés.

Read more: RT

Edit to change title. " How to set up an Al-Qaeda cell" was probably scaring people away.

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posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 07:46 PM
sounds exactly like what big brother is doing
to the Patriots here in the US.

We're terrorists too
according to their assessment

thanks for this article
very enlightening read


posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 07:59 PM

Originally posted by boondock-saint
sounds exactly like what big brother is doing
to the Patriots here in the US.

We're terrorists too
according to their assessment

Good point, I wasn't even thinking about how this relates to the government's attitude to patriots.

I just thought this article revealed how the govt and MSM spoon feed us BS and create bogus enemies for us to fight to keep us behind their stupid "war on terror".

posted on May, 4 2010 @ 01:32 AM
reply to post by FortAnthem

Thanks for posting. I'm surprised that it's gone relatively unnoticed by both the believers (who believe that there really is an al-queda) and the non-believers (who believe that it is really an al-cia-da.)

Although it must be taken with a grain of salt, it's still quite a damning indictment on those who profess to be keeping us safe from "terrorists" by murdering citizens of foreign countries in their beds or while they go about their legitimate business.

If Gen Whatshisname says that UN troops have killed 1000 militants this month, so many people accept that as fact. They're convinced that militants deserve to be hung, drawn and quartered as the dirty, evil bastards they are. Better yet, clear all the troops out of there and just level the place thereby drawing down the number of nuke warheads in the process. Win - win! Any innocent people would prove that innocence by reporting the militants to the savior UN troops! It's a screwed up mindset that enables the atrocities to continue.

End of Rant

That's the beauty of ATS and certain other sites. At least there is the opportunity for truth to rise to the surface of all the disinformation giving people a chance to become enlightened if they so wish.

(edited for spelling)

[edit on 4-5-2010 by JohnJasper]

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