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George Washington owes NYC library $4,577

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posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 09:58 AM
I think this is pretty cool, apparently in 1789 Washington checked out two books at the NYC Library and never returned them. The library has known about this since the 1930's but are looking into it again since they are digitalizing (sp?) all of there records.

He never told a lie, as the story goes. So maybe if he were alive today, President George Washington could tell a New York City library what he did with two books he checked out 221 years ago. The two books -- weighty discourses on international relations and parliamentary debates -- were checked out on October 5, 1789. They were due on November 2, 1789, but weren't brought back.

They've been looking for the books but have been unable to locate them, they also say that they are not worried about the $4577 fine. How nice of them, seriously how would they go about getting that money anyway.....or the books for that matter!

I thought this was a cute story, so I posted it. Mods please move if I posted in the wrong forum

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