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The United States, Inc.

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posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 08:38 AM

After giving irrefutable proof about the truth of this post's title via the very laws on the books as they exist here in the United States, the article makes this determination:

Legal avenues. If we are the shareholders in this corporation, which has clearly bankrupted itself and us in the process, then we must have the right, under corporate law, even international law, to fire them all, never mind elections.

If we are not shareholders and are instead sovereign citizens of our own states, are we obligated to follow any of the laws created by this corporation, nor the body of international law that it follows, outside of the 10 square mile area it has jurisdiction over; nor any of the international ‘treaties’ it purports to sign on our behalf? As sovereign citizens of our states, can we file suit against this corporation, which has illegally usurped the organic Constitution of the United States?

Starve and Ignore the Corporation. Think of all the ways this could be done, and how effective it could be if even 5% of the population woke up to the sham! That’s 16 million people; 2 million of us were in DC last September. What would happen if they threw a law and NO ONE complied? Let’s see, that’s 16,000 IRS agents with new shotguns versus 290 million armed American citizens. Alrighty then.

This article lays the way it is OUTRIGHT - no hidden possibilities.


Further Reading:

The Original 13th Amendment, Titles of Nobility and Honor Amendment, Sabotaged

Why was Virginia’s vote of ratification on March 12, 1819, rejected, hidden, and finally suppressed?

Because, in those days, “Esquire” was a title of honor granted by the British Bar under the sovereign authority of his majesty. How many politicians today would support a bill that would not only throw them out of office, but also strip them of their citizenship? Does the number zero come to mind?

How many people serving in the general government at that time, held the title of Esquire? The list is fairly long. Not only did these people not want to lose their jobs and citizenship, but they also knew that it would cripple the central government for many months, if not years due to all the new election processes and legal challenges that would take place. This would of course cost a lot of money as well. Money the central government did not want to spend.


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posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 10:10 PM
lol.. ok, don't read it then...


I might possibly start posting what I call "THE LIST" onto this thread, make it some kind of info package for the American Conspirator, Patriot, and Skeptic to reference...


Don't get me started, I WILL do it lol...

OK... you convinced me... Be right back, after these messages!

posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 04:20 AM
What is with all of the Sovereign Citizen insanity on this board this past month? On top of this what is with all of the insinuations that Britain is somehow a subversive element within the United States government?

In case you missed it I will recap the facts on a dozen other threads like yours:

Your government is not a corporation.

You are not your own country.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland does not in any way shape or form control or infringe upon the sovereignty of the United States of America.

In order to validate my claims presented here, I cite reality as proof enough.

If this is not enough for you I cite the history of judicial decisions in your country, and my nation's respect for the sovereignty of your own through the articles of the NATO alliance, the UK-USA Security Agreement, the 1958 US-UK Mutual Defense Agreement, the 1993 UK-US Maritime Boundaries Treaty, the Anglo-American Loan, and our various trade agreements.


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