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Conversing With An Alien Channeler?

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posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 11:07 PM
A dear friend of mine fell asleep on my couch. It was 11:30; I was tired. Not wanting to leave him on the couch, I tried to wake him up, telling him it was time to go to bed.
"Let's go to bed", I said. He was still asleep and said "You're not going anywhere without me."
"Come on, baby. Let's go to bed."
"No. I'm not going anywhere. We can watch the ET's here."

We were not sitting by the window watching UFO's. We had been watching youtube on the big screen TV. He fell asleep around 11.
He couldn't be aroused. I tried numerous times. Finally, after saying something about needing popcycle sticks, he awakens, totally confused.

"What time is it? 11:30? No way! It 7:00. What happened?"

I explained. We had eaten dinner. We were watching TV. He had fallen asleep around 11.

Reluctantly and still a bit confused, he follows me to bed. I told him I'd been trying to rouse him for the last 15 minutes. That he had been talking in his sleep. About refusing to go to bed.

He asks me what else he was talking about. "Weird stuff," I said. His reply catches me by surprise. "You can't just wake someone out of a trance and not let them know what they are talking about. What was I talking about?"

I mention the ET's. The popcycle sticks.

We go to bed. And it continues.

He then accused me of being an alien. "You don't breathe. You're an alien."

"Oh really? Just what kind of alien am I? Am I an insectoid? Or am I a reptillian?"

"Insectoid, definitely. It's like I have two girlfriends. One of them is warm-blooded."

"So I must be the insectoid? They're cold-blooded..."

He ignores me.

"When I'm reincarnated, I'm going to be someone important. I'm going to work for the Parks Department of Mars. I'm going to see to having a holographic program depicting the various life forms on Mars."

We get into a discussion about the curious giraffe. It needs to be renamed."

10 minutes later, he asks me another question.

"Do you know what channeling is?"

"Yes. I'm familiar with the term."

"I'm channeling aliens."

Given the time loss? Given the trance-like state?. Oh, I believe him!

Ten minutes later he brings up frozen embryos.

Frozen embryos? "What do frozen embryos have to do with anything?"

"The experiments."

I would like to sayy that was the end of things, but for the rest of the night, my really good friend tossed and turned, kickng his feet, muttering other things.

posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 10:03 PM
Comments? Input?


posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 11:25 PM
reply to post by QueenBob

Your boyfriend talks in his sleep?

posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 03:18 AM

Originally posted by zaiger
reply to post by QueenBob

Your boyfriend talks in his sleep?

My sister used to sing in her sleep.
Voice of an angel.

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