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DU poisoning - does no one care?

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posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 10:33 PM
Two reports on DU weaponry and results: Basically it means that the US is guilty of International war crimes. In any war there will be collateral damage but harming our own troops is totally unconscionable. It reminds me of what we let our government do to our troops in Vietnam. Why are Americans just sitting back & letting it happen?
Dr. Jawad Al-Ali (55), director of the Oncology Center at the largest hospital in Basra, Iraq stated, at a recent ( 2003) conference in Japan: "Two strange phenomena have come about in Basra which I have never seen before. The first is double and triple cancers in one patient. For example, leukemia and cancer of the stomach. We had one patient with 2 cancers - one in his stomach and kidney. Months later, primary cancer was developing in his other kidney--he had three different cancer types. The second is the clustering of cancer in families. We have 58 families here with more than one person affected by cancer. Dr Yasin, a general Surgeon here has two uncles, a sister and cousin affected with cancer. Dr Mazen, another specialist, has six family members suffering from cancer. My wife has nine members of her family with cancer".

John Hanchette, a journalism professor at St. Bonaventure University, and one of the founding editors of USA TODAY related the following to DU researcher Leuren Moret. He stated that he had prepared news breaking stories about the effects of DU on Gulf War soldiers and Iraqi citizens, but that each time he was ready to publish, he received a phone call from the Pentagon asking him not to print the story. He has since been replaced as editor of USA TODAY.

In 1997, while citing experiments, by others, in which 84 percent of dogs exposed to inhaled uranium died of cancer of the lungs, Dr. Asaf Durakovic, then Professor of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at Georgetown University in Washington was quoted as saying, "The [US government's] Veterans Administration asked me to lie about the risks of incorporating depleted uranium in the human body." At that time Dr. Durakovic was a colonel in the U.S. Army. He has since left the military, to found the Uranium Medical Research Center, a privately funded organization with headquarters in Canada.

After performing clean-up operations in the desert (mistakenly without protective gear), 30 members of his staff died, and most others"including Rokke himself"developed serious health problems. Rokke now has reactive airway disease, neurological damage, cataracts, and kidney problems. "We warned the Department of Defense in 1991 after the Gulf War. Their arrogance is beyond comprehension.

As a special adviser to the WHO, the United Nations, and the Iraqi Ministry of Health, Dr. Ahmad Hardan has documented the effects of DU in Iraq between 1991 and 2002. "American forces admit to using over 300 tons of DU weapons in 1991. The actual figure is closer to 800. This has caused a health crisis that has affected almost a third of a million people. As if that was not enough, America went on and used 200 tons more in Bagdad alone during the recent invasion. Dr. Hardan also states: "I arranged for a delegation from Japan's Hiroshima Hospital to come and share their expertise in the radiological diseases we are likely to face over time. The delegation told me the Americans had objected and they decided not to come. Similarly, a world famous German cancer specialist agreed to come, only to be told later that he would not be given permission to enter Iraq."

Verifiable statistics for Iraq will remain elusive for some time, but widespread field studies in Afghanistan point to the existence of a large scale public health disaster. In May of 2002, the UMRC (Uranium Medical Research Center) sent a field team to interview and examine residents and internally displaced people in Afghanistan. The UMRC field team began by first identifying several hundred people suffering from illnesses and medical conditions displaying clinical symptoms which are considered to be characteristic of radiation exposure. To investigate the possibility that the symptoms were due to radiation sickness, the UMRC team collected urine specimens and soil samples, transporting them to an independent research lab in England.

In sum, DU bullets are made of almost pure U-238 and DU bullets and projectiles produce largely insoluble ceramic aerosols upon impact. These aerosols, largely respirable, may be a source of toxicity for those exposed. Our specific concern here is whether or not such exposure results in teratogenic outcomes. We present, however, some analysis of the toxicity of natural and non-aerosolized uranium, because the teratogenicty of soluble, natural uranium supports the plausibility of DU being a teratogen, provided it can reach the reproductive organs.

In this article, consideration of DU's reproductive toxicity includes its mutagenic and teratogenic potential, i.e., activity as a pre-conception mutagen affecting the female or male germ line as well as conception-to-birth impact. Studies that consider paternal DU exposure are, uniformly, included. While animal studies pertaining to a variety of endpoints have been referenced above, the human epidemiological studies considered here are limited to those that focus on physical malformations. Epidemiological-type studies of congenital malformations and uranium (though not depleted uranium) exposure are included; studies of populations exposed to other heavy metals and to other sources of low-level radiation are not. (But, there is only one study of congenital malformations among residents of a uranium mining area.) The several studies of reproductive outcomes among military personnel who served in the 1991 Gulf War, though not specifically in areas of Iraq where DU munitions were employed, are included. Findings of studies of all 1991 Gulf War veterans are interpreted accordingly – in these studies, Gulf War deployment, though used as an indicator of DU exposure means only substantially increased probability of exposure compared to non-Gulf War populations.

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 11:16 PM
I care !!!

Very soon the American Empire will end
just like the Romans and Greeks.

When it falls, there will be war crimes
brought against those criminals.

The US is 10 times worse than Saddam
ever thought about being with WMD's.

Depleted Uranium was used in Afgh and Iraq.
That is a nuclear weapon !!!!
Even US Soldiers' babies were born with no eyes.
US Soldiers dying from multiple kinds of cancer.

yet the sheeple just sit and watch American Idol.

and the MSM just draws a paycheck to write
stories about Paris Hilton or Sandra Bullock.

A reckoning is coming one day
and the wrath of God takes no prisoners.

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