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Arizona House OKs Birther Bill! here we go....

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posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 09:57 PM

House votes to check candidates' citizenship

PHOENIX (AP) -- The Arizona House on Monday voted for a provision that would require President Barack Obama to show his birth certificate if he hopes to be on the state's ballot when he runs for re-election. The House voted 31-22 to add the provision to a separate bill. The measure still faces a formal vote.

It would require U.S. presidential candidates who want to appear on the ballot in Arizona to submit documents proving they meet the constitutional requirements to be president.


It's a step in the right direction for future canidates-including Obama come 2012.

It just makes sense and honestly, I can't believe there wasn't some type of formal process to prove citizenship-or at least better than what is in place now. If it comes down to where POTUS Obama is not eligable due to not being a naturally born citizen. The Dems will/would be toast.

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posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 10:10 PM
Arizona should be applauded for enforcing Constitutional requirements.

If only 2 or 3 key states decide to follow the Constitution......Obama is toast.

Power to the States!

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posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 10:20 PM

Originally posted by Carseller4
Obama is toast.

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Or he could run in 2012 and show his birth certificate....Last I heard no one has any concrete proof that he isn't a citizen of US.

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 10:30 PM
problem with this is

it allows him to stay in office
the rest of his current term

this is only for future use
and does not help the current
status quo

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 10:35 PM
How embarrassing of Arizona. He's already shown his birth certificate. So, they're little bill voided itself before being passed in that respect.

As a side note, I do agree with the thinking of every state having something in place like this. I'm surprised it wasn't in place everywhere already.

Edited because I cant spell to save my life!

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posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 10:37 PM
I swear, Arizona has gotten so kooky recently. I say let's give it back to Mexico and deport all the California/Texas illegals there...starting with John McCain (I'm convinced he is an illegal, unless he can show me his long form BC)

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posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 10:38 PM
This would be great if it gets through.

But ... Is it just me or does it seem that if the ones pulling the strings really wanted to keep him going, it wouldn't be all that hard for them to forge a document. I mean they're the ones running the show, right? Who's to stop them from doing it and spinning another crazy cover up?


posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 10:42 PM
The "Birthers" are like a dog with a bone. They just won't let go. Does anybody honestly believe that he wasn't fully vetted once he announced his bid for President?

And why does it matter? Most people here think that the President is just the TPTB lapdog so really does it matter what country he was born in?

It would be funny if it wasn't soo sad.

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 10:43 PM
wow. just wow> a state for the first time isnt drunken with the obama punch movement mandating that he sticks with the prerequisite

about dam time! tired of seeing weesles sneak legislation in on a late night with all of his followers screaming that he did it only for his protection? are we not in an endless war for the same reason???

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 10:49 PM

Originally posted by VintageEnvy

As a side note, I do agree with the thinking of every state having something in place like this. I'm surprised it wasn't in place everywhere already.

It wasn't in place because it wasn't necessary and still isn't.

Anybody who runs for president has to have their citizenship and eligibility confirmed by the Federal Election Commission before they can go on any ballot.

This is something that is handled at the federal level, so there is absolutely no need for any state-level verification.

Anyway, considering that Obama has already shown his birth certificate, I don't really know what this legislation hopes to accomplish.

As an Arizona representative put it:

Phoenix Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema says the bill is one of several measures that are making Arizona "the laughing stalk of the nation."

Hammer. Nail. Head.

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 10:51 PM
Well looks like he isn't winning Arizona in 2012.

I'm sure he'll just send a bunch of SEIU members down there before the formal vote to "persuade" folks.

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 10:51 PM
He has proven he is a US citizen..

You people really must have a lot of spare time on your hands...

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 10:53 PM
i want to ask a SERIOUS question of all you birthers

lets see if you can give a straight answer or not - forgive me skeptissim, i just have yet to meet a single birther who can (though im willing to try again)

If, come 2012 election, a few states adopt this, forcing Obama to show his birth certificate - again - and he's cleared - again - .....Will you finally shut up?

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posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 10:53 PM
reply to post by drwizardphd

hey d, when did obama show his official birth certificate? get off the punch buddy! this man had a bill on a late night evening stating that he didnt have to show his birth certificate! owe f wow! the usual punch drunk lover
wow show your proof a certificate that any handy dandy could come up with then legislation with congress stating that he does not have to show his actual raised certificate! wow
let this kid stop with his bull and stop using his exucitive label for legislation that gets him away from the true nature of the problem,i am way tired of any man that states he has as he has not!!!

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posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 10:59 PM
reply to post by allprowolfy

Okay, then point to his fake birth certificate.

SHOW US the fake, please. Where is this fake birth certificate that he showed everybody, and how do you know it's fake?


posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 11:00 PM

Originally posted by allprowolfy
hey d, when did obama show his official birth certificate? get off the punch buddy!

Obama's Birth Certificate

Nice. You accuse me of alcoholism, yet you are either too lazy or ignorant to perform a simple Google search.

This is why there is a birth certificate conspiracy in the first place. Willful ignorance combined with plain stupidity.

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 11:02 PM
link staffers have now seen, touched, examined and photographed the original birth certificate. We conclude that it meets all of the requirements from the State Department for proving U.S. citizenship. Claims that the document lacks a raised seal or a signature are false. We have posted high-resolution photographs of the document as "supporting documents" to this article. Our conclusion: Obama was born in the U.S.A. just as he has always said

contains less information than the longer "Certificate of Live Birth." states that the short form is "prima facie evidence of the fact of birth in any court proceeding".[17] Obama's short form was laser-printed and certified by the State of Hawaii on June 6, 2007. The Hawaii State Department of Health no longer issues the long-form Certificate and issues only the shorter Certification upon request.[32]

In 2008 it had been reported by Forbes magazine that Janice Okubo had said, "we are not allowed to confirm vital information and vital records."[33] However, either Okubo or Forbes may have been in error, because later (above-referenced) statements by both Okubo and Chiyome Fukino did confirm that Obama was an American citizen born in Hawaii

Some people claim that the certification of live birth produced by Obama does not prove that he is a natural born citizen because, they claim, foreign-born children could acquire Hawaiian certification of live birth (COLB), so that Obama's possession of such a certificate does not prove that he was born in Hawaii; or that the information in such a certificate only has to be based on the testimony of one parent. However, the suggestion that this could have applied to Obama was rejected by Janice Okubo, director of communications for the Hawaii Department of Health: "If you were born in Bali, for example, you could get a certificate from the state of Hawaii saying you were born in Bali. You could not get a certificate saying you were born in Honolulu. The state has to verify a fact like that for it to appear on the certificate"[29]. Another fact that refutes this specific claim is that the law allowing foreign-born children to obtain Hawaiian COLBs didn’t exist until 20 years after Obama was born, while Obama’s published COLB says his birth information was recorded four days after his birth in 1961, and explicitly states that he was born in Honolulu

Let the birther crap on Obama go. It's simply not true. It is said that generally recognized candidates who qualify for matching funds dont have to provide documentation unless challenged.

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 11:04 PM
reply to post by Kaytagg

kaytagg, plz dont be way ass stupid here how many times have you had to have your birth certificate on a job or a resume and it had to be official? if it does not have a raised sqaure on front guess what? its not official and your going back so what in sam hill do i need to give you f proof get a job or get back to reality as anyone in the states needs it for almost any kind of degree, college, etc, etc, owe hell no not obama! look, look, do you see any raised square show me then i will get off your d back man!!!

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 11:05 PM
reply to post by ElijahWan

Having no concrete proof that Obama is not a illegal citizen is not proof that he is a legal citizen. The stance or position you take is not in the middle where those that do not know would stand, but on the side you feel is correct even if you cant prove it. Lack of proof is not proof of innocence no matter how you slice it.

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 11:12 PM
reply to post by allprowolfy

Raised Seal, linked from

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