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do the death help us?

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posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 02:06 PM
Do you believe that our deceased loved ones sometimes come to help us? Be it for their own reasons or because we ask them to?

Have you ever had an experience when you couldn't help but think that there must have been mingling from the “other side” because nothing is that coincidental or that miraculous ?

If so then I'd like to hear your story, feel free to post below.

Personally I had several of the above, the latest happened only last week.
See next post for my story.

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 02:07 PM
As I wrote in several other posts, I've been looking to buy a new house... for the last 6 years. I had my heart and mind set on a place a couple of miles from where I live now. Last year we almost bought a house there, but we couldn't get a loan for it.
You see, the area where I really want to go live is forest land and since several years you aren't allowed to live there. Houses are still sold and bought, but the banks want nothing to do with it. (I leave the rest of the details out)
So 3 weeks ago I came across a beautiful house on the internet. It was located in the same area as the one I wanted to buy last year. Couldn't resist it and immediately made an appointment with the owner. When we walked through that front door, both me and my husband said “this is the one!”.
We signed an agreement with the owner and she gave us 3 weeks to try and get a loan, until then she wouldn't sell it to anyone else (there where a lot of interested, but every potential buyer had the same bank problems as we had). Sadly, it only took several days to learn that the banks wouldn't change their minds....
We notified the owner and ended the agreement.

It was the night of the 7th and the 8th of this month. I woke up at 2am from a vivid dream and I remembered every detail of it:
I dreamed that I was in an ancient Greek library, my father was there (he died in February). I asked him what he was doing here, shouldn't he be 'elsewhere' now? He answered that I couldn't possibly imagine what it is like (death?), that life on Earth is only an instant and that I shouldn't worry so much. I started complaining to him about the house I couldn't buy... he answered in his usual voice, exactly as he would had done if he was still alive. He said “ don't worry, everything will fall into place, you'll buy your dream house”. I asked him “how”? And he said “before the end of the week”.
After I woke up from this dream I thought it was very strange and 'real', but nothing more. It won't be alright, no chance on earth that a bank would give us a loan and certainly not before the end of the week, it was already Thursday.

The next morning I woke up at 7 am, as every day. By 8:30 am my phone rings.
It was the owner of the last house. She asked me if we could come see her after work because she had something she wanted to discuss. I asked her what it was all about and she replied that “she had an offer that we wouldn't be able to resist”. She wouldn't say more over the phone.

Whole day me and my husband where nervous as hell, time crawled by slower then ever!
Finally at 6:30 pm we got to the house, sat down and listened to her proposal.
She explained that she was all alone, her husband died 6 years ago and they have no children. She doesn't care about money, all she wants is to sell the house and move to the coast. She said she couldn't sleep at all the night before and kept going over 'our' options until she reached her decision
So... because she liked us so much, she wants to give us the loan herself: the amount of the sale price over a period of 20 years, no interest, no extra costs.
I couldn't believe what I heard, but she was for real.

(we had an official agreement validated last Thursday and will move into the house this summer.)

When we got back in our car and driving home I yelled “thank you daddy!”
First the dream, then the phone call and next the solution to our problem... and our dream come true.

I told my husband about my dream the same night I had it, he wouldn't believe me if I hadn't or if I had told him afterwards. But now he also feels something more is going on...
We both felt as if a miracle had occurred.

edited to add:
I had a previous sort like experience that I did a post on, not re-writing it but if interested you can read it here:

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posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 02:34 PM
Well, that is really cool. I've never had something quite like your experience although I have had very vivid dream with me deceased grandma and grandpa. What happens to me more often is birds.... I have this feeling that my grandparents communicate w/ me via birds, partly because they knew my affinity to birds. One example is I was out at my grandparents house last week trying to clean it out so I can get it sold. I was all by myself and having a hell of a hard time just being there, I was getting major anxiety and felt nauseous. Then all of a sudden these 2 crows showed up on my grandparents front porch. Next thing you know they were walking in the house and cawing( I had the door open because I was moving things out), they were not scared of me and I got this intense feeling that the birds were my grandparents...trying to communicate w/ me.( I know that sounds weird) the birds didn't let up, they followed me in and out of the house until I finished. It was a awesome experience and I have to say that after the birds showed up I felt at peace. I can only imagine that the cawing birds was my grandparents telling me not to scratch their furniture,lol. Anyway, congrats to your new home, hope you enjoy it! Take care S&F.

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 02:49 PM
reply to post by freeyourmind1111


You had an awsome experience there! You know very well that crows don't just follow you in and out of a house, and certainly not when you are moving things (to chaotic for them).
I'm pretty sure your grandparents had something to do with it

stories like that make the hairs on my arm stand up,
very nice, S

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 02:51 PM
When my daughter was a baby, she fell asleep in my arms so i took her upstairs and laid her in her cot, not wanting to wake her i just laid her down on top of her blanket, and went back downstairs.

About 15 minutes later i went up to check on her ..........and i found the blanket was on top of her and it had been tucked in neatly round the sides with a fold at the top.....(gulp)

The hair on the back of my neck still stands on end today when i think about it !!!

Her Great Grandmother had died about 6 months before, so i guess she popped back just to tuck her in. Bless her


posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 02:55 PM
reply to post by Hic sunt dracones

wow, That just made me smile

Thanks for sharing, S

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 02:57 PM
I don't believe in direct intervention per se, and I think that our life choices can only be performed by our own consciousness and soul...but I do believe that sometimes they help reveal certain truths to us that we might have been unsure of, leading us to make more informed decisions. Some call this "intuition," but I believe there is a lot more to it than that.

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 06:41 PM
reply to post by GypsK

Oh yeah, I'm sure it was my grandparents. I've never had anything like that happen to me before and honestly, it was at a time I really needed it because I was having such a hard time just being there. They were technically my grandparents but in life they were my parents.
I have these 2 robins that nest in my back yard for the past few years, I call them my girls, I feed them everyday and talk to them. They will let me get pretty close now but I have move slowly and they are still weary of me even though they know I wont hurt them. It's taken years for them to allow me as close as they do.
It's not like birds at all to do what those 2 crows did, It's completely against their nature so that's why I'm sure my grandparents were involved( the crow happens to be my favorite bird too)
I read you thread about your brother, firstly I'm sorry for your loss, that is very amazing what happened to you, It probably gave you some closure also. I have never had anyone close to me died before until I lost my grandparents who died within 4 days of each other. I truly empathize with you.
One quick story for you about my grandparents you might like. About a year ago my grandma was suffering from stomach issues for a while, the doc's decided to do surgery and when they opened her up her intestines were literally gone, she died one day later, she held on for my brother to come from Flordia and she died about 5 mins. after he got there. My grandpa was suffering from Alzheimer's and he was bad off, so I moved him into my house. He kept asking me over and over where Mama (what we called her) was and over and over I had to keep telling him but he didnt understand. On the 4th day after her death I woke up and decided to do my normal chores, my grandpa woke also and I told him after chores we could sit down and play a game of Scrabble together( my grandparents would play everyday together). He said great and then again asked me where Mama was, I told him she had died 4 days earlier. Well, this time was different, he had a moment of clarity, he understood and he wept like a child. My heart broke for him. After he got himself together he went to the bathroom. About 5 mins. later I had this nagging feeling to go and check on him, he was slumped over on the toilet barely conscious, I yelled for my husband but he didnt hear me and all of a sudden it felt like time stood still. I picked him up and layed him on the floor and I felt this coldness go through my body, I felt my grandma and the best way for me to describe it is that she whispered in my ear that she was coming to get him now( of course I didnt actually hear her with my ears but maybe more like a telepathy). The confirmation that she was truly there was my grandad, who at the time was completely unconscious, opened his eyes and said "Mama" and then lost consciousness again. He died in the hospital from a brain hemorrhage that the doctor said was unlike any she had seen ever before, he was bleeding in all 3 chambers of his brain, I was by his side the whole time and when I walked out to smoke a cigarette I looked up and there were sparrows flying circles around my head and there was a beam of sun shining on the room he was in, I knew he was dead then and immediately made a run for his room. He was indeed dead upon my return.
To answer your original question, yes indeed, I do believe deceased loved ones sometimes come to help us. It may not always be in a way we understand or can fathom but I do believe they try and guide us and help us.

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