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Israeli Army Chief: The Bible Is Our Guide

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posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 01:27 PM
Some of you posters really are dumber than dirt..a box of rocks in your hatred of religion..particularly Judeo/Christian religion.

You dummies automatically think from a secular/public education point of view designed to turn you to athiesm. No problem with me..I just point out your programmed, brainwashed ignorance to a dedicated automatic default setting..without having all the evidence of full knowledge and thinking abilities.

A good number of the people in Israel are not even religious themselves...did you folks know this?? They are secular..they are not devout Jews. Many are even atheists. They are however..loyal to the nation Israel.

The number one reason they teach the Bible in their military is not for religious reasons..though they wont turn down that side benefit. The reason is that the Bible is their geography/war lesson when fighting over terrain ...that someone else has been fighting over..for thousands of years. It is their tactical battle manual.

They take the lessons for the terrain from previous armies, battles, and leaders to heart and adapt them to modern tools and methods.

I cannot possibly imagine what kind of card deck some of you are using by pre conditioning from empty sources..You people do not have all the cards in your decks in your line of thinking.

Some of you seriously need to grow up and start thinking ...not emoting from a deck without all the cards in it.


posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 03:24 PM
reply to post by TrueBrit

"Thou shalt not kill" The sixth commandment given to Moses on Mount Sinai during the exodus of the Hebrews out of the land of Egypt.

The Israeli people are probably the most patient and humble people on the face of the planet.

Should they stand patiently and humbly wait to get slaughtered? Why, I don't think so!

Read this if you possess a Holy Bible, I Samuel 15: 2-3. Or better yet, go to this site since I know you have an internet connection. Kill men, women and infant. When God gives an order, he doesn't want a half-hearted response.

Anyone who laughs and ridicules the Israelis and laugh and joke about God should do all your laughing now while you can. I do feel sorry for your souls but in the end, it's going to be terribly difficult to laugh with your lungs filled with fire.

posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 05:04 PM

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posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 05:10 PM
reply to post by December_Rain

Rewriting the entire post with complete links, didn't provided links to answer same repeatable questions over and over again.

Originally posted by lambs to lions
reply to post by muons200

Please. Last time I checked Israel was not deploying suicide bombers in the name of Judaism.

You sir are mistaken in saying so.Suicide bombing are means of desperation. Why would Israel use suicide bombing when they get enough funds/ arms from yearly Holocaust Fund trips from USA/ UK / Germany to name a few? All they do is use the funds to to get more kill count.

The have been enslaved, dispursed, and conquered for 2500 years.

Your regular moral justification given for Israeli violence & genocide is the history of Jewish suffering in the West. On the creation of Israel, it involved additional crimes against Palestinians who had no role to play in any of the unfortunate events.

Just as near as in the 19th century, there were only about 15,000 Jews in Palestine. In 1893, for example, the Arabs
under the Ottoman control comprised roughly 95 percent of the population which they had been possession for 1300 years.
The time when Israel was created, Jews were only about 35 percent of Palestine’s population & owned 7 percent of the land.(S) The Zionist leadership was not at all interested in permanent settlement of Palestine. They
only showed that they want to accept partition but this was false / deception as it becomes clear after reading the statement of David Ben‐Gurion.
The statement of Ben Gurion is worth noting as it outlines the path which Israeli leadership will take. In his statement
the first Prime Minister of Israel David Ben-Gurion states how Israel (then Zionist) will first start with a small land and create a huge army after which they will takeover the complete land

Erect a Jewish State at once, even if it is not in the whole of the land. The rest will come in the course of time.

Gurion futher adds;

After the formation of a large army in the wake of the establishment of the state

Main statement "we shall abolish partition and expand to the whole of Palestine."
Ever since then to achieve this goal, the Zionist party got their tin foil hats on and started planning from their mom's basement how to get rid of the Arabs and takeover the area. Since there was simply no other way to accomplish their objective as was mentioned by Ben-Gurion "it is impossible to imagine general evacuation [of the Arab population] without compulsion, and brutal compulsion.. They hit the jackpot when this awaited opportunity came in 1947-48, when

Jewish forces drove up to 700,000 Palestinians into exile (S).
After which Israeli officials have started claiming like trolls "hurr durr hurr durr derp derp" i.e, that Arabs fled because their leaders told them to, but thanks to research historians the hot air balloon got popped. In fact,

most Arab leaders urged the Palestinian population to stay home, but fear of violent death at the hands of Zionist forces led most of them to flee. (S.
Later Israel barred the return of the Palestinian exiles to their homeland. The fact that the creation of Israel entailed a moral crime against the Palestinian people was well understood by Israel’s leaders as Ben-Gurion said to the president of the World Jewish Congress,

If I were an Arab leader I would never make terms with Israel. That is natural: we have taken their country. Sure, God promised it to us, but what does that matter to them? Our God is not theirs. We come from Israel, it's true, but two thousand years ago, and what is that to them? There has been antisemitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault? They only see one thing: we have come here and stolen their country. Why should they accept that?

Ever since then the Israeli leadership has consistently refused the right of Palestine to exist. Some researchers claim its for lulz and few other claims they are just trolling and baiting time to expand further. The Zionists leader even tried to deny their existence as a people

“There was no such thing as a Palestinian people,”
said Golda Meir, the Israeli Prime Minister and a famous troll

“When was there an independent Palestine people with a Palestine state?” It was not as though there was a Palestine people in Palestine considering itself as a people and we came and threw them out and took their country from them. They did not exist.” (S
. (Note this statement was not followed by an evil laughter so don't get any wrong ideas). Anyway, even Prime Minister Ehud Barak’s purportedly generous offer at Camp David in July 2000 would only have given the Palestinians a disarmed and dismembered set of

"Bantustans" under de facto Israeli control (S)

And more recently on 11 December 2009
Israel warns Palestinians over seeking recognition

Israel 'to keep' parts of West Bank

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posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 05:13 PM

They are our only real ally in a unstabe, war torn middle east, not to mention a democracy.

American backing is often justified by the claim that Israel is a fellow democracy surrounded by hostile dictatorships which certainly is not the case.U.S has overthrown many democratic governments in the past such as Iran's demoratic Govt. in 1953-1979, Overthrow of Chile Govt. to just name a few when it was thought to advance US interest. There are several democracies in the world today but none receives the support that Israel does. Thus, being democratic neither justifies nor explains America’s support for Israel.

In the United States people of any race, religion, or ethnicity are supposed to enjoy equal rights. Whereas Israel was explicitly founded as a Jewish state and citizenship is based on the principle of blood kinship. Not only that Israel also controls the lives of about 3.8 million Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, while colonizing lands on which the Palestinians have long dwelt which has been termed illegal by all world powers including the U.N. Now let's review the claim about Israeli Democracy

Racial/ Religious Discrimination in Israel

Discrimination in 1920

The General Union of the Hebrew Workers in Eretz Israel (Histradut) was established in 1920 and its first leader was David Ben Gurion. In the membership card of each member was written that the Histradut is an organization, the goal of which is the establishment of the Hebrew working class. What is the meaning of “the establishment of Hebrew working class”?

There were numerous paid laborers in the area, but a majority of them were Arabs. The goal of the Histradut was to change this fact. Accordingly, its founders added the word “Hebrew” to the name of the Histradut and refused to accept Arabs as members. This refusal continued from 1920 to 1966, such that it was an organization founded on national discrimination against Arab workers. This is how the Histradut acted, together with the kibbutzs; in political language, this is called discrimination.

Institutional racial discrimination in Israel

Institutional racial discriminations requires an administrative system to define and divide a

In Israel, the Population Registry Law of 1965 requires all residents of Israel to register their ethnic
group and religion with the population registry, and to obtain identity cards. The ID-card marks
ethnicity, revealing if you are a 'Jew', 'Arab', 'Druze', or whatever the holder is registered as at the
Ministry of Interior. A Jew is categorized as a Jew when he has a Jewish mother. When a person
presents his ID card to a policeman, a security official, a soldier, or to a clerk at a government
office, they know which “sector” he belongs to, and treat him accordingly. The “Israeli” nationality
is not recognised, and thus never mentioned on an ID-card.

Workforce discrimination in Israel based on Race

Year 2004 - Different dress code for workers
In a shocking re-enactment of Nazi Germany practices, Palestinian construction workers were forced to wear distinguishing marks on their hard hats to differentiate them from other nationalities. As a constitutional committee of the Israeli parliament, or Knesset, met in Jerusalem this month to discuss how best to express the values of Israel as "both a Jewish and democratic country", construction workers outside were building a new wing of the Knesset building.

All the Arab labourers wore white hard hats, but on some of the helmets, a large cross had been sprayed in red paint. It was later revealed that security officials had demanded the workers be marked to distinguish them from builders imported from countries like China and Thailand.

According to reports in the Israeli media, the crosses were being used by snipers posted on the Knesset rooftop to train their sites on the Arab workers and follow them around the building site. An official said the crosses would be removed once lengthy security checks had been completed on the workers.
Source: Arab workers face discrimination in Israel

Year 2009 - Jobs based on Race

The new policy, which applies to guards at train crossing points, is being implemented even though the country’s Arab citizens -- numbering 1.2 million and nearly one-fifth of the total population -- have been exempt from serving in the military since Israel’s establishment.

Ahmed Tibi, an Arab member of the Israeli parliament, complained to Israel Railways and the attorney general last week, arguing that the move was meant “to cleanse the railways of Arab employees”.

“It is an especially grave matter as this is a public company whose operations are meant to benefit all citizens,” he said.

‘Hebrew labour’ principle lives on

This policy is clearly discriminatory: it disqualifies Arab workers because Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel are exempt from service in the Israeli army. The appeal was developed in cooperation with Arab railway workers who have been sacked as a result of this policy.

Other Racial discrimination within Israel

Geneva, 26 February 2007 - The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (the “Committee”) reviewed Israel’s compliance with the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) in Geneva on 22-23 February 2007. The ICERD, which was ratified by Israel in 1979, commits State Parties, to adopt all necessary measures to eliminate racial discrimination, and to prevent and combat racist policies and practices. Adalah, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), and B’Tselem - three prominent organisations based in Israel and members of FIDH- presented information to the Committee on the status of implementation of ICERD by the State of Israel.

It noted these discrimantions in Israel mind you the Arabs mentioned below are citizens of Israel

Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel - emphasized numerous discriminatory laws and state practices faced by Arab citizens, which violate Israel’s obligations under the ICERD: (Sources listed with each statement seperately)

* Institutionalised discrimination in land and housing policies

* Discrimination resulting from the granting of military service benefits

* Impunity in cases of excessive use of force by the police against Arab citizens, including the October 2000 killings

* A law banning family unification with Palestinians from the Occupied Territories based solely on national origin

* Unequal state funding of Arab towns and villages and the lack of participation of Arab citizens in the planning process

* Discriminatory resources allocated to and limitations on access to education for Arab students

* Discrimination in state support for Arab cultural institutions, and the lack of recognition for Muslim holy sites in Israel, among others.

Another article touching briefly this matter by Telegraph
Israel’s humiliating discrimination against Arab Jews

and another

The announcement came as a confidential European diplomatic report issued its most damning assessment of what it claimed was an Israeli strategy to create a Jewish majority in the city’s predominantly Arab east.

Israeli government figures obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request showed that 4,577 Palestinians had been stripped of the right to live in East Jerusalem last year, a record.

Israel accused of ethnic discrimination after stripping Palestinians of East Jerusalem residency

and another

For Israel's Arab Citizens, Isolation and Exclusion

Marriage Law: The measure known as the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law, passed by the Knesset on 31 July 2003, does not enable the acquisition of Israeli citizenship or residency by a Palestinian from the West Bank or Gaza Strip via marriage. The law does allow children from such marriages to live in Israel until age 12, at which age they are required to emigrate. This applies equally to a Palestinian spouse of any Israeli citizen, whether Arab or Jewish, but in practice more Israeli Arabs than Israeli Jews marry Palestinians.

Currently, the Chief Rabbinate of Israel is the religious authority that regulates all Jewish marriages. There are similar authorities that regulate Christian, Muslim and Druze couples.

This produces at least five problems. There is no provision for:

1. Inter-faith marriages. A couple who follows two different religions, or a secularist and a member of a religion cannot be officially married.

2. Civil marriages for couples who want a non-religious wedding.

3. Secular Jews, and Jews who follow non-Orthodox Jewish traditions, like Reform Judaism. These form the majority of adults in Israel.

4. Couples where one or two partners are not a Jew, Christian, Muslim or Druze.

5. Loving, committed same-sex couples in Israel who are discriminated against by all of the religious authorities.

The Israeli government has launched a television and internet advertising campaign urging Israelis to inform on Jewish friends and relatives abroad who may be in danger of marrying non-Jews.

The advertisements, employing what the Israeli media described as “scare tactics”, are designed to stop assimilation through intermarriage among young diaspora Jews by encouraging their move to Israel.

Israeli ads warn against marrying non-Jews

National identification cards: The Israeli identity card, or Teudat Zehut, required of all residents over the age of 16, indicates whether holders are Jewish or not by adding the person's Hebrew date of birth. Chris McGreal, The Guardian's former chief Israel correspondent, reports that the ID system determines: "where [Arabs and Jews] are permitted to live, access to some government welfare programmes, and how they are likely to be treated by civil servants and policemen."

The disparities in Israel's education system are not nearly so great, but the gap is wide. In 1992 a government report concluded that nearly twice as much money was allocated to each Jewish child as to each Arab pupil.

A 2004 Human Rights Watch reportidentified "huge disparities in education spending" and stated that "discrimination against Arab children colours every aspect" of the education system. Exam pass-rate for Arab pupils were about one-third lower than that for their Jewish compatriots.

2009 education ministry figures show 32 per cent of Arab students passed their matriculation exam last year, compared to 60 per cent of Jewish students. The pass rate had dramatically dropped from the 50.7 per cent of Arab pupils who matriculated in 2006.

A report published in March 2009 showed that the government invested US$1,100 (Dh4,035) in each Jewish pupil’s education compared to $190 for each Arab pupil. There was also a shortfall of more than 1,000 classrooms for Arab students.

Basic Law: Knesset (Amendment No. 7) (1985), adopted 10 years after UN Resolution 3379, which prohibits a political candidate from participating in an election on a platform that does not coincide with the exclusivist definition of the state of Israel as "the state of 'the Jewish people. "'

Separation, Inequality and Loosening Control: The State of State Education in Israel

Discrimination against Religious symbols:

As the Christian world celebrates Christmas, and as Christians in Palestine and in Israel celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem, the Chief Rabbinate in Israel recommended that hotels and restaurants in the country should refrain from displaying Christian symbols.
Chief Rabbinate In Israel Demands Not Displaying Christian Symbols

The Rabbinical “Lobby for Jewish Values” started recently a campaign targeting restaurants and hotels that decorated their buildings for Christmas, and its chairman, Ofer Cohen, said that the lobby is considering a boycott campaign against these businesses.
The lobby raises the issue every year around Christmas in an attempt to stop entrainment places from displaying Christian festivities, while this year a source at the council said that businesses that refuse to comply could have the Kashrut certificate revoked.

Following the complaints, Oded Weiner, director-general of the Chief Rabbinate, received a call from Israel’s Foreign Ministry, and said that this issue is only a recommendation to the hotels and restaurants. But he also said that although this is a non-binding proposal, and although it is improper not to display Christian symbols, yet “such symbols could offend members of other faiths”.

Source: Chief Rabbinate In Israel Demands Not Displaying Christian Symbols

Discrimnation by spitting on Christians

Father Samuel Aghoyan, a senior Armenian Orthodox cleric in Jerusalem's Old City, told the newspaper “that he's been spat at by young Haredi (God-fearing religious Jews) and national Orthodox Jews “about 15 to 20 times” in the past decade”. Father Aghoyan added: "Every single priest in this church has been spat on. It happens day and night."

Similarly, Father Athanasius, a Texas-born Franciscan monk who heads the Christian Information Centre in Jerusalem’s Old City, said he's been spat at by Orthodox Jews "about 15 times in the last six months".

Jewish spitting is not exactly breaking news. I myself have explored the issue more than once. The Israeli Professor Israel Shahak commented on Jewish hatred towards Christianity and its symbol, suggesting that “dishonouring Christian religious symbols is an old religious duty in Judaism.” According to Shahak, “spitting on the cross, and especially on the Crucifix, and spitting when a Jew passes a church, have been obligatory from around AD 200 for pious Jews”.

Interestingly enough, Jewish spitting has had an impact on the European urban landscape. The following can be read in a Travel guide for Jewish Europe.

“In Prague’s Charles Bridge, the visitor will observe a great crucifix surrounded by huge gilded Hebrew letters that spell the traditional Hebrew sanctification Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh Adonai Tzvaot, “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts”. According to various commentators, this piece, degrading to Jews, came about because in 1609 a Jew was accused of desecrating the crucifix. The Jewish community was forced to pay for putting up the Hebrew words in gold letters. Another explanation is that a Jew spat at the cross and for this he was to be put to death as a punishment. When this man begged for his life, the king, seeking to have good relations with the Jews, said the Jewish community had to rectify the offence…” (To read more, click here.)

Shahak maintains that “in the past, when the danger of anti-Semitic hostility was a real one, the pious Jews were commanded by their rabbis either to spit so that the reason for doing so would be unknown, or to spit onto their chests, not actually on a cross or openly before a church.”

Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to stop spitting on them

A Christian student was scheduled for deportation from Israel June 30 because the government accused her of “missionary work.” Roused by police at 6:30 a.m., German grad student Barbara Ludwig was taken to prison and told she must leave Israel by May 30. Haaretz says she “denied being a missionary, although she admits contact with Messianic Jews.”

“They may have seen me at some meetings of the Messianic Jews,” Barbara said. “I go around with Jews, with Christians, and with Messianics, and I read books about Christianity. So what? That’s no reason to deport me.”


By Donald Neff
Former Israel Bureau Chief for Time Magazine
Excerpted from Fifty Years of Israel

On Dec. 29, 1977, Christians in Israel and the occupied territories protested a new law passed by the Israeli parliament making it illegal for missionaries to proselytize Jews. Protestant churches charged that the law had been “hastily pushed through parliament during the Christmas period when Christians were busily engaged in preparing for and celebrating their major festival.” The law made missionaries liable to five years’ imprisonment for attempting to persuade people to change their religion, and three years’ imprisonment for any Jew who converted. The United Christian Council complained that the law could be “misused in restricting religious freedom in Israel.”

Donald Neff has been a journalist for forty years. He spent 16 years in service for Time Magazine and is a regular contributor to Middle East International and the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. He is the author of five excellent books on the Middle East.

Nonetheless, it came into force on April 1, 1978, prohibiting the offering of “material inducement” for a person to change his religion. A material inducement could be something as minor as the giving of a Bible. Although the Likud government of Menachem Begin assured the Christian community that the law applied equally to all religions and did not specifically mention Christians, the United Christian Council of Israel charged that it was biased and aimed specifically at Christians since only Christians openly proselytized. Council representatives also cited anti-Christian speeches made in the parliament during debate on the law. Parliament member Binyamin Halevy had called missionaries “a cancer in the body of the nation.”

The next year Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef, considered a political moderate, issued a religious ruling that copies of the New Testament should be torn out of any edition of a Bible owned by a Jew. Israeli scholar Yehoshafat Harkabi wrote that he was disturbed by “these manifestations of hostility-the designation of Christians as idolaters, the demand to invoke the ‘resident alien’ ordinances, and the burning of the New Testament.” Observed Harkabi: “Outside of the Land of Israel Jews never dared behave in this fashion. Has independence made the Jews take leave of their senses?”

Christians Discriminated Against by Israel

Discrimination against Non-Jews and non-Orthodox stream of Judaism

The US State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor’s “International Freedom of Religion Report 2009” is heavily critical of Israel’s policies regarding religious pluralism and tolerance. In its introduction the report notes, “Government allocations of state resources favored Orthodox (including Modern and National Religious streams of Orthodoxy) and ultra-Orthodox (sometimes referred to as "Haredi") Jewish religious groups and institutions, discriminating against non-Jews and non-Orthodox streams of Judaism.”

The report relies heavily on research and reports from NIF grantees. ”According to the Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC) for Progessive Judaism (Reform), in 2006 approximately 96 percent of all state funds for Jewish religious education were allocated to Orthodox or ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools”; ”According to New Family: Organization for Family Rights, more than 5,000 couples marry in civil ceremonies abroad each year, primarily in Cyprus.” The report also refers to Supreme Court petitions by IRAC and Adalah: Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel.



Statement by professor Israel Shahak on the Jewish hatred towards Christianity

Gender discrimination in Israel

Women in Israel is the first comprehensive overview of discrimination in a state dominated by a patriarchal religious order, and brings fresh insights to the efficacy of the law in improving the status of women. Providing a sociolegal perspective on women in Israel viewed, Ruth Halperin-Kaddari examines all aspects of Israeli women's lives, looking at legal issues such as affirmative action, motherhood and the workplace, and mechanisms for the advancement of women, as well as conditions of education, employment, health, family, and prostitution.

While tracing legislative evolution in Israel, Halperin-Kaddari discusses the extent to which law can create social change. Because of its unique position as an economically developed democracy and yet a state where government tries to maintain a special cultural tradition and religious identity in a heterogeneous society, Israel has failed to adopt a single national standard for women that would bring Israeli law into compliance with international human rights. Halperin-Kaddari concludes that the improvement in women's status has not been due to egalitarian consciousness, but rather is incidental to Israel's overall socioeconomic advancement.

Source:Women in Israel A State of Their Own

“Israel’s private sector is almost entirely closed to Arab women because of discriminatory practices by employers who prefer to employ Jews,” Mr. Jabareen said. He added that the government had failed to provide leadership: among governmental workers, less than two per cent were Arab women, despite repeated pledges by ministers to increase Arab recruitment.

Israel's Arab women workers need not apply :: Discrimination, not culture, keeps families in poverty

From Israel Women's Network
Education - Gender Discrimination & Stereotyping in Schools


This by no means covers this vast subject but is mere very minute part of underlying problem. I hope this provides a much needed glimpse of discrimination within Israel but the question remains are these discrimination state adopted policies or just general ignorance of general masses?

If these are State adopted policies then one needs to ask why?
If these are mere general ignorance of small sect then why?

A. Measures to eliminate racial discrimination
Israel's Discriminatory Practices Are Rooted in Jewish Religious Law
Religious Intolerance in Israel
Israeli Discrimination Against Non-Jews Is Carefully Codified in State of Israel's Laws

posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 05:24 PM
Why don't we let them battle it out? let God sort'em out.

posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 06:03 PM
post removed because the user has no concept of manners

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posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 06:09 PM
continued to the above democracy angle..........Israel also supports racism and violence through funding on it's own people as was discovered.

Friday’s (December 11 2009) torching of a mosque in the West Bank village of Yasuf, was not a random rare attack. Infact the “price tag” terror tactic has been public knowledge for more than two years. It has come to light that many extremist Rabbis publicly sanction and encourage these attacks.
Source:West Bank settlers use ‘price tag’ tactic to punish Palestinians

The Od Yosef Hai yeshiva in Yitzhar is a notable example. In early November the yeshiva’s dean, Rabbi Yosef Elitzur, published the “Handbook for the Killing of Gentiles/ Non-Jews”

Translated Version of Handbook for Killing of Non-Jews

In any situation in which a non-Jew’s presence endangers Jewish lives, the non-Jew may be killed even if he is a righteous Gentile and not at all guilty for the situation that has been created…When a non-Jew assists a murderer of Jews and causes the death of one, he may be killed, and in any case where a non-Jew’s presence causes danger to Jews, the non-Jew may be killed…The [Din Rodef] dispensation applies even when the pursuer is not threatening to kill directly, but only indirectly…Even a civilian who assists combat fighters is considered a pursuer and may be killed. Anyone who assists the army of the wicked in any way is strengthening murderers and is considered a pursuer. A civilian who encourages the war gives the king and his soldiers the strength to continue. Therefore, any citizen of the state that opposes us who encourages the combat soldiers or expresses satisfaction over their actions is considered a pursuer and may be killed. Also, anyone who weakens our own state by word or similar action is considered a pursuer…Hindrances—babies are found many times in this situation. They block the way to rescue by their presence and do so completely by force. Nevertheless, they may be killed because their presence aids murder. There is justification for killing babies if it is clear that they will grow up to harm us, and in such a situation they may be harmed deliberately, and not only during combat with adults.”…In a chapter entitled “Deliberate harm to innocents,” the book explains that war is directled mainly against the pursuers, but those who belong to the enemy nation are also considered the enemy because they are assisting murderers.

Original Handbook in Herbew:
Complete Translated Version and source:

On December 4 he published an article with specific instructions for terror activities in response to the “settlement freeze.”

[Excerpt from "The Mutual Guarantee [Arvut Hadadit] Strategy”, by Rabbi Yosef Elitzur]

Liberation of the mind leads to liberation of action, and the more liberated the mind the greater reverberation small acts have and the greater their results (at a relatively low price). We offer a few possible courses of action:

“Mutual guarantee” [Arvut Hadadit] — acts of mutual guarantee coordinated between members of all the settlements take the air out of the government’s dreams. First of all we are all together and there is no “divide and conquer.” Second of all, we decide on the timing and don’t wait for a large police force and inspectors to bash us in the head and arrest and beat us. We have power too and we will use it at the time and place of our choice. Thirdly, we remember that the war is over Judaism, and the main enemies are the Gentiles in our country who are trying to conquer it and confusing the minds of crooked Jews who are far from the Torah. We do not discriminate: if the Jews don’t have quiet, the Arabs won’t have quiet. If the Arabs win because of violence against Jews, the Jews will win by violence against Arabs [emphasis mine]. Of course all of that leads to graceful activities with lots of joy: we can use the power of the women, children and older people to block a certain access road, and at the same time take firmer action against hostile elements further down the same road; we can carry out quiet and deep operations simultaneously with widespread acts of disorder in the sector, and so on.

Don’t forget that a multitude of such operations and warming up the public will put us in a state of high readiness. To this day administration inspectors have not managed to enter Yitzhar since the freeze decree. That is because the experience and the heat at Yitzhar make every entrance by hostile elements require large forces and end with much damage to IDF and police property, even more damage to Arab property and persons, and a sector burning on all sides for a few days [emphasis mine]. When in every settlement a police patrol car becomes an unwanted presence, and administration inspectors understand they have 10 minutes to run away before their tires are punctured, the government’s ability to enforce its decrees will drop sharply.

On the 19th day of Kislev [December 6], the day of redemption of the Old Master who withstood the denouncement and persecution of Jewish brothers, we will meet at the Od Yosef Chai yeshiva for a conference with our teacher Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg. Those who wish to be warmed and to meet many Jews from all walks of the Jewish public who are partners in strengthening Jews in the holy land are joyously welcome! [emphasis in original]


So what's the big deal?

On November 17, A Haaretz article exposed generous financial support from the Israeli government.

Lior Yavne, who oversees research at the Yesh Din human rights organization, checked and found that in 2006-2007, the Ministry of Education department of Torah institutions transferred over a million shekels to the Od Yosef Hai yeshiva in Yitzhar.

The Ministry of Social Affairs has allocated over 150,000 shekels to the yeshiva since 2007, scholarships for students with financial difficulties studying there.

Source of Israel FundingWho is funding the rabbi who endorses killing gentile babies?

On December 15 2009, Hybrid State uncovered US federal tax exemptions on funding these Organisation.

A report on donations submitted by the yeshiva to the registrar of nonprofit organizations revealed that the American public also participates in financing the message coming out of Yitzhar. It states that in 2007 and 2008, the yeshiva received NIS 102,547 [roughly $27,000 USD] from an American foundation known as the Central Fund of Israel.
According to the fund’s latest financial statement, it gave some $8 million to religious organizations in 2006, earmarked for establishing synagogues and schools, aiding the needy and “urgent security needs.

Source Of US Funding & Tax Exempt: Here are some names of US tax-exempt organizations funding Jewish terrorists

For a fitting biblical analogy: Israel may feel like Daniel in the lion's den. They are surrounded by seething hatred and violence.

Ahh! the gem excuse. Israel is often portrayed as weak and besieged, a Jewish David surrounded by a hostile Arab Goliath as you just now said so. This image has been carefully nurtured by Israeli leaders and sympathetic writers, but it is as close to the truth as planet Neptune to Sun. (Note for those who dont know how far it is: The distance from the Sun is:-
* Aphelion (Furthest) 4,553,946,490 km (2,829,691.160 miles) ~30.44 AU
* Perihelion (Nearest) 4,452,940,833 km (2,766,929,150 miles) ~29.766 AU
* Semi major axis (Mean) 4,503,443,661 km (2,798,310,160 miles) ~30.1036 AU
Light takes over 4 hours to reach Neptune.) Which means it's a lott of distance.

Contrary to popular belief, the Zionists had

larger, better‐equipped, and better‐led forces during the 1947‐49 War of Independence and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) won quick and easy victories against Egypt in 1956 and against Egypt, Jordan, and Syria in 1967—before large‐scale U.S. aid began flowing to Israel. (S

Today, Israel is the strongest military power in the Middle East thanks to funds and arms provided by US/ UK and other western powers. Egypt and Jordan has signed peace treaties with Israel and Saudi Arabia has offered to do so as well. Iraq has been decimated by three disastrous wars, and Iran is hundreds of miles away. The Palestinians barely have effective police, let alone a military that could threaten Israel. According to a 2005 assessment presented by Tel Aviv University's prestigious Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies,

"the strategic balance decidedly favors Israel, which has continued to widen the qualitative gap between its own military capabilities and deterrence powers and those of its neighbors" (Amos Harel, "Israel Maintains Its Strategic Advantage, Says Jaffee Center," Haaretz (online), November 23, 2005). The Jaffee Center has now been incorporated into the new Institute for National Security Studies. For additional data supporting the conclusion that "Israel is the only state to sustain high enough overall expenditures to maintain most force levels and improve quality," (S

Along with all that Israel is currently the only nuclear power in Middle East (see History of Israel's Nuclear Establishment & U.S Role). So backing the underdog or the weak nation excuse does not sit here.

Six day war anyone?

Isn't it the same war when Israel attacked Egypt pre-emptively on June 5 1967?

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posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 07:36 PM
"Israeli Army Chief: The Bible Is Our Guide"

Wise choice. I'm sure this will help in the many victory's to come for Israel.

posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 07:53 PM
God is not on their side, nor the other, in fact I'm sure God has long ago turned away from both sides of this in pure disgust.

Both sides have perverted faith in him, whether he is God or Allah is irrelevant.

Whether your book is a bible, Our'an or some other text you claim is the word of God, you cannot escape the fact that no true people of God on either side would have such lust for war.

War is hell, and the hell they have made suits them both.

The innocents on both sides are worthy of prayers.

posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 12:53 AM

Originally posted by Fractured.Facade
God is not on their side, nor the other, in fact I'm sure God has long ago turned away from both sides of this in pure disgust.

Both sides have perverted faith in him, whether he is God or Allah is irrelevant.

Whether your book is a bible, Our'an or some other text you claim is the word of God, you cannot escape the fact that no true people of God on either side would have such lust for war.

War is hell, and the hell they have made suits them both.

The innocents on both sides are worthy of prayers.

Excellent point Fractured Facade. I agree.

December Rain,

What you post is true about many in Israel today..especially those following a heavily Talmudic religion..and there are many there like that.

However the Arabs have their version of that from the Quran, Hadith and other books. In this manner the Jews and Muslims are alike.

Both of them..the Muslims and Jews are following the pattern of become Ishmaelites..not after Issac. In this they are both alike as well. They want to make everyone out here after Ishmael.
In this I know that both of them are religiously phonies.

I do not for one moment believe that the land/nation today known as Israel is in any way the land or nation that was Ancient Israel. They have no Biblical Claim to that land..whatsoever.

They do have a right to the land by the ancient laws of Conquest. The victors get the spoils. Five times they have had to defend it against many surrounding nations who dont like them. I have no problem with them keeping the land by conquerors rights. The victors get the spoils. They will have to fight to keep it.

I just dont believe they have a right by Biblical claim. I think that claim by any of them or anyone here in the west bogus.

However...I also know that the claims you are making in your post about the Jews...are also being done in Muslim form by the Arabs. Im not impressed with either of them and I know the sources from which it comes.
That is their business if they want to carry on this way. I dont buy it from either the Jews or the Arabs/Muslims. Not interested in this one way sob story from you as well..because I know the Arabs do it too.

They can keep this whole land...if they want it ..fight to the death...not my business. There is nothing holy or valuable about Jerusalem. It is a cesspool and a dung heap. The area is historical..lots of history to be found there .but there is lots of history everywhere if you know for what to look. But there is nothing holy about that land or that city. They can all keep it.

However..if you know all this about the Jews...than you also know what the Sampson Option is as well. If not I strongly suggest you and many of the others on this thread ...look it up.
Because our leaders and educators..nor our whorish news media will not talk about this one. They dont dare.


posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 02:59 AM

Originally posted by harryhaller
The only comment i have is:

"Thou shalt not kill".

How is it possible for any army to use that as a guide?

posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 03:31 AM

Originally posted by spikey
Another nutter in charge.

Just what the world needs.


and they call us truthers, Patriots and conspiracy
theorists nuts .... hahaha

we don't hold a candle to these nuts.

Just because the Bible says Jews are the chosen
ones, does not give them the right to kill indiscriminately
in God's name and spread terror world wide.

The God I know from the Bible teaches me a different
way of life in reverence to God and neighbor.

These people may call themselves Jews, but IMHO
their actions are not the work of the God I believe in
as my Christian faith teaches.

Revelations says there will be false prophets
and I am seeing them in Israel right now.

posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 08:03 AM
reply to post by captiva

Should Israel and every Jewish person, devout or not, is killed. Then G-D would allow every comet, asteroid, planet and stars to crash into our planet! As for everybody losing when Israel wins. Only the ANTI-SEMITES and ANTI-ZIONISTS who despise the Jewish People, Jewish Faith and Nation ARE THE TRUE LOSERS! The Prophet Ovadiah prophecies state the Israel's borders will expand TO THE PERSIAN GULF! I WOULD CALL THAT WINNING!!!

posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 08:11 AM

Originally posted by PGTWEED
reply to post by captiva

Should Israel and every Jewish person, devout or not, is killed. Then G-D would allow every comet, asteroid, planet and stars to crash into our planet! As for everybody losing when Israel wins. Only the ANTI-SEMITES and ANTI-ZIONISTS who despise the Jewish People, Jewish Faith and Nation ARE THE TRUE LOSERS! The Prophet Ovadiah prophecies state the Israel's borders will expand TO THE PERSIAN GULF! I WOULD CALL THAT WINNING!!!

With all due respect, talk of doom and destruction inflicted by some non-existent god on whomever fights a war against Israel is absolute crap...

Don't make me use my holocaust example of how well that god looks after jews and Israel like I did on that thread the other night...

But by all means, please keep on living in la la land...

Let me put it this way...Israel WILL be brought to account for its disgusting, inhuman actions against various peoples since its inception...

And for the Israeli people, it will be time to experience the suffering it has imposed on others...And that will be justly deserved
No suffering or devastation could be too severe when it comes to punishing Israel and its people for its crimes against humanity...

posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 08:28 AM
reply to post by Misoir

Adolph Hitler was an ANTI-SEMITE and ANTI-ZIONIST! Hitler HATED the Jewish Faith, Jewish People devout or not, and Nation. How are you any different from Hitler? At least Hitler was open about his hatred against the Jews. He didn't hide behind the lie "We're not anti-semites. We're anti-zionists". You and the other ANTI-SEMITES and ANTI-ZIONISTS ARE WORSE THAN HITLER AND THE NAZIS COMBINED!!!

posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 08:41 AM
reply to post by Retrovertigo

One of the 13 Priniciples of the Jewish Faith is not to Desecrate G-D's Holy Name when faced with imminent death. The Jews who went to their deaths in the Gas Chambers knew they were going to be killed upheld that priniciple of their Faith in HIM. The correct translation is Thou shalt not Murder. Israel and the Palestinians are still in a state of war. Soldiers are allowed to kill in wartime. If G-D is non-existant as you claim. The arabs should have driven the Jews into the sea in 1948. They didn't. The battle tactics The Israelis used from 1948 to the present are modifications what their ancestors used to fight their enemies. More Proof of the Jewish Bible's Historical Accuracy!

posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 08:48 AM

Originally posted by PGTWEED
reply to post by Retrovertigo

One of the 13 Priniciples of the Jewish Faith is not to Desecrate G-D's Holy Name when faced with imminent death. The Jews who went to their deaths in the Gas Chambers knew they were going to be killed upheld that priniciple of their Faith in HIM. The correct translation is Thou shalt not Murder. Israel and the Palestinians are still in a state of war. Soldiers are allowed to kill in wartime. If G-D is non-existant as you claim. The arabs should have driven the Jews into the sea in 1948. They didn't. The battle tactics The Israelis used from 1948 to the present are modifications what their ancestors used to fight their enemies. More Proof of the Jewish Bible's Historical Accuracy!

Rightio then champ...You keep on believing that

Me, I'll stick to the truth that the bible was written by a bunch of old men who needed a new way to control people...Marx was right when he commented on religion...

posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 08:59 AM
Has anyone else noticed how media is using the terms Bible and Torah interchangeably?

The first time I noticed it was with "The Bible Codes" while watching the documentary, it is obvious fairly quickly that the majority of the experts and researchers were rabbi's and that the the code was derived from the Hebrew texts, the Torah, which is different from the Old Testament. Yet it is consistently promoted at Bible, no distinguishing.

I've been watching quite a bit of the history channel lately, for better or worse
. I have noticed that this is done quite liberally here as well, on a multitude of programs, most recently on the series about ancient aliens.

I think that there is an effort to attempt to make these two texts one in the same or to confuse people. I have never heard a Jewish person refer to any Jewish text as bible, Jewish bible or otherwise. Therefore, when the majority of people hear the term bible, it implies Christianity. Yet, little by little there appears to be an effort to merge the two.

posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 11:47 AM
Hi Mirthful Me & others on this thread (you know who you are):

It seems VERY odd to me that so many persons on this threadlet seem to be sso blissfully unaware of the sordid facts of Israelitish history – i.e. the fact that Israel LOST practically ALL the battles they ever fought against so many older and more economically, culturally and politically sophisticated ancient near eastern GENTILE neighbours.

Here are some factoids to remember (in case anyone on this thread has forgotten – or never bothered to learn in the FIRST place...)

For those of you who DO NOT know:

The Israelites LOST the battles against the GENTILE Egyptian Pharaoah Shishonq - several northern Galilean cities were ceded as spoils of War to Egypt c. 940 BCE by Jedediah-Solomon.

The Israelites LOST to the GENTILE Assyrians under Sennachereb (BCE 721 -701) wiping out the 10 northern triblets utterly (they were later intermarried with northern Assyrian tribelets, and Assyrians were placed back into Eretz Yisroe’l in their place)

The Judaeans LOST to the GENTILE Babylonian army (587 BCE) and the educated classes and monied members of the society were humiliatingly forced-deported into Exile in Babylon - quite a long walk on FOOT (only 4 of the 24 priestly families ever came back to Palestine) and the Solomonic temple to YHWH and his Asherah was burned to the ground, and the gold taken away to GENTILE Babylon.

The Judaeans LOST to the sophisticated GENTILE Persian Army (531-331 BCE) and Persia/Medea occupied Judah and Samaria for 200 years (Zerubbabel’s revolt failed - and was never heard of again - although his FAILURE was ommitted from the text of Nehemiah and Ezra - funny how the later post Exilic Macabean influenced editors left all the gruesome details out - !! )

The Judaeans LOST to the GENTILE Hellenised Syro-Greek Seleucids in 331 and occupied Judaea, even to the point of OUTLAWING Judaeism (171 BCE) under Antiochus IV ('Epiphanes', the Revealer)

The Judaeans may have thought they gained c. 100 years (=2 Jubilees) of semi political Independence under the illicit Maccabean Priest-Kings (non Daviddic) 163 BCE to 63 BCE but LOST to the invading GENTILE Roman Army under General Pompey, and the GENTILE Roman Occupation (who militarily occupied the Galilee, Samaria and Judaea (BCE 63 to AD 421) spawned no less than TWO FAILED REBELLIONS against GENTILE Rome (AD 66-72 and AD 135-138) when ALL Jews were exiled out of Palestine permanently by the Roman government and sent into permanent Exile.

So it seems VERY odd to me indeed that some modern day Zionist named (significantly) ‘Ashkenazi’ (who probably represents the views of a sizeable portion of the present day IDF soldier class in modern Israel) would hold up the warped - re-edited late copy of the so-called Masoretic text cf the ‘ Jewish Bible’ (i.e. the old testament in the 'Russian-Codex Leningrad' pointed (vowelled) consonantal text version from AD 960, some 1000 years AFTER the EARLIER-MORE PRIMITIVE VERSIONS of the TEXT among Dead Sea Scroll copies were being made and circulated in antiquity - a DIFFERENCE in TEXT CONSONANTS of up to 18 % on average !!) as some kind of ‘divine’ Midrashic Talisman when the REAL historical records clearly show beyond ANY doubt that ancient Jews LOST practically EVERY battle they ever fought in antiquity against the neighbouring Gentile nations – surely he (and his IDF cronies) cannot be THAT ignorant of the facts of REAL history?

Please do not tell me that all of this is news to you or anyone else on this threadlet?

Has anyone even READ the Old Testament through and compared it with other ancient documents which bear witness to so many centuries of invasion and occupation (e.g. Pritchard’s ANET, Ancient Near Eastern texts, 1956) to see what REALLY happened?

Or are people on this thread that easily hood-winked by propaganda?

Or was Mr Ashkenazi being cynical or ironic, do you think, by holding up the Jewish Bible - as a kind of record of WINS for modern day Isaeli's - in view of the fact that it documents nothing but a sad and sordid record of MILITARY and POLITICIAL DEFEATS & LOSSES from beginning to end for the ancient forced-exiled northern Israelites (the socalled 10 LOST tribes) & later diaspora'd Judaen populations?

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