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Anyone interested in Pirate Radio?

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posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 01:16 AM
If anyone here is interested in pirate radio or even micro powered legal part 15 radio I made some cool forums just for that.
On our forums we have subsections for AM, FM and shortwave pirating. A section for legal part 15 broadcasting and even internet broadcasting.
I know a lot of people on ATS run micro radio stations to rebroadcast stuff like Alex Jones and other conspiracy radio shows.
So if you're interested in this kind of thing please come check out our message forums and join up and start discussing.
Lots of techies over here also in case you need advice on how to setup transmitters and antennas and so on...

Even a simple google for "free radio forums" will turn us up.
We are trying to encourage people to buy micro powered radio transmitters and run their own radio shows or rebroadcast others. It can even be done legally using part 15 accepted transmitters and antennas.
You can provide a voice for a small community. If SHTF it is good to know how to rig up a radio transmitter for distress broadcasts and radio is still a very powerful tool.

So come hang out with us and turn your radio on. Setup a transmitter. We are looking to get more members to get this micro radio movement started.


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