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The secret ballot?

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posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 11:53 PM
Last time at the voting booth over here in the sunny United Kingdom, I took a look at the back of the ballot paper, and noticed that there were serial numbers on there. I mentioned this to some friends at the time, but none of them believed me, they said "No, it's a secret ballot, there wouldn't be a way to see how you voted."

Well, recently I read an article that confirms this, and more.

Unknown to most voters, ballot papers can be traced back to individuals through serial numbers.

a little-known public document called the marked register. Produced locally after every election, this shows which individuals on the electoral roll have voted.

For those people not so keen on the government holding information on you, how do you feel about the fact that they not only know if you voted or not, but how you voted?

I have no proof that they compile this further data on how everyone voted, but I am naturally suspicious, and feel if they have the chance to build data about people, they will.

Compiling this kind of data on the populace can be very dangerous. Right now today, I'm not especially concerned, only mildly, but in a time of troubles, this could be used against us.

Remember how the census data was used against Americans during World War 2? It was used to round up those of Japanese descent, with no proof of wrongdoing, and they were thrown into concentration camps.

Think of all the things that some people discriminate based on, Race, Religious views, Political views, Sexuality and so on. No-one should be able to build a database that contains that kind of information, the risks are just too high. If a political party ever takes power or is in power who has these hateful views of certain people, they have everything they need to find their 'enemies'.

Many people on ATS will have some views, or biological trait that makes them a target for others. Myself, I have political and religious views that many hate. If the SHTF, I could be a target, as could many of you.

I thought that some of the US Census activism went a little overboard with people not answering a single question, but I certainly support anyone who decides to opt-out of any question that could conceivably be used against them. It may not seem likely right now, but who knows what the future holds?

Governments, and any other entities should not be collecting this kind of data on people, we need to resist anytime nosy people try and get us to give them this kind of information.

What do you think?


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