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Nick Clegg takes lead in opinion polls

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posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 07:26 PM
The latest poll by Yougov shows that...

Our latest daily polling figures for The Sun (fieldwork 17th-18th April) are:

Conservative 32%
Labour 26%
Liberal Democrat 33%
Others 8%
The general election will be held on May 6. On a scale of 0 (certain NOT to vote) to 10 (absolutely certain to vote), how likely are you to vote in the general election?

0 - Certain NOT to vote: 4%

1: 0%

2: 1%

3: 2%

4: 1%

5: 3%

6: 1%

7: 3%

8: 5%

9: 11%

10 - Absolutely certain to vote: 68%

Don't know: 2%

Additional questions

All three main parties say they will reduce government borrowing sharply over the next few years, by raising taxes and/or cutting public spending. Leaving aside whether you support any of the particular policies the parties are putting forward, do you think, in each case, that their sums add up – that, if they implement their policies will they hit their target for reducing government borrowing?


Yes, their sums probably do add up: 21%

No, they probably don't add up: 56%

Not sure: 23%


Yes, their sums probably do add up: 24%

No, they probably don't add up: 52%

Not sure: 24%

Liberal Democrats

Yes, their sums probably do add up: 26%

No, they probably don't add up: 36%

Not sure: 37%

Here are some proposals that have been made in the current election. In each case, do you support or oppose it?

Tax: Scrap income tax on earnings of less than £10,000 a year. The £17billion cost of this will be paid for by a tax on bigger houses, a tax on airline flights, restricting tax relief on pensions savings for higher-rate taxpayers, and attempting to clamp down on tax avoidance.

Support: 66%

Oppose: 20%

Don't know: 14%

Defence: Replace Britain's Trident nuclear weapons system and develop a variant that is a lot cheaper but less powerful and possibly easier to detect and stop.

Support: 37%

Oppose: 37%

Don't know: 26%

Europe: Give the European Union more powers on justice issues, bank regulation, the flow of asylum seekers, limiting climate change and cooperate more on security and defence.

Support: 18%

Oppose: 65%

Don't know: 17%

Euro: scrap the Pound and join the Euro when the conditions are right.

Support: 21%

Oppose: 65%

Don't know: 14%

Immigration: Give an amnesty to 1 million illegal immigrants who have lived in Britain for ten years, speak good English and don't have a criminal record.

Support: 35%

Oppose: 49%

Don't know: 16%

Prisons: Allow 58,000 criminals a year to do community service instead of going to prison by banning jail terms of less than six months.

Support: 33%

Oppose: 50%

Don't know: 17%

Public sector pay: Limit pay rises for public sector workers for the next two years to £400 a year.

Support: 57%

Oppose: 24%

Don't know: 19%

Higher education: scrap university tuition fees over six years, and increase taxes to pay for this.

Support: 31%

Oppose: 48%

Don't know: 20%

Voting: Change the voting system for electing MPs, so that individual constituencies become much larger and parties are represented in parliament broadly in line with their national vote.

Support: 54%

Oppose: 16%

Don't know: 29%

Energy: Stop any new nuclear power stations from being built and attempt to solve the energy crisis by coal-fired power generation plants and wind turbines instead.

Support: 32%

Oppose: 41%

Don't know: 27%

Additional question (fieldwork 18th April):

Leaving aside how much you like or dislike them, how much do you feel you know what the following party leaders stand for?

Gordon Brown

I know a lot about what he stands for: 27%

A fair amount: 42%

Just a little: 17%

I know hardly anything about what he stands for: 14%

David Cameron

I know a lot about what he stands for: 20%

A fair amount: 42%

Just a little: 23%

I know hardly anything about what he stands for: 15%

Nick Clegg

I know a lot about what he stands for: 15%

A fair amount: 36%

Just a little: 29%

I know hardly anything about what he stands for: 19%

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 10:10 PM
I am definitly supporting Nick Clegg. I can't vote though because I'm not British but if the Lib Dems can win in the UK then maybe things are really beginning to change in this world.

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