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gov't sponsored fiancial terrorism will bring in NWO

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posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 11:04 AM
I think this is becoming clear to a number of people.

Gov't officials as well as regulators and finally bank exec's..are hopelessly invovled in a revolving door that leads to a conflict of intrest which allows regulations to go unregulated.....risk for banks to be nil....and risks to soverign debt crisis to be extremely high (were in the 1'st few innings folks)

The fact that banking lobbyists are writing the financial reform bill is HELLO ALARM that highlights the level of dysfunction in our poltical system..the current proposed bill swings and misses on every level possible

Meanwhile governments have replaced pirvate sector leverage and debt with there own purses in order to avoid "recession" and continue "growth".......

i think we already learned what happens to a over debted leverage system when stress tested (see 2008-2009 financial crisis)

Shortly down the road we will be looking at a Soverign debt crisis of MONUMENTAL proportions...

Because after all we didn't fix the something for nothing mentality of short cited capitalists bankers or politicans......we bailed them out ....because they were "too big to fail"......and because these financial terrorists (yes that is what they are).....held the economy hostage...or so we were told to ...justify bailing them out.....and so far they have gotten away scott free..

sure there has been a bernie madoff here.....and now a GS fraud lawsuit (finally!) here.....(the latter will need to be looked at ....regarding a wave of finanial fraud actually getting prosecuted) but the crooks have gotten away and even got bailed out in they have basically do to their short citedness and intellect for creating financial vehicles which create fees and profits for banks......booby trapped the US and European govt's at federal ....state and local levels with financial time bombs.....knows as interest rate swaps.....bets made (sold as low risk investments) that interest rates will basically stay much is riding on keeping interest rates low that it is a damn national security issue to do this now....interest rate derivative account for 430 TRILLION plus (more than 80% of the DErivatives mountain).

But let me not get too far away from the message.......A soverign debt crisis is coming down the tracks.....i don't know how long the can could be kicked down the road......3 months 3 years....(no more than 10 at the max!)

but it sure seems like a good time to invest in commodity's like Gold and Silver...(yes i know they are manipulated but they are still rising)

and for those that are younger it sure seems like a good time to get into a field where job security could be sustained under a soverign debt crisis....(teacher.....nurse/dr....etc)

because the standard of living is going WAY DOWN.....millions will be hurting....the solution to this crisis....will be framed as a global solution.

i don't know wether regional blocks will be set up in north america (NAU=EU?) but the drive toward the global new world order will be fueled by soveign debt crisis....that part is becoming frighteningly clear.

I think this topic is somewhat important

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posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 08:43 PM
Yes I agree they have created a never ending vicious cycle of debt and we the people fed right into the chaos and lies led by our power hungry corrupt government. Soon our sovern state of mide will be over ruled by a dictator and we will have nothing left but another 3d world country with a maximum wage of $0.06 an hour.

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