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Two strange British UFO occupant reports.

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posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 06:30 AM

Originally posted by Wolfenz
humming sound.... ....enigmatic humming sound that has reportedly been heard by residents in the south west of England, particularly those in Bristol and western Cornwall.

Makes me think of the humming reported at the testing of the Nazi Bell during WW2....

Experiments were carried out on a 'Tesla-inspired' anti-gravity propulsion system utilizing counter-rotating electrically charged/magnetic cylinders, containing a mysterious 'purple mercury' substance:

Now throw these witnessed 'Nordic' (aryan) UFO pilots into the mix: Is something potentially creepy coming together?

EDITED: to remove a crazy-ass link i hadn't checked out properly

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posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 06:56 AM
S&F, great videos and nice to see these excellent testimonies haven't got lost in history

Originally posted by karl 12
Thanks for the replies -there's not much else out there I could find on these two cases and it appears the testimonies have to be taken at face value as...

And rightfully so, maybe in the UFO/conspiracy/forum world nothing can be accepted as real unless it's video recorded, photographed, multiple witnesses, documented, etc. etc. etc. etc. but the real world DOESN'T work that way!

A person or persons can be convicted and sent to prison for life simply on a believable persons testimony, that's one of if not the most valuable parts of evidence in itself, ofc this field attracts a few loons but so do the courts so the same applies it's simply down to discernment and judgment.

I completely believe both women without doubt that what they say they saw they saw, and the child and the other woman's partner saw the same things which corroborates it was no hallucination. But times gone on and nothing else to go on just leaves it as a great historical testimony which was a pleasure to watch, no fancy camera or possible CGI, just two great classic accounts from everyday Englishwomen of the time, refreshing, Oh lol, and easy to see the woman wears the trousers in the second clip haha

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 10:08 AM
I do think there is a bit of a lesson here for us all. People will happily spend endless hours over, frankly, rubbish footage of dubious vintage. Then i see people actually say, "Oh you don't have a video it's not worth the effort"..

This isn't X factor, written testimony is still extremely important. I'd personally much rather talk to someone who has had something that has interrupted their life, in an unusual way, but no photos or footage, than dubious footage that has no context.

One of the problems with filming UFOs is that. As yet the vast majority of us don't have the technology to do it justice, in a meaningful evidential manner. As such, a written account of a sighting is still very important.

On the film footage side. Maybe it's time for us to set up a proper survey? Let's take an area of several countries and through ATS set up some decent recording equipment for say, seven days. There must be some on here who have access to *pro-sumer* quality gear. Marry that with some of the night vision equipment that's available and lets stop jawing about it and do it?

If nothing else, I'd suggest we should at least see some sort of *control data* that would be well worth having on ATS? By that i mean, over the course of seven nights one should pick up enough footage of Satellites, bats, Birds, Aircraft, etc etc, in order to be able to explain much of the footage that is offered as evidence of UFOs?

I'm up for it and willing to give a week of my time and such expertise i have, in the field of *sound technology*, to help towards it.

Im thinking something along the lines of. Four or five pro or pro sumer cameras and a couple of night vision cameras. Set them up in small area. Then others can use consumer quality phones and cameras to show how, bats, birds, whatever look on the different formats. I'd say for that footage alone, it would be a worthwhile enterprise. Anything, out of the ordinary, would be a huge bonus.

"Proper science", likes to have a control experiment. Surely, it's time we tried one in as many countries, over the same period of time as possible?

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 10:14 AM
Thanks for the replies and lifttheveil, I certainly do agree with your comments about the value (and importance) of credible witness testimony - granted stories can be embellished over time (or even fabricated) but that shouldn't stop people from objectively examining each case on its own merits.

When it comes to UFO testimony (particularly UFO occupant testimony) naturaly people are going to be initially sceptical due to the outlandish nature of the claim but that certainly doesn't mean the witnesses should be dismissed outright - in fact, there appears to be so many of these strange reports from seemingly normal, everyday folk that I'd say they need to be seriously looked at.

Here's another very peculiar British UFO occupant report from 1979 which involves a well respected forester, the police, ground trace evidence and a pair of torn trousers.

Robert Taylor Ufo Encounter.

documentary: the west lothian question


posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 11:48 AM

Originally posted by Beer Festival
Found some more information on the second video...

Six weeks later, Mrs Bowles and Mr Pratt were driving along the same route when a weird orange glow appeared in the sky. They suddenly found themselves in a strange room occupied by three tall humanoids. The humanoids were speaking in an unknown language and kept saying the word "mi-ee-ga".

The rest of the story HERE

Beer Festival, some good detective work there matey and I'd say the fact that the couple claimed multiple 'encounters' diminishes their credibility somewhat - the second incident involving Mrs Bowles and Mrs Strickland is covered in this 1977 NICAP chronology and does contain similar aspects to the first case - I did find this part from your link interesting though:

The Daily Mail investigated the encounter and uncovered eight other sightings of glowing cigar-shaped UFOs in the Winchester area that weekend, including one report of "a strange man in a silver suit".


posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 12:58 PM

Originally posted by karl 12
Two very strange UFO occupant reports taken from the 1977 English documentary - the first one involves a lady and her two sons witnessing a UFO (and occupants) over her house in Staffordshire, 1954 and the second video features testimony from a couple in Winchester who state their vehicle was forced off the road before encountering occupants from a strange cigar shaped object in 1976.

Hi karl 12, are you tapping so now and then secretly in some zero point energy source my friend because otherwise I cannot explain your ongoing energy for starting thread after thread here on ATS and which are also very interesting indeed.

Just as these three cases.

I knew of the first one, the lady and her two sons witnessing a UFO (and occupants) over her house in Staffordshire, 1954, and the third one, of the Robert Taylor Ufo Encounter, but I wasn’t aware of the second one of Joyce Bowles and Ted Pratt.

Thanks for sharing.

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posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 02:37 PM
reply to post by spacevisitor

Spacevisitor, cheers buddy -you don't do too bad yourself and your help and input on this thread has been very much appreciated.

There's also another strange British UFO report below from 1967 involving police officers chasing a star shaped UFO over the West country -I wonder just how many other reports have been forgotten about over the years.

ITN news broadcast - 1967:

Two local policemen in the West Country of England describe the unidentified flying object they witnessed.


posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 02:51 PM

Originally posted by FireMoon
You know it was slightly sad watching that whole documentary. it confirms that many of those who really have studied the subject understood the following about it. That the objects more liable to be from * another reality* than strictly extra-terrestrial as most understand the phrase.

Firemoon, thanks for the reply and you may be onto something there -Gordon Creighton also seemed to think this was the case and he was a very knowledgeable chap when it came to the UFO subject.

Perhaps Jacques Vallee had it right all along:

As an alternative to the extraterrestrial visitation hypothesis, Vallée has suggested a multidimensional visitation hypothesis. This hypothesis represents an extension of the ETH where the alleged extraterrestrials could be potentially from anywhere. The entities could be multidimensional beyond space-time, and thus could coexist with humans, yet remain undetected.

Vallee, Jacques - Passport to Magonia - On UFOs, Folklore, and Parallel Worlds


posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 03:48 PM
Great find, was pretty awesome to hear a report from an actual witness, I find the last lady brave since she speaks out even when asked not to

posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 04:19 PM

Originally posted by Leothecurious
Not to sound more crazy but maybe they're trying to prepare us through our dreams or something?

Or maybe our brain is doing that. But yeah, I also had a really interesting ET dream a while back. It sort of felt as if I was contacted from elsewhere through a dream.

posted on May, 12 2010 @ 11:38 AM

Originally posted by Psychiatrium
Great find, was pretty awesome to hear a report from an actual witness..

Psychiatrium, thanks for the reply and I did find the interview with the first lady pretty compelling.

There are some other UFO occupant reports and drawings listed at this thread if you're interested in the subject :

UFO Occupants ~ Drawings,Sketches and Non-Human Reports.


posted on May, 12 2010 @ 01:12 PM
reply to post by karl 12

Staffordshire, England, October, 1954.
Sounds around the time the international treaty went into effect
making sure the technology was suppressed.
Compared to everyone having missiles and atomic weapons the
free energy UFO/saucer or Foo technology is far more dangerous
to tptb.
Which ever country releases disclosure first gets A bombed immediately
to show the others not to divulge.
I wouldn't put it past them.
ED: Perhaps why she went under the table in fear of Atomic warefare
as that was the 50s lesson for the school children.
Why else would there be an atomic war among tptb if not to protect
their suppression of Tesla and his saucer Mexican hat flying ship.

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posted on Nov, 27 2010 @ 01:55 PM

Originally posted by TeslaandLyne

Staffordshire, England, October, 1954.
Sounds around the time the international treaty went into effect making sure the technology was suppressed.

Hey T+L, long time no see - it looks to be the case that, two years earlier in 1952, there was also quite a high number of very strange incidents reported:

"The summer 1952 UFO sighting wave was one of the largest of all time, and arguably the most significant of all time in terms of the credible reports and hardcore scientific data obtained. Electromagnetic (EM) effects and physical trace evidence were more prominent in other waves, but 1952 (and 1953) featured recurring radar detection of UFOs, often from both ground and airborne radar, visual sightings by jet interceptor pilots sent up to pursue the mysterious objects, and cat-and-mouse chases in which the UFOs seemed to toy with the interceptors. Further, Air Force investigators who plotted the sightings noticed that they were concentrated around strategic military bases, and this clearly posed a threat to national security since their origin was unknown".

Richard Hall

The 1952 UFO Wave


posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 12:13 PM
Stan Deyo - UFOs Are Here!

This popped up recently. There are video downloads at page bottom.

Deyo seems to confirm what Lyne said that an international treaty suppresses Tesla technology
and the Tesla ship, at end goes bible so knows nothing Tesla.

TPTB can fund as much UFO material as possible to make sure Tesla is not mentioned.
Since Roswell there must be plenty of artists on call and help report takers that say its better
to say aliens were involved.
This was done with the Cash and Landrum Case as reported by Bill Lyne and no help was
given them unless a deal was sealed. The depiction in Unsolved Mysteries has rotating
lights that were not the case.

Lonnie Zammora saw jump suited individuals out side the ship but did not go to the
alien description. That early sighting caught agents unprepared perhaps to turn things
into the alien agenda to cover unknown ships.
ED:You have the above case here
In a reenactment the policeman hat is blown off and we see what looks like a rocket exhaust.
Both might be wrong as a lift occurs drawing in matter with forceful waves and the ships are
solid all around with air and exhaust for normal small engine operation.

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posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 03:23 PM
reply to post by karl 12

Heres a more shortened retelling of the first vid from the 80's off Aurthur C Clarkes Mysterious world series, starts at the 5:05 mark.

Its interesting how its changed somewhat, not much, but I was quite surprised by the differences mostly changes of descriptive words and the removal of some of the events that happened during the encounter. When was the show that had the first vid in it aired?.. although it seems it might have been prior to the Aurthur C Clarke version.

As for Wolfenz post about Billy Meir... people where seeing blond human alien occupants long before he jumped on that bandwagon. To say these accounts validate him somehow is very warped thinking.

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 04:51 PM
I was very interested to see all these reports of Nordics in the UK late 70s, as I think that I may have come across them myself.

I lived in a village called Brora in the north of Scotland between 1974 and 1977. I don't know what year it was, but I would have been 8 or 9 years old. Of note, but not neccessarily relevant, is that at that time there had been reports on Nationwide on the TV about people encountering pink eyed albinos. I don't know if my encounter was before or after I saw this report. Also my Dad worked for CSOS, a division of GCHQ - there was a listening post up there at the time.

I was asleep in bed, I used to leave the light on the landing on with the door open for security. I woke up suddenly and saw in the doorway a tall man silouhetted against the landing light. My memory is that he was wearing a silvery blue one piece suit. I couldn't see his face or any other detail. After staring at him for an unknown time I turned around to switch on the lamp by my bedside and turned around, no more than 2-3 seconds, but he had gone. No sound or sign of him. At first I was startled, then I was scared. I just hid under my blankets. Didn't tell any one about it, kept it to myself, but I'll never forget it.

Some time later I saw the shadow of a seagull in my room as if it were hovering outside my bedroom window casting a shadow against the opposite wall. I say seagull because there was an incident with one sometime previous where I had tried to save one from being "put down". Again I was very scared, and hid under the sheets.

No concious memories from then until 1997, when I was 30. For 3 consecutive summers they - and I'm assuming that they are the same people - visited me at night, only this time I would be paralysed on waking. I am aware of hypnagogic dreams. On these occassions they would just stand there by my bed while I would try to say in a slurred voice, "Who is it?" over and over. Eventually I would say "go away" and it would end and I would be able to move.

In none of these cases would I see their faces, although I was aware that one was a woman who I seemed to think had short blond hair.

On the last summer I actually had an out of body experience where I found myself leaving my room to go to the toilet. Everything seemed just as real as if I'd been physically there, but my body was actually in my bed! So I'm on the landing, and I reach for the light switch (there wasn't one there where I was reaching), and instead found myself touching someone's shoulder. Thinking I had caught a burglar I grabbed him by both shoulders at which point he just said "It's me!". I said "Well, let's have a look then", and I tried to reach for the light switch but woke up with a start before I could do so. I remember that the material of his clothing felt synthetic, he spoke in a normal accent, like mine.

I immiediately got up and searched the landing outside before going back to bed. And then there was a tremendous crash from upstairs and someone from a flat above come stampeding down stairs like the place was on fire. No idea what that was about.

It was the last I saw of them. But after the first summer I found myself going to the bookstore once every 2 weeks or so and buying and reading books on UFOs, paranormal, ancient history etc. I don't know if this sudden obsession with the paranormal was connected with what happened.

Subsequent events are ambiguous, but include a light in the sky traversing the circumference of the Moon from my perspective, a cryptic message on a £5 note (with my name) which coincided with my seeing the number 1222 everywhere. It was a couple of years before I connected the 2 - give values to the letters in the message a=1 etc, and it came to 1222. I was telling my Mum about it as we drove down a road not far from the B1222, and a car pulled out in front of us with a reg plate exactly the same as the "message".

Also ran across a very beautiful pale looking lady with a French accent who I gave directions to but who gave me a very peculiar feeling. As she walked away she looked back at me and stared at me with what looked like pity. I had the feeling for some reason that the encounter was staged.

In recent years have just seen a lot of these Chinese Lantern type orange lights. I struggle to believe that these lanterns can travel in straight lines in formation at speed, but then everything I have just described could have a similiar mundane explanation.

In any case, these people in the 70s and then in the 90s clearly know me. And I seem to know them without remembering why. I would be very interested to hear from anyone else in the UK who has also had encounters with them.

Thanks for listening.

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 06:52 PM
Thanks for bumping this thread Karl12. I have watched this documentary in bits and pieces before, but I never knew the title. I found this and am watching it now. What I find most interesting is that the subjects discussed, from "Out Of This World," are the same as today. Flying humanoids, inexplicable balls of light, sightings of Nordics, nutty-nuts that want sightings to be a religious cult experience, etc. You would think that after 33 years, there would be more explanations coming forth.

Here is the YouTube links I found today for the first three parts of the documentary for anyone interested in watching for themselves:

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