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Global Warming cant be happening! Right?

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posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 06:09 PM
Before posting, watch this video and READ

- Assuming the video is true;

- If CAP and TRADE wont solve our problems, why people that are considered the leaders of our world are trying to force it ?

- If WE will die because of the GW, why are these people forcing this CAP and TRADE?

- Are they totality CRAZY?


1) video is a hoax
2) they are totality crazy
3) global warming is a scam

Can someone enlighten us ?

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posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 06:46 PM
Yep, Cap & Scam is the goal... doesn't matter what we blame as a problem as long as Cap & Trade of some kind is implemented

Global Warming is perpetuated by the profiteers and power-mongers who want and need Copenhagen to be a success. This just happens to be their most successful "problem" that needs the Cap & Trade solution.

Please understand that if it isn't global warming, it will be global cooling, or saving the earth's magnetic field, or "anything" that dooms us that can be used as an excuse to get Cap & Trade... something has to be used to get Cap & Trade... THAT is the goal that needs a perceived problem to feed the fire and get it implemented. Arguing back and forth about "Global Warming" isn't going to solve the problem.. .the problem is exposing the goal of Cap & Trade for what it is so that it NEVER gets implemented.

Even the environmentalists are now selling out the Cap & Trade crowd. The primary push for Pro Global Warming arguments is based on implementing the CARBON CREDIT SCAM. Not "solving" any perceived problem.

Watch This: The Story of Cap & Trade... FROM the FAR LEFT. They even know CAP & TRADE is a bogus SCAM. Seriously, watch the video, the explanation is in the beginning and will only take 5 mins of your time... and it is well worth it because these Lefties are right on the money describing the scam for what it is.

This is the reason for the Global Warming blitz. What we do KNOW and everyone with half a brain KNOWS including the crazy die hard environmentalist and conservatives alike is that the CARBON CREDIT SCAM is a scam. The biggest most costly scam in history to enrich wall street traders and the financial sector.. not to mention has FAILED everywhere it has been implemented... but that of course is the idea, to implement the largest taxes in history and NEVER solve the problem, less we loose the tax.... get it?

The Debate Is Over! The Science is Settled! The CAP & TRADE SCAM Deniers can no longer even debate that Cap & Trade is not a scam. Usually when this is brought into the picture the GW crowd goes running for distractions.... because most of them still support the insane Cap & Trade scam. (mostly because they have no idea how much of a SCAM it really is.)

But now you have both the Left, The Right, and anyone not directly making a profit telling the truth about the carbon credit / cap and trade scam. Don't let them sucker you into supporting it because "they say" they are helping the environment... they are helping themselves at mine, yours, and everyone elses expense.


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