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True art revival : a presentation

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posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 02:15 PM
not my own work - but please watch this : youtube link , and listen

if you cannot listen / watch - a transcript is availiable here

its too long to reproduce in thread but , this one sentence was i thought the most relevant to me :

Storytelling has become somehow a dirty word in the world of fine art. Storytelling is demeaned as mere "illustration" and "illustration" itself is relegated to the "commercial arts."

what happened indeed ?

it is not some random crank , but a art historian - and listening to it actually helped explain , why so much ` modern art ` leaves me empty and disatisfied - even [ although i have no artistic training or ability myself ] even contemptuous of its value and the " talent " or rather IMHO the alleged tallent behind them .

a key question this raised , at least for me - is what will be the art legacy of the late 20th , early 21st centuries ? how will we be viewed in the coming centuries ?

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