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Free energy and anti-grav proof

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posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 07:57 AM
Dr Podkletnov anti gravity gen, M. Pitkanen & topological geometro dynamics and a new application for N. A. Kozyrev's vibrational balance!

Dr Yevgeny Podkletnov is a russian engineer who worked at the Institute for high temperatures in the Russian academy of sciences for 15 years. Wiki

My research is based on the idea that it is possible to change or to modify the local gravitational field, and to consequently change the gravitational properties of objects within that field to make them lighter or heavier. This all can be done by creating special conditions in what might be described as the polarization of the ubiquitous vacuum, or by modifying the curvature of Einstein’s space-time. There are several ways to do this – we can use high-voltages, large magnetic fields, and extremely high-speed rotation of various objects. We can also take advantage of topological effects in superconductive materials. Altogether, there are a number of possibilities, including potential combinations of some or all the parameters that I’ve just described.

Interview transcript

Podkletnov is continuing his work, despite resrictive policies from his government which mean energy and gravity research must be done through them, but they wont fund anything much. He currently he is working on a "gravity impulse generator”, which utilizes a Marx-Generator discharge through a superconducting emitter in a high-magnetic field to create a wave in time-space with properties very close to gravity-waves. Others have picked up on his work, this is a bloody good read Id really recomend it. D. Rabounski and L. Borissova A theory of the Podkletnov Effect based on general relativity.

We show via Einstein’s equations and the geodesic equations in a space perturbed by a disc undergoing oscillatory bounces orthogonal to its own plane, that there is no role of superconductivity; the Podkletnov effect is due to the fact that the field of the background space non-holonomity (the basic non-othogonality of time lines to the spatial section), being perturbed by such an oscillating disc produces energy and momentum flow in order to compensate the perturbation in itself. Such a momentum flow is directed above the disc in Podkletnov’s experiment, so it works like negative gravity (anti-gravity). We propose a simple mechanical system which, simulating the Podkletnov effect, is an experimental test of the whole theory. The theory allows for other “anti-gravity devices”, which simulate the Podkletnov effect without use of very costly superconductor technology.

For those who dont want to follow all the math you can pick it up at page 71. The interesting point is that the Podkletnov is purely mechanical, not related to superconductivity like Podkletnov original experiments. They purpose a mechanical means create the effect, all possible in our back sheds. This is where the famous N. A. Kozyrev Wiki comes into play, they use his vibrational balance.
And their experiment was a success. They go onto mention the "new" energy applications and alternative aircraft proplusion.

Now to get into the famous rotating magnet systems. M. Pitkanen from the Dept. of Physics, University of Helsinki, Finland has many papers on topological geometro dynamics (TGD). The introduction to what TGD is, is given here. He has a paper by the highly technical name of Strange effects relating to rotating magnetic systems.

The basic hypothesis of topological geometrodynamics (TGD) is that space-time is representable as a 4-surface in 8-dimensional space M4+XCP2. The notion of manysheeted spacetime forced by this hypothesis implies numerous new physics effects including gravitational anomalies, the possibility of negative energy spacetime sheets making possible overunity energy production and classical communications to the geometric past. The geometrization of the classical gauge fields in turn predicts the existence of long range color and electroweak gauge fields, in particular classical Z0 field, which gives rise to macroscopic effects resembling those assigned usually with torsion fields. In this article the strange findings about the physics of rotating magnetic systems are discussed in order to illustrate the new physics predicted by TGD.

If you think those papers are a bit "out there" check out his theories on how this all ties back into consciousness. Matter, Mind, Quantum.

This chapter is devoted to the TGD inspired theory of consciousness, which can be also regarded as a generalization of quantum measurement theory. TGD inspired theory of consciousness could be seen as a generalization of quantum measurement theory to make observer, which in standard quantum measurement theory remains an outsider, a genuine part of physical system subject to laws of quantum physics. The basic notions are quantum jump identified as moment of consciousness and the notion of self: in zero energy ontology these notions might however reduce to each other. Negentropy Maximization Principle defines the dynamics of consciousness and as a special case reproduces standard quantum measurement theory.

If you hadnt heard of Kozyrev yet I really recomend taking a read, heres a good less technical article.

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posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 07:59 AM
I found some of Podkletnov's interview almost funny

Podkletnov: I cringe every time I hear that NASA failed to replicate my experiment, because no, they didn’t fail. They made their own disks, and they were big enough: about 12 inches in diameter. They published some initial test information indicating that they had definitely noticed some unusual effects. Then I got involved in participating to helping them to replicate my experiments, and they practically had everything ready when they ran out of money. So at the last stage they were not able to rotate the superconductor in the magnetic field, and shortly after that the department of defense came in and grabbed all the experiments. All of this research was transferred to Dr. Ning Li – so now NASA has nothing, and we have nothing either.

When will they learn to just stay away from nasa all together.

Also I found Podkletnov's first paper (which was I thnk the first peer reviewd anti-grav paper) here. Then he next went on to use the gravity sheilding properties of the composite Y Ba2Cu3O7-x to build the Impulse Gravity Generator

The detection of apparent anomalous forces in the vicinity of high-Tc superconductors under non equilibrium conditions has stimulated an experimental research in which the operating parameters of the experiment have been pushed to values higher than those employed in previous attempts. The results confirm the existence of an unexpected physical interaction. An apparatus has been constructed and tested in which the superconductor is subjected to peak currents in excess of 104 A, surface potentials in excess of 1 MV , trapped magnetic field up to 1 T, and temperature down to 40 K. In order to produce the required currents a high voltage discharge technique has been employed. Discharges originating from a superconducting ceramic electrode are accompanied by the emission of radiation which propagates in a focused beam without noticeable attenuation through different materials and exerts a short repulsive force on small movable objects along the propagation axis. Within the measurement error (5 to 7 %) the impulse is proportional to the mass of the objects and independent on their composition. It therefore resembles a gravitational impulse. The observed phenomenon appears to be absolutely new and unprecedented in the literature. It cannot be understood in the framework of general relativity. A theory is proposed which combines a quantum gravity approach with anomalous vacuum fluctuations.

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posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 09:07 AM
That looks exactly like the guy posting on ats. antigrav machine.

He's gonna be pissed. looks almost identical, but with less light bulbs

this thread:

Maybe he really was on to something there.

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posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 09:17 AM
reply to post by MR BOB

Yeah I think it was a naive claim for him to say he "discovered it", and he can start an ats thread all he likes but unless he writes a peer reviewed article or at least shows us some proof of it working it shouldnt really be getting so much attention. In this time of need in the world he would be better to give up on trying to make money from it and just tell us the secret, lives in places like africa depend on it. Proff. John searl should tell us his secret, if he has one, he's about to go to the graveyard with it, im sure he's getting by ok money wise so he should just spread the secret as far around the world as possible, no way would the supposed threat of companies hogging it happen if the secret is already world wide.

Yeah I know what you mean by it being hard for the common folk to make any difference on scientists who tend to take a fundamentalist stance. The true breakthroughs have been relegated to the back yard shed, sad really. Id like to see if that bloke gets some more info up, he seems carefull not to reveal too much yet which I think is selfish when the environment is being destroyed and people dying, but he isnt making TPTB hide it which is where the real problem, and so many more comes from.

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posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 09:21 AM
reply to post by polarwarrior

It's hard for the everyday man. to get an article published/ reviewed.

I dont think scientist like outsiders much.

posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 11:16 AM
reply to post by MR BOB

Which kinda bakes my noodle a little bit seeing that many of the finest and greatest discoveries came from regular old garage tinkerers.

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