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End of Times is Here

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posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 09:01 AM
edit to remove what I wrote because I f#cked it up and can't be arsed typing it all out again

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posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 09:23 AM
Being a good christian is all about loving god, helping your neighbour and promoting good values.

As a Christian, I came to realize I will end up living a more fulfilling life if I focus my attention on bettering myself and stop trying to interpret today a text written thousands of years ago to help people with their lives, heavily modified and reinterpreted afterwards to manipulate people, rape children and promote war and hatred.

Blindly following the bible is no way fulfill god's destiny.

posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 09:27 AM

Originally posted by ReVoLuTiOn76

Revelation 6:8 "I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death , and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the Earth to kill by sword, famine and plague and by the wild beasts of the Earth".

This describes just what it sounds like. This would be the next step in the end of times to be fulfilled. This already has been happening, I believe. With the recording breaking earthquakes, natural disasters killing many people, and basically leveling entire countries. Also, swine-flu, avian flu, and other weird diseases that people are suffering and dying from are coming out of the woodwork.

So this is the end of my first thread. I hope that those of you who read this take notice, and read your bibles. The scriptures are being fulfilled whether you think so or not. Please, let me know what you think about this post.

I agree with you that the unveiling is upon this little universe. I also agree with the biblical timers you seem to have observed with the apocolyptic riders, and yes I also feel that we are now in the time of the PALE HORSE RIDER -HADES-and the best confirmation of this rider will be ZOMBIES OR LIVING DEAD existing on planet EARTH IN FLESH for that will be a sign that the -hades or death- gates are now open. Scary yes but all written to end with a good experience for thse who follow the LAMB..WE WILL BE OK IN THE END/BEGINNING however you view it. S&F friend for making a powerful post.

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posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 09:37 AM
Why the hell didn't GOD disclose revelations in a way that would make sense to the people it was going to happen to?

Imagine if your doctor explained your newly diagnosed terminal illness in a similar fashion,he would loose his license to practice medicine!

posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 09:39 AM
reply to post by ReVoLuTiOn76

Hello Revolution76 welcome to ATS. I would like to point out that your post can be put in almost any time in history and you can find these same end of days revelations, you even stated in your post this. I think that religions were made to control the populations and to keep them under control. What "God" would make his people follow him and never ask questions?

Look at how the bible explains how the earth and people were made. In my opinion it was an idea of a man's interpretation of how the earth was made. Now that we are much more advanced in technology and archeology we can see that the earth was made billions of years ago and not thousands...

I just watched a show on KLCS called Clever Monkeys on how they have over 100 different words and all varaties of monkeys and understand each other. There are also monkeys that have left the jungle and moved out to the grasslands and they are now starting to walk on 2 legs because the grass is so high they can't see well over the grass for predators. What about the dinosaurs?? Well you can't believe in them either becuase the world wasn't created that long ago.

So in my opinion, the bible is a good story which helped organize and control people and keep some sort of law in place. Religion to this day is still being used to control people. If you get people at a young age to believe in a religion (religion to me is a point of view) then they will for the most part always be that way even if "facts" are looking right at them.

I have a friend who is probably much like you and a huge church fan. He knows most of the bible inside and out. We had a talk just last week about parts of the bible and my view and his view. Everytime he would tell me something in the bible I would reference how it can be applied to show evolution.

For example, I don't remember what he told me word for word but it was when humans were first created we could all understand each other and we wanted to get to god so we started making a tower to heaven. God got mad and he split the earth so that people couldn't understand each other. Now i'm sure I did a bad job of telling the story but you get the point. So after he told me that I said, well at the beginning of the earth there was only one continent and over time it split apart throgh tectonic plate movement.

The next one was Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were in the garden and were happy until Eve ate the apple and notice she was naked and then Adam ate and the same thing happened. So you can go back to when the earth only had one continent which would be the garden of eden, and second at some point monkeys become aware of themselves being naked and cover themselves which in my opinion is how we came about. We were happy go lucky monkeys doing what we wanted to do and at some point one of us thought hey i'm naked and put some leaves on and the rest is history....

Here is the link to watch the full clever monkeys enjoy.

Anyhow I could go on and on but I think what I wrote is enough food for thought.... Welcome to ATS

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posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 09:40 AM
Reply to post by Hydroman

The link I gave you answers your question on who Jesus was talking to.

As for Matthew not mentioning all the other prophecies . . . that is exactly what I am trying to get you to see. You can't pick and choose which prophecies you want to use. They are all interconnected, which fully debunks the ideas held in historicism.

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posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 09:41 AM
reply to post by Niccawhois

In many ways he did you just gotta absorb it. I PERSONALLY HAD TO READ REVELATIONS ABOUT 5 OR 6 TIMES BEFORE IT ALL SUNK IN!

posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 09:48 AM

Originally posted by Trudge
reply to post by ReVoLuTiOn76

Hello Revolution76 welcome to ATS. I would like to point out that your post can be put in almost any time in history and you can find these same end of days revelations, you even stated in your post this.

I disagree for 1 NEVER HAVE THE BOTTOMLESS PIT BEEN REOPENED SINCE SEALED. The Earth now possess CHEMICALS-BIOLOGICALS-NUCLEARS & SONICS LOL which can damn near reactivate a dead carcus with the right amount of energy and bio assistance. Also this will be the first time the LAMB HAS RETURNED SINCE THE SICK ROMANS TRIED TO DO HIM IN. And last technology is at its all time high with this current global inhabitants. So I dont feel the things written within revelations apply to anything within the past ESPECIALLY SINCE THIS WILL BE THE SHEPHERDING OF THIS ENTIRE HERD LIVING AND DEAD which never happened before as well as the FINAL CASTING OF SATAN INTO THE FIRE LAKES AND ALL HIS FOLLOWERS TO FACE THEIR 2ND DEATH and thats it for SATAN FOREVER. Nope I cant say these events have occured before in HISTORY!!!

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posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 09:50 AM
dam Firefox glitching...everr since avg .9


Israel ad Iran are your markers

Israel has openly stated they have until 2011 to destroy irans nuclear program

when they do go ahead with a pre emtive strike. terrorists will do a nice little false flag and blow up the dome of the rock. blaming the strike


during this time the false savor... matraya will emerge on the world. claiming to be the saviour to all

he will establish peace in the middle east .... this is the Antichrist

we then have a nice period of time when true believers will be basically hunted and killed it will be hell on earth

as for raptures.

none of todays churches have it right they are all hypocrits and practice false dogma.

a small reminent will be saved.

most will be given the choice of following the antichrist

or dieing as a later day saint.

ive allready had dreams and visions if you will of the latter for me.

guess ill end up decapitated and fed to the lions.

better than bowing down

rant over

posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 09:52 AM
reply to post by Niccawhois

To me...its proof that its not of God.

But anywho....

Ever see how a cell reacts in a petri (sp?) dish when its offered food and poison? The food of course attracts the cell...knowing its good for it. The poison causes the cells to move away from it, causing a flight or fight reaction...causing stress upon the cell.

From my spiritual experiences...God never offers reasons of fear...for if we seek God because of fear of something...are we seeking for the right reasons.

There is not a end to Gods mercy and understanding.

God is not nor has ever wanted to cause a flight or fight reaction. But look at the religious fold....they are either ready to fight or ready to flight.

Go figure.

posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 09:53 AM
reply to post by Kingdom of darkness

lol well as you have claimed to be through with this thread, i dont suppose you will see this reply, but anyhow.. i was not saying these events are because media is to blame, the comment was made about media reporting incidents at more of a rapid rate, so that it looks like things are getting worse, when in fact its just being reported more often. i did not even say its a conspiracy and they are doing this on purpose, its just how its happening..
And yup, i probably have lost 'it' a long time ago, hell even my closest friends agree on that, lol.. i'm happy with that.. being 'sane' comes with far too many restrictions in my book

be well

posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 09:53 AM
I find the parallels closer back in the early days of world war 2 actually. If you were back in 1941/42, you would be almost certain the end was nigh.

Not to say that people in religious high places wont continously push their agenda though...never let a tragedy or catastrophy go to waste.

Keep one thing in perspective however...people have been saying we are living in the end times since the founding of christianity...hell, even in the book they said this generation will not pass before seeing all this happen, and how long ago was that?

On the bright side, in 50-100 years (if religion is still around), there will be people saying the end is here then also.

posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 09:54 AM

Originally posted by hadriana
I hope it is the end times, and I hope the rapture comes any minute now.

Then the rest of us that aren't so religious and tied to old books can figure it out and move forward.

Those who do not make the Rapture will not "move forward". They will perish at Armageddon. Either you accept the truth, or you do not. There's no sitting on the fence allowed. That is the whole POINT of the Spiritual War; so we can see and understand why there is only ONE WAY to live in harmony with one another and that it is by following Yahweh's Way. It is truly the only Way to happiness and eternal life.

The below is from The Kingdom Message of Salvation:

Yahweh's Bitter-Sweet Warning to All People of The Earth

He that exercises faith in the Son has everlasting life. He that disobeys the Son will not see life. The Wrath of God remains upon him.

“The one who believes in the Son has eternal life, but the one who refuses to believe in the Son will not see life; instead, the wrath of God remains on him.” John 3:36

Once you have been given the Message of Truth, if you do not obey it you are exercising your Free Will choice. However, it will result in eternal death at the Judgment. Just as Satan and his angels cannot have free reign in creation - neither will it be permitted of those that exercise that choice. Your fate is upon your own head.

“Therefore I testify to you this day that I am innocent of everyone's blood, for I did not shrink back from declaring to you the whole plan of God.” Acts 20:26-27

The above scripture reveals we will be clean from the blood of those who make the wrong choice. If you are so cultivated with negativity that you hear and know that what we speak is Truth and you continue to sin willfully by rejecting that Truth, then you will lose the Sacrificial Hope of Salvation. Time will eventually run out. Armageddon is the final Judgment Chapter.

“For if we deliberately sin after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins” Hebrews 10:26

"to proclaim the year of the LORD's favor, and the day of our God's vengeance..." Isaiah 61:2

"The tumult reaches to the ends of the earth because the LORD brings a case against the nations. He enters into judgment with all flesh. As for the wicked, He hands them over to the sword [This is] the LORD's declaration." Jeremiah 25:31

"I tell you that on the day of judgment people will have to account for every careless word they speak." Matthew 12:36

"When I say to the wicked, 'O wicked man, you will surely die,' and you do not speak out to dissuade him from his ways, that wicked man will die for his sin, and I will hold you accountable for his blood." Ezekiel 33:8

Who We Minister To and Sanctification of The Creator's Name

This GOOD NEWS of the Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth and bear witness to all the nations. The nations will be made to know Yahweh. His Name must be sanctified before the nations.

“I will honor the holiness of My great name, which has been profaned among the nations—the name you have profaned among them. The nations will know that I am Yahweh"—the declaration of the Lord GOD —"when I demonstrate My holiness through you in their sight.” Ezekiel 36:23

“So I will make My holy name known among My people Israel and will no longer allow it to be profaned. Then the nations will know that I am the LORD, the Holy One in Israel.” Ezekiel 39:7

Are There Any Free Rides to Eternal Bliss? Anyone that believes they can get a free ride through eternity without going through Christ, please read: “There is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to people by which we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

Once you have received the Truth, you are under obligation by the Creator.

“Wisdom is supreme—so get wisdom. And whatever else you get, get understanding.” Proverbs 4:7

posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 09:56 AM

Originally posted by jericanman

ive allready had dreams and visions if you will of the latter for me.

guess ill end up decapitated and fed to the lions.

better than bowing down

rant over

Much better then bowing down to a weak energy force FEARLESSNESS GREAT. And Mabey I will end up the same way but then that just frees me ETERNAL DESTRUCTIVE SELF to set CING ON ALL WHO FOLLOWED AND BOWED DOWN TO THE GOAT INSTEAD OF THE LAMB. We will be rewarded for our LOVE OF THE LAMB and those who thought they were being rewarded by the beast shall become FIRE SNACKS WITHIN THE FIRE LAKES (WONDER WHAT COULD EAT OR EVEN EXIST WITHIN THESE FIRE LAKES). STAR FRIEND.

posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 09:57 AM
You are not a Christian. You are a cultist and you are sick and need help. No, I am not joking.

Unfortunately, you have much company right now due to the insane and profit-driven rise of the evangelicals. Like many who are also ignorant, you are being manipulated by others who gain power and/or wealth from your indoctrination.

It is shocking to witness and it is going to explode in our faces.

Flame away people, but we need to be unafraid of offending these cowardly psychos who have stolen Christianity from the Christians, these people who "pray" for "end times" and the deaths of those they are afraid of.

posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 10:01 AM
I wish people would actually read the thread instead of knee jerk posting.


Yes, there are similarities, but at NO TIME IN THE PAST HAS ALL THE PROPHECY BEEN FULFILLED!

Posted Via ATS Mobile:

posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 10:09 AM
Props for getting your very first thread ever on the front page of ATS.

As far as the thread itself, as many have already stated, this is old stuff. Everyone on ATS has read this time and time again. It's okay though. You're free to make as many threads as you want about whatever you want.

posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 10:11 AM
reply to post by csulli456

Everything you just said might be true...but doesn't apply at all to anything I'm saying...thanks for trying to understand...I guess. To make my point bluntly, You cannot use the BIBLE as a source to prove anything because the BIBLE is...

1. Not to be used for such a purpose, so says...THE BIBLE! (And in saying so actually contradicts itself, oddly enough.)

2. Using a book of Faith to prove your ideologies stemming from your belief in said book and faith is not Scientific, proves nothing, other than you can read, and is basically the same as a dog chasing is own tale and claiming victory regardless of the end result(Either he catches his tale or he can't and quits. Either way he wins...Ya See now!)

3. Even if I was willing to entertain the notion that the scripture quoted was factual and relevant to the actual topic, it is too vague to honestly consider it as describing these CURRENT TIMES...

Just to show you I have an open mind...I'm more convinced by the thread regarding Edgar Cayce and his prophecy regarding these TIMES, because he is SPECIFIC regarding the 5W's(who, what, where, etc.) and recorded his thoughts for an EXACT purpose. He is contemporary to our current position, as apposed to a 2000 year old book that has done nothing but cause confusion and death every where it is read, in its glorified vagueness and mistranslations. You guys need to really consider the facts regarding your beliefs before you put yourself out there to get corn-holed by intelligent, educated, free thinkers, who have actually read and studied both sides of an argument. People like myself take nothing for granted are not only informed on their position but can understand someone's called MAINTAINING PERSPECTIVE...It is awesome! Try getting some for yourself because those books of faith are just that, books of FAITH! Nothing can be taken from them and actually applied to real world situations or events.(well not without some grease, blind eyes, and a shoe horn to rival all shoe horns anyway, lol)

posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 10:11 AM
reply to post by ReginaAdonnaAaron

"Those who do not make the Rapture will not "move forward". They will perish at Armageddon. Either you accept the truth, or you do not. There's no sitting on the fence allowed. That is the whole POINT of the Spiritual War; so we can see and understand why there is only ONE WAY to live in harmony with one another and that it is by following Yahweh's Way. It is truly the only Way to happiness and eternal life. "

Ignorant, juvenile, cultish rantings. I love how you religious cranks try to cram "truth" down everyone's throats because of some words written down by zealots who, even if well-intended, had a vested interest in spreading their own dillusions. Now, more than two thousand years later, they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, though they'd likely be aghast. Never did these people intend for you to hate so much, nor to be so blind and indoctrinated you can't even use your given ability to reason. You are dangerous and stupid people.

Go writhe on your fairy land streets of gold. Utterly, utterly, fantastically moronic and the arch enemy of all learning and knowledge.

posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 10:12 AM
Ehhhhhhhhh, another Christian without any interest in history, or how it might be applied to modern times has cast his net in hopes of catch a few 'lost souls'. Dude, the Bible is a freakin' blueprint for control. The Bible itself is a mixture of many, many, MANY esoteric tales from previous civilisations. I direct you to 'The Deluge' or The Great Flood, told in the Epic of Gilgamesh, concerning a man named Ziusudra, or Upnapishtim. Here is an interesting reference pertaining to such matters -
The story of Sargon of Akkad, a great Mesopotamian king is almost exactly the same as the Moses story...only roughly 2000 years earlier. Hopefully you won't be stuck on this level or perception long, brother.. The Most High assuredly loves you, but you are relying on a belief system to structure your reality, when the connection comes from within. Look into the civilisation of Sumer, the Cradle of Life itself. The Gods lived in the E-den Valley, where they created the Adamu, and the Eve.

It can't be more obvious that you and several million others are being lied to explicitly. What are you going to do when Project Blue Beam holographically paints Jesus in the sky? Bow down and worship? War Ship? Idol Warship? Idle Worship. You are a vessel to be used until you wake up and realise there is much more going on. Think about the knowledge that you don't have, and yet you rely entirely on a book which you have no first hand knowledge of, only that 'God wrote it'. Yet, if God wrote the Bible, why did he plagerise so many stories?

heh, good luck man. I think you're going to need it.

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