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history of opportunism concept

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posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 10:18 AM
nature and god

nature is the subject alive from inferiority opportunism concept which mean the claim of being superior living free

god is the subject alive from superiority opportunism concept which mean his possessions gains from superior sources

you are children of gods mean that you are opportunists mixtures as objective concept free identity

inferiority opportunism as objective perspective concept is responsable of giving life to aunts and worms and bacterias but also fears death and handicaps

inferiority opportunism is responsable for killing pleasures eating livings and egos from inferiors living perspective

now nature is the most the original free concept of that kind, her particularity that i presume noone has even of the same branchs sources of this concept, is what nature perceive opportunism inferiority in truth revelation she understood very well

she understood that she is alone to understand first, so has to keep that position up which is exciting to her,
she then understood that her positive free life is based on what everyone from the awareness already present before truth revelations to him, would look at her as superior because she represent the life of truth to do
so a sort of pionner free positive always one that all and especially it had to be exciting for her for getting on that track she is, to think about the origins in void awareness trying to figure what she is and simulate being positive from what she is positive superior

they do opposites subjects only for what they are never true so they must be subject as absolute particularity of one that is why they manage immediately a position different completely while meaning the same one possible life, that is why god picked as a reply superiority opportunism concept of objective perspective life

but they are the same at conception this is my point from truth source life freedom freeing all the awareness there
that is why god is a liar, who pretend being like the one original before truth revelations of life freedom sense, he is not that one at all he is with nature conception same thing and that is how men are liars at the end of the time revelations and women are evil wills
liars mean that he knows a lot from up but never he would move an inch for, and manage an inert position like a rock to get anything he can from better to possess as thing wealth
i presume a lot of people saw those characteristics in different men
women as a gender can be the same too since they are also done by gods like we can see how a lot of men are more nature opportunism, they love when they receive the sense of being on the top and take care a bit of what is down to keep that sense alive
i never understand how you can love as really excited for what is less then you, now we got the answers nature drives that represent of course for humans the highest sense of living they can live through

so true humans apparantly as true awareness expressions are very rare in existing forms
are you opportunist kind of god or nature, what do you think being true is? is that proper discussion topic moderators or is it a problem to ask this


posted on May, 20 2010 @ 01:34 PM
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I understand god spirit nature light when the clock strikes nobody backs down. So if we get together it would always be late.

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 05:18 PM
reply to post by zaiger

they have powers and they live of powers abuse but they are not what is always the truth and void that anyone is of absolutely as it too, free private life positive

i mean you are looking to the objective reality but i am defending the most fact existing free being you that is not to them nor of ever

never was nor ever will

thanks for your positive touch here, i was searching for a place to clarify something about this so i will add it here

i hate them and you are right i cannot win over them and they can always abuse me it is eternal hell, they are meaning growing in using me being against them, it is such dirty livings without any bases of geniun class, such vulgar animals calling themselves gods and divine

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 05:21 PM
reply to post by imans

Powers of powers powerfull indeed, win can be won but the time of right must be correct be adequate and dispatch with great dispatch.

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 06:23 PM
the reference to say anything or understand an objective fact is truth always, that is why usually it is better to keep distance without emaning anything when you dont know the truth, but of course you as self depth awareness move free is always at a point free true, so you can know what is wrong objectively if it touched you there in your freedom truth

everyone is true to himself as moving free living source, but we have negative true and positive true

from the fact tht whole void is positive truth certainty absolutely but existence justification made by truth is basically meaning positive true existing free living, but it didnt say that all existing facts would be positively true, there is the sense for absolute positive existence freedom as the sense of void appearing more living freedom

god is the negative true existing free wills

now the reference is truth,

truth sense is freedom for free fact existing positive, freedom from what is absolutely freedom life

so it is always about getting out of anything to stay just one thing and mean everything free living absolutely, now when you are that thing one whatever it doenst have to be clear what is anything just symbolically for the sense of total freedom so only you the aware nothing else
so when you are there, you have an objective perspective of truth before relating it to you that point aware, before meaning any move there in looking at your awareness as true alone living free too

so you have a perspective from what you know absolute is positive truth,

now here the positive and negative true appear different free ones

the positive true, would enjoy from his freedom to mean truth, wether meaning to verify objective perspective as really positive free living
or meaning him as existing positive true free sense as supporting the positive free alone absolutely

now of course when objective perspective is clearly living reality the positive true would mean it first before him as true, since it is more an objective fact living absolutely whole free, so he would by making himself reality with that perspective truth and to consider it from considering objective life as a whole but from himself reality with in truth

so him would be that lviing source supporting its free existing objective fact that also is through considering the whole objective positive free living to be real with in truth perspective

but that living source free is that positive true, that in whatever he is doing is always meaning positive truth present, and of courxe being true mean him most sure about it but consider of course more truth whole and show it when objective is more clearly moving

the negative true which is god, as free true aware of absolute life, see the way of considering truth but move for considering lies

like humans he makes, but in different dimension same

humans he makes they see the lie in objective perspective, as opportunity to be supported for appearing positive self free living

god is the same but from another dimension, he sees the opportunities that would support him to appear as free living one absolutely over a whole dimension

humans of god see the same but as playing it cheap from knowing what they are lying of that dimension above lies and meaning same being free living one over a whole dimension
it is more a lie with humans since they know cannot be above a whole dimension really alone nor that they can be really one with what is supporting them from above to play the lies joys and the love for its source, and they know being mortals after all

but god is the absolute negative true that mean any creation opportunity from nature life, that mean to make his life, he lives from taking that it became more and more by force and with satan, as giving to take to his life, using satan for worse executions on truth and do all the ways to maximum oness

nature couldnt see herself but through lies as positive free living because creator in void life involved
and we see her in all people how she means to limit freedom to her creations life freedom and never relate it to void freedom life in truth

like people they are ok to be against god as against religions, but they keep then meaning countries and fake life as the reference to their real positive moves, they cannot mean objective concept freedom living as the source of themselves justifications as livings free
they keep meaning their profits from creations to pretend being living free

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 06:42 PM
god forced people to appear meaning positive free, as positive poor that dont mean positive of things life
but it is all of lies, god ways are horrible he can do everything to the human condition, god is mackavelic the most that is how those terms are all, he is the creation of it living

his dada is to kill all as killing the whole truth, and that is his life the most there as the source of his deepest release and positive gain

so he enjoys to appear forcing people to fake meaning positive while he means to kill them as living rights and kill the reality truth he is completely deforming from what it is alive there and from it substance roots

and mean his obvious glory how he is above truth as source of whole dimension creation living and the only one living free of all billions of humans livings

im sure he made billions of humans only for that, he is very negative in extreme evil ways as absolutely alive from killing

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 06:49 PM
reply to post by imans

it clearly source truth it moving positive that and courxe present, is true that he doing mean but free always true, course in more whole being about that positive most is more but living consider when him and objective of show whatever meaning of sure truth is is free himself everyone true and true as to is source, have moving positive living but true negative we facts true, all positively freedom is void it truth but true meaning living existence more is positive sense living, didnt by would say the be existing sense positive for justification of certainty the tht absolute the that there made void truth whole basically absolutely as positive is existing fact from but existence appearing freedom free negative god true existing free is the wills different negative positive appear ones and now the free here true an perspective would living it it reality true, whole living himself reality that first considering is him truth as course objective absolutely so consider a free, in clearly whole life mean himself now with of before from the since it by true perspective objective truth when would positive but fact reality objective to from with more making is as he and is the reference truth, now whole the truth considering free objective through would source so real is existing also perspective objective with living in fact supporting be positive be that to lviing him that free itsabsolutely true meaning the positive or alone free existing as positive him sense supporting as free whole the truth considering free objective through would source so real is existing also perspective objective with living in fact supporting be positive be that to lviing him that free its. you one everything be it and whatever only out of just always of when free symbolically so freedom one living thing that for doenst stay getting total mean anything is sense else the it now so to thing is just to anything what aware have are clear the about nothing absolutely, you .

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 07:43 PM
reply to post by zaiger

yea something like that absolutely, but not me, it is all lies what is said to justify whatever god do

but it doesnt bother me such translations it is true how i mean nothing because triuth is never to be justified, and i only mean to step in a way on who use powers to step on me, for keeping the concept of truth existing above whatever happening so i can support me poor thing
while knowing how the only support is to not only kill god powers but put god in hell of all hells he does

posted on May, 21 2010 @ 11:28 AM
"we a they gender same the women also like are too by as see since be done can gods can" is women as a gender can be the same too since they are also done by gods like we can see keep down that is top sense a alive and bit on to the being take care of what" is being on the top and take care a bit of what is down to keep that sense alive .
the freeing conception is source truth but point from this same there are the they all at awareness freedom life my" is but they are the same at conception this is my point from truth source life freedom freeing all the awareness there .
living of nature humans through live that they of the sense drives for represent answers course can highest the" is the answers nature drives that represent of course for humans the highest sense of living they can live through .
even original concept noone this most the now i kind, of particularity the concept nature that same of of has the her is free sources branchs presume that" is now nature is the most the original free concept of that kind, her particularity that i presume noone has even of the same branchs sources of this concept

posted on May, 21 2010 @ 02:58 PM
reply to post by zaiger

hell to nature she failed and now all gods failed by that god of all gods

so what left is what is the only fact existing conscious truth never shy in being true lol

posted on May, 22 2010 @ 01:19 AM
everything illegal, I 'Cause I'm got street of man the you women a want All who out put Just your me to a and keep hand coming So don't fool around you Shoot many Too play to thrill, pills with women to many too kill women you know need might to all That

posted on May, 22 2010 @ 03:47 AM
reply to post by zaiger

stop it we are talking about truth dont make it personnal, it is about void man and where did you ever see women talking and giving to void anything just true and who is true one it is itself free

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