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Poland's suspicious second Katyn Massacre trajedy

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posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 07:01 PM
I think it's clear that this event is more than just questionable. It was an outright assassination plot.

We now need to figure out the Who, How and Why of this event now.

We have 2 obvious reasons as for the why, as mentioned here in this thread.

I think the who is also fairly obvious, considering who is taking up the investigation as well as the reason behind the leaders going to Russia to begin with.

If it was Russia, then the why becomes apparent.

But the How...THAT is the big question. No security professional in there right mind would allow this to have happened and considering that they were originally planned to take rail into Russia, means that a change of plans at the last minute must have had a compelling case.

Is there someone within the Polish government that conspired with Russia to allow this to happen?

If so, why would so many people have had to died? And furthermore, why would anyone within the Polish government wanted this to happen?

Unless the two major possibilities for the Why are related some how (EU compliance and Russian outrage over Missile Defense System) it wouldn't make sense.

So many questions...and the more you go the more nefarious it appears.

The Who, Why and How obviously need to relate to one another and it's the How that brings up the major questions...perhaps while Russia is the obvious Who, there remains a Who behind that....

Furthermore I can't help but ask if the problems with the church and this event are related somehow as well...I know, weak and seemingly irrelevant, but I wonder if the problems in the church and the problems in one of the most catholic nations on the planet are some how interrelated...especially when one believes the catholic church is more than just a nice, cute little church and something nefarious in and of itself...

I'll be keeping a close eye and ear on this situation...and I'm sure many people are looking into it, because unless you're one to blindly listen to MSM and not care about the world other than what the news tells us...there will certainly be people looking into this. And it's such an obvious conspiracy too.

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 07:47 PM
Oh and just to clarify, because perhaps "it is none of my business" I have been in contact with sources (just people) in Poland and this particular group provided me the information to use in this thread. I have been speaking to them for some time now and after the initial grieving the majority consensus was that "something evil had taken place" and they were not accepting the story they were receiving (same as what we were being fed) as an accurate account of what had taken place... so at least as far as some of the citizenry of Poland is concerned - I had their blessing.

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posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 08:07 PM
reply to post by SpectreDC

Excellent analysis. Thanks for this contribution.

One major concern I have is the US reaction to all of this...wait for it

As I have stated in other threads. first I believe these Polish leaders were killed. Whether on a plane or what not I do not know. If Russia did this then its just good ole KGB Cold War tactics alive and well. But what if they didn't do it and it gets pinned on them anyway.

the Us has already expressed ire over Russian naval traffic in Syria. If Russia is blamed for the decapitation of the leadership of Poland and incidently the home of the US missile defense shield, I would expect some reaction would be demanded of the US with regards to its allies and of course the whole missile thing.

So Russia would either sit their and take it or be forced into potential full commitment. I see this event having some very far reaching consequences "IF" either of these scenarios play out.

Lots of questions around this one - questions I don't expect to get accurate answers to

But hey there is nothing I can do about it - it doesn't pertain to me and why don't I just let things run their course - There, now no one else has to say it.

posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 12:00 AM
I flagged it and wish I could flag it a hundred times. I cannot believe this thread is not getting more attention.

This seems very much like the Polish version of 9/11.

Seriously if that many United States government officials were all on ONE plane and they all died, would we believe this was just an "accident". Would we let a foreign country take over the investigation? I don't think so.

This is bizarre, there cannot be any way that that many "officials" would be on the same flight.

Please folks, flag this thread!

posted on Apr, 20 2010 @ 08:41 PM
Regarding some of the reasons for the HIT which eliminated the entire political Elite of Poland, here's a link to another thread considering why it may have happened. This is not meant to deviate your posting from this thread, so please return here to comment or develop further.

Polish Plane Crash, Coincidence or Convenient?

Also here is another one with footage of shooting at the site of the wreckage.

VIDEO: Gunshots Fired In Immediate Aftermath Of Polish Plane Crash

The youtube link states that since filming this footage the cameraman was assassinated. There is tangible likelihood that surviving witnesses to the event were shot, after imploring to be spared. This is similar to accounts of what happened at the Lockerbie crash site, where survivors were eliminated in order to maintain an official story blaming Libya.

In the case of this event, we notice from the footage that there wasn't any fog at ground level, where fog usually forms. Also, the trees don't appear to be nearly high enough to reach the vicinity of the airfield located at a higher elevation, the second 'official' contributing factor to the accident thesis.

You can't expect to end the lives of a nation's power structure in a single incident and get away with it without some issues to manage. I think Mr Putin and his agents have come through worst scrapes, and that they don't mind that we all know they did it. Actually, this reinforces the GRU's power, heads of state will know exactly what treatment to expect when they oppose them.

posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 12:23 AM
Its strange perhaps that we dont think anymore of all the planted communist moles in the west that were allied to Stalinist USSR or the millions of intellectuals and scores of Movie Producers writers ect who sympathised with him.

Do they say oh they were misguided and didnt know about the Gulags and the torture camps aand the executions?

That didnt wash when the Germans tried at Nuremberg said the same thing.

So where did all these influential and otherwise Stalinists go?

They are still operating?

This is not some tragic isolated Russian flexing of muscles, this is them the super powerful but adapting communist thugs.
The same who exterminated millions of Christians during and after ww2.
The same thugs who garnished so much support from the Hollywood movie industry until they were shut down by Mcarthy.
Now an entire nations icons are dead.
Warsaw, oh how it weeps forever whilst the communists bear hug the world over.

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