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A conspiracy against conspiracy theorists?

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posted on Jun, 4 2004 @ 09:42 AM
S'pose I was a top secret employee and I was just given papers that revieled a very major, destructive event was going to occur soon - an inbound meteorite. (I know what you're thinking, but keep reading.) Now, I have been instructed that this should remain top secret. OK, no problem. 'No problem?' They tell me. 'How can you say no problem when we cannot hide the heavens. There are a lot of people that have telescopes - they'll see it.' Well, I tell them that all I have to is get a few people together and create a very elaborate, very broad hoax about a meteorite hitting the earth. Scare a lot of people for a while, then reveal that it is not true. Then, once it becomes a known hoax, everyone will think that any other mention of an impact is hog-wash. If an astronomer see's it and tries to tell anyone, it will be dismissed immediately, becaus ethe memory is still fresh in their minds.

Now I am not a secret agent and I am not saying that the 'other' post on the predicted impact is true, but for those of us that believe in God, there is still the 'wormwood' that is supposed to be coming. Also, 'like in the days of Noah.....but with fire' and the 'woman clothed in the sun' (possibly the transit of venus). That with the very large deployment of our navy and other current events still makes me feel very uneasy about our next few weeks.

I am just saying, that even though this hoax was played out, don't automatically dismiss any impact predictions or sightings - it still can happen. It is obvious that SOMETHING will PROBABLY happen. (note, I said probably).

This is just a possiblitiy that struck me while I was dosing off.

Just make sure your heart is right and all hate is gone.

posted on Jun, 4 2004 @ 11:46 AM
that is exactly how cointel pro(cia disinfo and infiltration of organizations) works. you dilute the truth with many similiar lies that range from mostly true to absurdly false.

if something catastrophic happens, it will be interesting to see if people turn into hyenas at a carcass, or pull together as an organism for survival.
i believe most people are mostly good, and have faith that only a few will be evil self-serving fools.

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