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Huge Fireball Reported Over Madison, WI!

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posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 12:20 PM
reply to post by JackJack

ur wright buddy glad u brought it back 2 life ,cuz i totally agree that was a STRANGE meteorite if i ever saw one
and ur thought about it being a huge milatary craft that got shot down ok ,but so then wheres the craft?

ok so heres wat i think happened or somthing 2 think about
it was a sign
of end times

as was the norway spiral

although that might have been a rochet but i dont buy that really 2 be honest 3 similar rockets that appear within a few months that we all never seen b4 and all go wrong
or is a rochket suppose 2 spin
just like the story 4 this that the gave
i mean it was on cnn the next day
since when is an meteorite news??
but becuase so many people saw it they thought lets show it once and then quickly debunk or move on
when i say it was a sign im not saying it was from god
could aso be project bleu beam
but i saw somthing that looked like a meteorite cuz it was light witch came down fast
but it was like there was an -this will sound crazy-inteligent life form aboard,it was just the feeling i got
so when isaw the meteorite on cnn i was really amazed
then the volcano went off which shut down air traffic for weeks
than the oil disater etc etc . things just got crazy after these meteorites
witch i one of the signs in revalation before the oceans turn black
and yes i believe in god
anybody with a[better]explenation please tell us

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posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 02:27 PM
To me it looks either like lightning or a hologram. Or some type of energy. It somewhat reminds me of these flares I once saw, or the smoke monster from lost.

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