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Hollow Phobos - Part Two (Enterprise Mission)

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posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 05:52 PM
Hollow Phobos - Part Two

Phobos -- Part II has just been posted at Enterprise. As with Part I, please send links or copies to all astronauts, as well as to the White House -- each accompanied by the original White Paper. These two documents contain the outlines of a real, 21st Century American Space Program ... with NO more secrets! Make your voices heard!

Hollow Phobos - Part One

The Phobos Space Station?

Just released, currently looking through it. Just for all those who are interested

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 03:03 AM
Dude it really is a spaceship!!!

I wonder who built it?

It looks like a giant circuit board!

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posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 03:41 AM
reply to post by LiveForever8
God love him, I'm feeling some creeping affection for the crazy old guy. Anyone held a seashell to their ear and heard the sea? The way he's hysterically gotten carried away with his could hold a Hoagland to your ear and actually(!) hear his thoughts. What you see there is is logic and processes transcribed live as they occurred to him...

He goes from artificial appearance and runs breathlessly through to it being a damaged warship from an advanced civilisation on Mars. Throw in some oohs and ahhs and he congratulates ESA on masterfully(!) and sneakily putting these images in the public domain. He then hangs the whole shaky mess on the hook we've all been waiting for...2012(!)

He's pretty cool

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 03:57 AM
The author jinxed it by saying disclosure.

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 04:06 AM
So most of the evidence in part 2 of Hoagland's report consists of zooming in on the same pictures of phobos....over and over. He's jumping to some wild conclusions based on the geometric lines in those pictures. He's also presuming to know what the construction of an ancient spacecraft would look like. Yes Phobos is unusual but Hoaglands evidence is hardly conclusive.

I especially liked this bit of the report;

In the coming days, as the "Phobos revelations" we have been able to publish here continue to sink in (and, from the feedback we've been getting, this is definitely taking place at ALL levels of the NASA/ESA/White House consortium that is reading what is posted here ...), there will be a rising demand for ESA to publicly address these issues ... and publish more confirming or disconfirming evidence.

So people at NASA and the White House are reading Hoaglands report? Maybe they want some light reading on their lunch breaks! I think he's flattering himself a wee bit there.

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 04:11 AM
Thanks for link and news! Really awesome!

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 11:56 AM

There is an "inside "war going on over the Future of the American Space Program (see Neil Armstrong's latest). The astronauts/cosmonauts are the key. That's why each of them needs to be sent a copy of the Enterprise Phobos Paper and "The New Frontier of Hope" -- ASAP. Therein lies the Future of America ... represented by what's waiting INSIDE Phobos .... All papers posted on Enterprise Mission.

- From Hoaglands Facebook page

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 12:52 PM
Let me first say that I find Phobos very interesting, and im open to many possibilities with this subject, even the ancient spacecraft theory. However, this latest article published by Hoagland was not as appealing as I had hoped. Rather than be amazed, all I found were my eyes rolling.

Yes the MARSIS radar evidence is intriguing . Yes the vertical grooves and "chains" of craters are a strange phenomenon. But Richard states with absolute certainty, using capital letters, over and over again, that these features are "proof" of Phobos being an ancient vessel of some sort.

Really? Proof? Speculation maybe. But PROOF? Absolutely not.

To me, anyone that can spout such evidence with the utmost certainty of it being absolute proof is not helping their credibility. I want scientific evidence, not zoomed in pictures cropped in various ways showing the same angles over and over. Slapping Photoshop filters on the same image is not proof of anything but the fact that you have no actual proof at all.

I still find the whole idea interesting, and I am sure to follow the Enterprise story, but I was a bit disappointed by this one.

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 12:59 PM
Both links are down need to repost new links

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 01:09 PM
Richard C Hoaglands phobos files are currently suffering from AIDS induced fail. Please find new links

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 02:22 PM

Originally posted by zaiger
Richard C Hoaglands phobos files are currently suffering from AIDS induced fail. Please find new links

Does he do this on purpose? lol, How many times does his site go offline after what he considers a massive story? Either his site has the bandwidth to cater for a few hits a minute or he's 'playing possum' to generate sensational ideas of PTB cover-ups of his evidence.

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 03:05 PM
reply to post by Kandinsky

Yeah it is kind of like wikileaks. It goes down about 7 times a week and everytime its OMG COVER UP

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