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Visited Area51 April 2010

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posted on May, 27 2010 @ 09:50 PM

Originally posted by StarrGazer25
reply to post by Illuminus

Very COOL!! My Fiance and I have always planned to take an RV trip out there (we are from Tampa Fl) And on the way to Racheal, we were gonna stop and camp out in the town of Dulce! Then make our way to Area 51, and Racheal, I always wanted to say I had lunch at the lil alien inn
We'd also like to drive around Los Alamos for an afternoon just to look around
We will do it one day!! Id like to go during a UFO confrence wich they are having July 2 through 5th... but thats to close from now... GOOD PICS THOUGH glad you had fun!

I had plans of creating a visitors guide, especially doing the "loop", which I have done about 3 times:
1) From Vegas north via 93 to a stop at the hot springs at Ash Springs
2) On to Area 51/Groom Lake Road
3) From there a stop at Rachel (personally I avoid the place) and a stop at the Rachel Area 51 gate
4) Next a stop at "Cedar Gate", the back road into TTR
5) From there to "Base Camp"
6) If interested, north to a stop at Project Faultless, where an underground nuclear test was done, one of the few not done at the Nevada Test Site, and accessible to the public
6) A stop at Warm Springs, another hot springs, although this one is marked KEEP OUT. Didn't stop my 2 teenage sons from skinny-dipping in there...
7) Next to Tonopah Test Range (TTR). At 38.149325°, -116.579715° you might see the lights of TTR if you are night travelling.
8) Trip down to gates of TTR.
9) Stop at Tonopah airport to see the WWII era old hangars, as well as foundations of other WWII buildings
10) Goldfield, an old gold mining town with old buildings
11) Beatty - there is an awesome candy store here, right on the highway!
12) If interested, there is a ghost town slightly west called Rhyolite
13) Next is the turnoff and security gate to Mercury, the entrance to Nevada test site. You can see a lot of stuff at Mercury with a zoom lens or binoc's
14) Finally, Creech Air Force Base, home of the Reaper and Predator UAV's. You might see them flying, plus attack helicopters. Or outside a hangar.

Loop takes you via 95 back into Vegas. Total distance is about 500 miles, excluding any side trips or the trip out to Project Faultless. That adds about 110 miles, and will require some offroad driving.

posted on May, 31 2010 @ 10:56 AM
fantastic pics,sounds like you had a great time which is what it's all about.glad to hear the locals in rachel willing to talk about what they've seen & are pretty friendly.
i always thought it wasn't wise to take pics of the camo guys ?? guess if there faces aren't shown all over the net it's fine.
being from England it's a long trip but 1 day i hope to visit the area,would be awesome around july time.

posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 01:14 AM
COol! I wish I had a BF that would like to go to Area 51 LOL.

Been there twice in 09 and took alot of pictures of both the front gate and new back gate. I also trespassed to get a better look and got caught HAHA.

I will post the pictures of ticket from cmdr. and base as soon as my laptop comes back.

I can't wait to go back and go Cow TIPPING

btw.. my charges got dropped and I got away scott free

sometimes life is good when your a lil young girl

~*I'm Lost*~

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