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Snaphead found this "Crash Coarse" *Required Knowledge*

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posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 11:47 AM
top left and watch - I'm almost through with the crash coarse and I must say -
this belongs in the ATS vault its a real gem. it explains a lot. Its all about
money and lipstick. gives new meaning to a picture is worth a zillion.
I give Chris Martenson 5 out of 5 stars, Thank You Snaphead and Chris.

while watching - I have a question...? about credit cards and the borrowed debt. I hate JUNK mail. I must get 10 credit card offers every week. It would seem that if this is any normal business they would have given up by now. and my question is - Do you suppose all the missing money or fake number money is being floated using termporary credit line grants by sending me a offer they get to float the limit amount...?
and later when you apply they will either send you the card and create addition lines of credit by filling your mail box full every week>?

Here is another thing I take summized "the system" described in Crash Coarse ... Dont worry about debt - just get as much as they will allow you get. and buy assets with it, not liabilities like usless junk. ~just do it ~ dont worry about it, plan your bankruptcies and live on money that by design needs to vanish just like it was created from nothing it must return.
whether that is true sort of make me live my life backwards but at least I dont owe as much as most people I gather. but to fix the system - basically we all need to file for bankruptcy. that blanks the debt. other wise we got to work harder for less for ever and ever existing on less and procuding more until all resources have been consumed... so you know where the ceiling is - and the world dies if we hit it... what do you do>?
excellent educational material

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