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The Next Empire

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posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 10:59 AM
I'd like to bring up a great article on China and its rising status as a superpower. It is a article that focuses on how they are developing infrastructure for the return of resources. While they develop railways for transportation as well as roads, schools and hospitals, they don't seem to be helping anyone but themselves by controlling the harvest of resources then exporting them back home. By preventing the refining/manufacturing of the resources locally and importing a good majority of the labor they leave the place worse off once they are finished. Nothing new you might say, but the final statement in the article says it best....

This question, which one hears almost everywhere, was addressed most powerfully by the Congolese lawyer I met in Lubumbashi. He received me in his office in his downtown home, where he bathes in water collected from an old parabolic satellite dish, and where he says the mail gets delivered once or twice a year, after he pays a bribe to the post office.
I asked him if the arrival of the Chinese was a new and great opportunity for the continent, as some have said. “The problem is not who is the latest buyer of our commodities,” he replied. “The problem is to determine what is Africa’s place in the future of the global economy, and up to now, we have seen very little that is new. China is taking the place of the West: they take our raw materials and they sell finished goods to the world What Africans are getting in exchange, whether it is roads or schools or finished goods, doesn’t really matter. We remain under the same old schema: our cobalt goes off to China in the form of dusty ore and returns here in the form of expensive batteries.”


It saddens me enough to see a new "Empire" rising using the same methods the west and even Germany used in the past. We still have little regard for the betterment of a people and there land. They even seem to accomplishing it at an unseen rate....

To succeed, Germany’s Mittelafrika would have required cooperation from Belgium and Portugal in order for its trains to traverse the expanse of Congo and Angola on their way to the Indian Ocean. In five short years, China has solved this problem, rebuilding Angola’s Benguela railroad and laying the groundwork for a vast new rail-and-road network to be built in Congo, Zambia, and other peripheral countries. China will not turn these railways over to African governments, as it did with the Tazara. Rather, it will retain majority control of its rail investments, operating the railways until its money is recouped by ticket and cargo revenues and by other fees.(same source as above)

There is no better way to control the resources than the only way to transport them. I was aware at how China was investing around the world, but once you start looking it is shocking to see the rate of investment/growth. Just search for news of the investments that happen daily and you can see the trend; either resource investments, or financial investments. I strongly recommend reading the full article. It is quite lengthy but it does show how China has/is taking over the role of being the next great empire.

posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 11:12 AM
Pretty cool article but I think China will never be an Empire in the way the Brits or the US were..

Really because from a strategic Geopolitical perspective they are too vulnerable with being surrounded by regional powers and the fact that they are unable to launch battleships in the atlantic ocean.. So therefore unable to sustain an empire by force should there be a physical takeover of a region..

What the article says about China's grasp for raw materials is fine because we are weaning ourselves off them at a massive rate and becoming sustainable.. Its only an empire when you control things others want.. And also, for the foreseeably future.. most things the Chinese want in the Middle East are already controlled by US/EU corporations..

India is already being positioned as a counter against Chinese influence in the Region both economically and militarily and with the US & Japan to the east and the EU to the west.. China will likely never be more than a Political influence based on economic power... Especially once it gets wealthy enough and its people are educated to demand that money is pumped back into raising living standards..

By the time they overcome those issues, we'll be under a world governmental empire anyway with a global trade court so it won't matter..

posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 11:15 AM
i doubt china will ever be a super power... the next super power will be located somewhere in the middle east... only after ww3 we can tell


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