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what causes the desire to cause fear?

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posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 06:55 AM
who stimulates fear in others are not lost at all, on the contrary they are very intelligent outside their boxes that they know where exactly is their home

they are like gods smart opportunists that dont care about being true and love to be well by taking advantage from what truth did

i told gods are inferior subjects, that is why they are the source of inferiority life based on fears threats and force

and you sense to pity bad people is only your sense of fearing gods, yourself life is attached to what gods do so you are loving yourself that they hold captive objectively for what you might become to found it

only few sadik say objectively how they mean being inferiors themselves to sense being living, but those too assert then knowing exactly who they are and their home alive as subject free certain life
they are never confuse on the contrary they seem like flying for knowing their place too well

posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 07:29 AM
interesting point relating fear to truth is this,

who do the fear objectively is evil subject , who do the fear subjectively is awareness move as existing conscious chaotic move since moves should always be of reality life that are done in certainty freedom as absolute positive right reality

but the point i meant is this lols, what everyone think being mandated by god to say how good is to fear, is only from one point of a existing justification, the fact that you exist only when you are aware of another

you become existing undirectly from what your awareness of objective reality make you in life conceptualisation that is the space freedom of truth

but the characteristic of fear as sense of living is in opposition to the sense of living true

that is why that awareness dont worth anything , it was always my question that i wanted to answer correctly by right justification

all seem to equal the value of evil done against truth and awareness moves as livings realities

if those livings are not of truth they are zombies and never would be livings nor any reality is existing there

but also what you dare denied directly truth to take an opposed reaction from as an objective fact existing is huge crime how to proove that? truth revenge as living would do it for sure

so the point that relate fear to truth is simply the reality of concept life

the subject in fear is necessarly a concept living even if it is a negative one

now in truth, the sense is to concepts realities objective freedom life

it started by the awareness about truth life through others being realities of livings subjects then to realize yourself individuality but with that link objectively to concept life raelity, so the respect of what another could be there alone as other subject one living true

when we would know how to deal with different concepts livings, objectively we would be much more free ourselves true, we would not have to stay inert somewhere to protect a self reality, we would know how to be a self anywhere true
and then we would know how to be true friends, from always truth that reference we understand as true ourselves, you would understand how truth did give all out objectively, so we can always be friend with truth first truly as relating with it by concept and not physically or really, to identify the same as a whole different one living but same base reference, then we could that with others too

now it get out of the topic from another point it introduces

the small true reality that rise up to truth life
the big true source that rise down to truth life

the small make a lot of effort to climb up

the big make a lot of effort to bend down

first the awareness of truth life existence as justification of being existing self then all the rest follow

posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 08:00 AM
reply to post by imans

it prooves what i said before being right

first god as the true big size is before truth, truth cames later that is why he must bend down his size to recognize truth moves life as else later realizes

and true small size is after truth, it came later at the end of life truth as a point awareness concept real true, that is why it must always climb to get to truth sources before it rised in order to act as real now, and of course truth history is huge to see one perspective of aunt concept living

that is why also a lot of efforts in willing to be true really must be done

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