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I am the Creator

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posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 11:51 PM

So what your saying is we choose to incarnate into this dense and retrictive physical world to go through lifes challenges for our souls growth.


The choices we make and what we chose to believe in to get us through the day is whats important.

We can choose love, acceptance and forgivness or fear avoidance and hate. You can choose to pursure the positve path or the negative, but make a choice and polarize, once youve polarized sufficiently you'll leave the school.

It sort of our individual reactions/actions that we gain knowledge not so much what is going on around us? Or possibly we actually choose to be challenged on this early plane with these TPTB who are here to test our resolve so that we grow and evolve faster?

Yeah we chose earth which is a very hard school. Showing love and acceptance is easy peasy when you live in a utopia where everybody gets along, you didnt want that lesson, if your here on earth your up to the harder lessons. We chose a really experienced adept PTB to enslave us, which is much harder to accept, but if one does get to the level where you can accept it and feel love then your growth will be so fast its not even funny. We get so much attention from et's becasue we are truely unuiqe here in that one can grow as much in one life here as it would take in 1000's of lives on a peacefull planets or dimensions or one without any PTB. This is why some et's gather to watch show, the show is drawing to a climax, the end is near, the bad guys look they're gonna win, but sure enough the good guys will come home safe in the end.

So TPTB are a gift to the soul, even though the ego wont like them. The et's wont step in and take our catalyst (PTB) away from us because they know the huge benefit its doing to us. But we often forget we actually wanted to be experiencing all this negativity and beg for it to stop, then when it doesnt stop its becasuse your soul deep inside knows whats really good for you. You are not here in this plane of existance to experience peace and love and pleasure. You are here to try and give love where there is none in return, shine light into darkness, be comfortable under great pain and lack of pleasure. A mighty achievement if you can manage to do it. The time for pleasure and harmony will come after this game is over, the wait will have been worth it, you will be so pleased at the way you managed in such a hard school and just hung in there for the last few years till the game is up.

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 12:05 AM

Originally posted by Davidius

All there is, is the self.

So true, the implications are never ending. It is wise for people to see others as "other self" the self having an experince through a different observer point. TPTB are us. We are experiencing nothing but ourselves, our own creation, full of ourself.

I am you as you are he and we are all together...come together, right now

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 10:07 AM
Hi everyone, this is a great thread with some very interesting reads, you all have great insights and thank you for sharing.

I was just wondering if anyone picked up anything on the last visualizations I posted?

Just a few thoughts/ideas to throw out there for whoever wants to play along where there is no long but always play and that's because I did it my way and you did it your way and hip hip hooray we all did it our way where there is infinite way and yes I did it way!

I've chosen to show where there is no tell only show because I did it my way.

I did it my way, they did it their way and hip hip hooray we all did it our way where there is infinite ways that exist and yes I did it my way!

I am what I am, they are what they are, we are what we are and it sounds like a star!

Cute little bear nudge wink don't ya think and can ya feel it where there is no it but you're it.

Stop rhyming now and I mean it, anybody wanna peanut!

Who is the little girl and who is the light being above her?

What is the roll of film and is that roll of film infinite or finite?

Who is the light being above the little girl?

Who is it that can already see the little girls life beforehand where there's no such thing as before?

Who are they?

The Beyond of duality existences such as this universe are something so wonderful that there is a type of shared/collective______ (call it what you will) but in so many ways more than anyone can possibly imagine where thoughts, feelings, bliss, joy, happiness can immediately be felt by all and shared through Eternal Soul heart transfer one to another all at the same time within such existences where there is no one, time or all.

Individual freewill is Eternal and Infinite and has always existed for all beings that are not just fractals of each other or a one being but other trees in likeness as one tree exists on earth so does another yet they have very similar qualities by design in trunk, roots, branches, leafs and last but not least where there is no last or least fruit.

Best Dreams!

[edit on 19-4-2010 by ET_MAN]

posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 01:17 PM

Originally posted by thaknobodi
reply to post by killyou

We souls are a primordial soup, our minds are well (educated and spiritual) enough to maintain deservedness of our forms... until.. until we relinquish our will to pursue life, love and happiness for, parasitism for all as a bodily function is symptomatic of a collective de-tensengretic devolution if you will.. nasty you may say it is, but the potential to rise again remains.. forever, full of potential, but forever broken, fragmented and fallen angels we may be, until we accept our fallen ness. Until we give up our material world (which no one ever will probably for centuries to come) and build ourselves up with a godly relationship, then say goodbye to your moral compass, and say hello to bio-mech parasitism.

I have a feeling that already happened thousands of years ago. *yawn* I feel bored already.

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