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India needs `patriotic hackers'?

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posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 08:50 PM
They have the skills and they are everywhere. It used to be the best hackers were US born & raised. Is our educational system to blame?

Revelations by Canadian investigators that a cyber spy ring based in China specifically targeted India's defence establishment are expected to set
off a major cyber security overhaul by New Delhi.

The report has served to highlight serious flaws and vulnerabilities in India's official information networks. Those who know how the systems work point to a "lack of discipline" in even seemingly trivial details such as senior government officials in sensitive positions still using email addresses on Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail.

The report also highlights "Patriotic Hacking" trend in China. It says, "The PRC (People's Republic of China) has a vibrant hacker community that has been tied to targeted attacks in the past and has been linked through informal channels to elements of the Chinese state, although the nature and extent of the connections remain unclear. One common theme regarding attribution relating to attacks emerging from the PRC concerns variations of privateering model in which the state authorizes private persons to perform attacks against enemies of the state."

So is it time India also engages `patriotic hackers'? Do you think it will help secure country's not-so-foolproof cyber security. Write in and let us know your views.

An Indian poll
Can hacking be ethical?
Yes 50%
No 50%
Can't say 0%

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