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The Zeitgeist Movement is *Pure Communism*

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posted on May, 11 2012 @ 08:54 PM
Trolling my own thread thats funny.

What isn't funny is the reality of what it takes to implement PJ's ideals into real world policy. When it doesn't work it will have to be ENFORCED. Period. No ifs ands or buts. "Education" really means "re-education", which is a secondary euphamism for indoctrination or brainwashing (depending on how fast the mind is to be programmed).

First and foremost will require banning all competitive sports. That right there will cause total social collapse. Just look at what people in Eurpoe do over which football team is prefered as better by the fans. They'd burn down their cities if you took 'soccer' alone away from them.

People are competitive by nature. People are tribal by nature. People love water by nature. This list goes on and on I dont care what PJ would have you believe.

There isn't some massive indoctrination conspiracy to make people want to live by water. People always have, and always will.

We aren't programmed to be competitive or tribalistic, we simply are and this innate human instinct is used to manipulate us. PJ uses it to manipulate his own cult like followers into dividing themselves from the masses to then blindly follow him and so forth.

From there the other things I touched on are closer to prospective truth than anything in TVP/ZM propaganda materials. They claim no police, punishment, military or prisons. That one blanket statement is further beyond dishonest than the entirety of lies put out by the Bush Administration in 8 years!

Over and over again ZM minions stepped up to debate me and when the key question of how is it going to work the answer is always "cooperation". You simply will not get everyone to cooperate with everything, without a brutal dystopian totalitarian dictatorship. There's no way around this fact. That means a major culling will have to occur to the point where the remaining 'citizens' know better than to disagree or speak out. Implementing this globally (which is right in the ZM 'orientation') is beyond hellish in scope.

Turning backwards, one facet of consideration that people do learn are traditions and culture. Home is the basis of much of this. To build VP cities all the current cities and infrastructure will have to be bulldozed. His efficient city model is key to its success, but all the places that are a good place to build them already have cities, as welll as pretty much everywhere else inclduing places that are terrible areas to build human establishments. THis means you'll have to force everyone from their homes, for perhaps a 100 years it might take to rebuild everything so they don't have to live the in the tent cities no longer. The whole point of ZM requires pretty much everyone in the world to have their homes, culture and traditions banished meaning even if you do manage to "re-educate" them away from their economic and political philosophies it will still take the most brutal relocation and terror campaign in the history of the known universe (and quite possible the rest of the unknown universe).

Now if you do get some spaceships and go find a new planet and manage to claim it then sure the "Venus" Project might be a great way to build things from scratch, but this is the real world you're talking about that is already arguably over-inhabited, a fact which in itself is a big problem in arguing PJ's claims that everything will be overabundant if we just blindly follow his lead. I think it was even narrated in the 2nd film as 'imagine if we had an open area to build a new city from scratch wouldn't this be the best way to do it' or somethign along those lines. In one of my threads I think I recall quoting it exactly. Big Problem: theres no new continent we're about to discover like "the new world" where we can go try it out. And even if you find a decent enough spto to build one of these cities it doesn't even remotely solve the problem of all of the existing cities. And if you did want to build on the size of New York City the circle design might not end up being a good one while NYC holds less than 1/10 of one percent of total world population.

ZM/VP has some neato ideals and that in a perfect world maybe they would work, but the world isnt perfect, people arent going to all agree and cooperate, the world is already built and inhabited and occupied while every single example in history that even remotely resembles what ZM is talking about was a brutal dictatorship. The truth is that ZM utilizes the exact ideals and motivations and language as the most self-destructive 'social projects' from history, and even in their attempts to enforce those systems they still didn't work because they were bad ideas from the beginning. The only new thing PJ has to offer are some video game'esque city designs and some strong AI and fully automated factories that aren't even invented yet let alone ready to take this thing on. Total pipedream at best, that they say we must fight for now!

posted on May, 12 2012 @ 01:38 AM
you want to change something or how the world would be ideal, starts by planting the seeds and let the plant grow itself later. not altering the fruits and the outcome or youre just plain moron

posted on May, 12 2012 @ 08:08 PM
reply to post by korgmeister

Your comments don't disarm the realities I've presented, meaning sowing seeds for people to want a totalalitarian dictatorship still is a bad thing.

posted on May, 13 2012 @ 04:48 AM

Originally posted by IgnoranceIsntBlisss
Your comments don't disarm the realities I've presented, meaning sowing seeds for people to want a totalalitarian dictatorship still is a bad thing.

i dunno whose on dictatorship now

posted on May, 13 2012 @ 04:55 AM
Why is some thing that shows the tyranny of religion, the banks, false flag terrorism considered communism? Rofl.

I actually thought the movie was accurate and it woke many people up to the truth.

posted on May, 13 2012 @ 04:30 PM
Read the thread. The beginning at least.

posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 10:43 PM
many people dont understand where money comes from, our belief & culture has accustomed that money comes from work or doing business. thats just part of the picture, im asking who is responsible to print money and distribute it in the economy. this is the part that everyone thinks it doesnt matter or none of your business. first of all, we think that money comes from job, then money comes from employer, and employer gets the money from client/customers. but have you ever asked if client gets their money from where? clients also gets their money from job or doing business, but then it would be from another client? will this keeps going? obviously not true because doesnt matter you are employee, employers, or customers, all of us has no involvement in the actual printing of the money and puts it in the economy for circulation. this i mean 99% of the population in a country or the world has no relation at all.

finally, we've figured out it was business owner borrowed money from banks and puts it into economy for circulation. as everyone know, business needs to demand profit because they have debts need to pay, and bank loans also comes with interest rate. if you havent figure it out whats wrong in this scenario yet, let me explain. 99.9% of the people has no involvement in printing the actual money, and only banker/central banker has power to print the money. but bank do not give free money just like that, they only lend it out and business owner or you have promise need to return the borrowed amount some day later

when bank lend you $100, and charge 1% interest rate. bank only create the principal amount, the interest rate money is not created. you as borrower need to find the additional $1 in order to completely clear your debt, as usual.. you either find the additional $1 from other people, but doesnt matter that person is work or doing business, he/she source of money is also coming from bank only. he/she also have debt to the bank & not forgetting additional interest rate he/she is owed

the picture you need to understand here is, doesnt matter bank lend everyone on earth $100 & charge 1% interest rate. banks only creates the principal amount, the interest rate is not created. this means in the bookkeeping, interest rate always more than borrowed money no matter how hard you work to pay it off, it is just mathematically impossible. so in actual scenario borrowers need to fight with others to pay the interest rate before someone else need to declare bankruptcy

this is exactly like musical chair game, when the music stops players must find a seat, for those who unable will be out of the game. but is life really can be treated as game? because of such monetary policy, we've seen business owner take shortcuts, and cut corners in order to survive. you need to be aggressive to stay in this game, thats why we see business/corporation lobbying in parliament for projects, corruption, business monopoly, smuggling, create low quality product that breaks easily so that consumer buy again, etc..

a customer came to my store and asked about my product, should i be honest and tell the customer go to next shop because they have better quality product? its just not gonna work. there must be a problem in order to make profits, for eg: pollute our invaluable natural resource, river streams so that there are demand in the water filter, water bottle industry. pollute air also indirectly increase sales of air purifier/filter, pharmacy only produce medicines that has enough patient/demands. and those rare disease will not have cure or no money spend in research because there is no profit, is this what we all looking for? even to the extend we've seen advertising industry resort to lying as professional practice and acceptable in our society, isnt theres something wrong here? those artificial demand created by advertising thru lies is acceptable? exposing to our younger generation that lying/dishonesty is acceptable?

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