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Niburu - Do we need scientific methodology?

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posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 05:34 PM
NIBURU - Scientific methodology? ....Please?

...Somedays i just curse myself for being skeptical........ but am i mistaking being skeptical with being logical and rational?

Again, call me a skeptic HOWEVER i do believe in extra-terrestrial life, i think it would be arrogant not to when you take into account probability:-

You just have to look at the Hubble Telescope images to realise it would take a mirracle and sheer ammounts of chance for us to be the only life in the observable universe. It would be more suprising if there wasn't life out there.

Thats how i can come to reason with that belief. The very fact that i have some grounding observable data with implications. I know there are billions of galaxies, solar systems, stars out there making it more of a probability...further solidifying my beliefs.

...........But HOW do you reason with these images, artifacts sourced by amateurs/enthusiasts surrounding NIBIRU/PLANET X/10TH PLANET etc. .With no mathematics or scientific method to show where it is, how big it might be, speed of orbit or if it even orbits, studies of the light it gives off.

No one with a credible high-end telescope has recorded or commented on any data. Only people on youtube, and other unrealiably sourced articles.

No amateur astromoners, no professionals as part of a hobby or occupation have come forward and anaylsed their data with theories fitting in with these prophesies spreading around like virals at the moment.

Again, i'm encouraging someone with some know-how, an astronomer, amature, professional - anyone to pose some theories with some hard hitting evidence and some anaylsis.

I appreciate any comments on my thoughts about credibility of data and using the scientifc method to make reasonable predictions and/or theories.

If there's something i've missed, or i have a misunderstanding please let me know.

Peace out,

seek truth, knowledge and light

N.B: I have read and appreciate the work of Zacheria Sitchin but even his evidence has proved to be flawed, or mis-interpreted but nonetheless; inspiring.

posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 06:07 PM
Well, taking into account the possible existence of alternate realities, without a doubt Nibiru exists somewhere.

But here? No idea my friend, i can only tell you somewhere.

posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 06:32 PM
reply to post by gandhi

Taking what you say into account i could also say theres a cosmic space monkey out there somewhere too. But i think that would be irrational.

I am a curious ponderer over the Multiverse theory though. The idea that for every choice possible there is a separate verse and they're parralel to each other in the sense that different choices would occur in reality and cause a separate time line.

But even with this theory in mind, its irrational to suggest that something like that could happen in any verse. planets do not seem to be concious like we are, with choice and different paths. but i don't have much of an understanding anyway

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posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 06:44 PM
The most simple answer is the correct one. Niburu does not exist.

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 04:25 PM
I asked once this question: "How do you do it?" He answered: "You take a guess and try to prove it wrong." I didn't like this answer so I asked again. "What?" He answered first, "You take a guess and try to prove it wrong.", then, he walked away.

I was stuck at the moment, with thinking and feeling there was more to coming up with technological answers to the unknown situations in research.

It turns out he is right, so far. It turns outh this works also in philosophy and religion. When used in science, philosophy and religion, much is made clear. What is made clear, is what is provably correct, what is provably not correct, and what has not or cannot be proven to be either correct or incorrect, so far.

Another helpful item, later, is one experiment is worth a thousand expert opinions.

In the mean time though, questions such as yours which amount to "My logic has determined there is life in the universe besides ours." needs you, to exercise your ability, to try and prove your own guess, wrong.

Later, you can ask others to try and prove you wrong. When that is all done, if no-one, can prove you wrong, over the years, then it is possible that your guess is right. There is a next step.

The next step is to try and prove what your guess is, as right, in at least one case, then later in all cases.

Note, on the last step, much is learned. Even if your guess is right most of the time, it can lead to a better guess that is more right than the first guess. Also, guesses which stand up to experimentation most of the time, can be used in some instances.

Now, is there life in the universe as you guess? No one has proved it wrong, within your frame of reference, I would say, by your responses. Make sure you expand your frame of references, before you are done with your work.

Now here is my, opinion from a scientific point of view. Lacking any data, other than the most recent planetary data which projects no life due to Gas Giants being the primary planetary system, there is a non-zero probability that life should exist on other planetary solar systems, considering there is life on this system, and that we know how it got here.

Allowing for, sufficiently not proven false guesses, to say we know how life got here and we really don't, but, for the sake of this work lets say we do know and it's the present theory, of Big-bang, with the resultant later old star explosions, originating from coalesceing gas nubulae due to gravitational effects, that forms all the elements we are used to dealing with on this solar system, to be the way of things. Also allowing for planetary formation by the effects of gravity for the heavier elements, as being true and there are no other factors known or unknown, then a guess is that, the probability for, life existing somewhere in the universe is pretty good.

What remains, if no one can prove this guess wrong is proof that it is right. It only takes one proof of correctness, to set a guess from a probability to a certainty. Similarly, it takes a proof of incorrectness to prove it incorrect.

Lacking a proof of certainty, or a proof of incorrectness, any and all guesses are possibly correct.

Your guess is well thought out.

Extra-terrestial life either visiting, or sending us provable information is still needed and does not exist yet. For you I hope it is found, if that is your wish.

If however, you really don't care whether there is life or there is not, then you are objective to a fault, it seems. That is rare, and a pleasure.

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 05:53 PM
You should question yourself and your beliefs, if you don't and think that is doubting your faith, which it is and you think that is just a horrible thing to do than you are probably a zombie.

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posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 04:44 PM

Originally posted by curtish

In the mean time though, questions such as yours which amount to "My logic has determined there is life in the universe besides ours." needs you, to exercise your ability, to try and prove your own guess, wrong.

But that allows people to make unfalsifiable statements up and until it is proved WRONG, it is considered alright to pose such things without any logic, mathematics, or reasoning, observations.

Are you implying (forgive me if i mis-interpreted) that Niburu should be considered as solid scientific reasoning such as the big bang theory until it is proved wrong?

Ok, i am saying that there is a space monkey the size of the pentagon out in space and its on a 5000 year orbit into a solar system. Prove me wrong please. Are you going to waste your time?

All i am saying is, when a credible scientific figure comes out with provable data i.e. high-end top of the range telescope images where they can prove its orbit, its size, and show it passing or moving in relation to other proven planets in our solar system. that is when i will take an interest in theories.

But people on ATS, spurting out nonsense without any means to scientific findings thereselves, they are unfit to pose theories - as i would be talking of space monkeys or god for that matter. I havn't the means to theorise any findings because i have no data.

I was talking about probability, and the probility of life elsewhere on earth his highly probable when you take into accuont mathmatical probability. Tell me how you mathmetically propse Nibiru exists and is heading this way.

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