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Labour and Obama's Logos

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posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 05:29 PM
Has anyone noticed the stunning similarity between Gordon Brown's Labour NWO manifesto cover and Obama, salesman of the NWO logo?

Incidentally, the sunburst is a traditional common masonic symbol and one keenly grabbed upon by the NWO

posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 05:51 PM
Do you have an image to share with those of the ATS community who have not yet seen these images side-by-side?

It would be rather helpful if you would provide an example.

Although, I would like to add, that I do somewhat agree with you, there are some small simliarities, it could be likely argued that the same PR company (and therefore employee) did the "artwork" for both logos, and therefore they are very similar in appearance.

Although, that could just be coincidence, and they had the PR companies that designed the logo, stick to a guidline in order to come up with what they wanted.

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posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 06:08 PM

Here is a comparison of the two.

posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 06:12 PM
You just beat me to it. I do not see a relationship between the 2 at all. Other than they both share the use the colors blue, red and white.

Could you confirm what you are talking about?

posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 06:18 PM
Star for the poster that managed to find the images for a side-by-side comparison! Thank you.

As for the comparison between the two images, they are thus:

1) Both images feature a "sun" which appears to be rising.
2) Both images have a sky, which is a nice shade of blue, and has a warmth to it.
3) The "ground" in both images/logos gives the appearance of fields. Fields denotes open space, therefore freedom.
4) Both images feature circles.

Now if I were to draw any conclusion, it would be this:

The images suggest open spaces and freedom. People are annoyed at the lack of freedom they have at the moment, and will gravitate toward any entitiy that promises, or suggests freedom is available.

However, my conclusion is based upon personal supposition, and nothing other than the coincidences of the similarities between the two images.

posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 06:21 PM
Whether there is some "NWO" connection or not, there is a significant difference between Labour and Obama's election campaigns..

Namely, Obama won.....

posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 07:03 PM
Nothing here folks, move along.

posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 07:18 PM
There are few similarities between Gordon Browns campaign and Obamas campaign. Namely Obama had one and Brown does not. I get the similarities between the pictures, sun rising over hills, yet as a previous poster said, these represent freedom, new times, happy sunny things
A rising sun is always a good thing,yet not necessarily masonic.

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 10:41 AM
I can't really see that much of a similarity. Obama's reminded me of an advert for toothpaste with the red and white stripes and the New Labour logo reminds me of an advert for a camping holiday from the 1950s.

I actually like the latter's image, but not as a political symbol. The message is actually contradictory: it speaks of the future but has an iconography that's based in the past. Purple headed mountains are very 'All Things Bright and Beautiful' if you remember the words to that particular hymn. The family itself seems very Enid Blyton. The sun burst imagery is very much a hangover from Art Deco. Even the colour palette seems antiquated some how. Again, I actually like it, but not as a political image - unless it's for some Rambler's Independence Movement manifesto or something.

Similarly, I like the use of slightly archaic language; a bit of a nod towards a mythologised Britain, or a history of an only notional Britain. But again, I'm not sure it makes for a good political slogan.

[/advertising graduate]

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 11:02 AM
Lovely! circles, rays and words! I can't believe it!

Stewart Hammers Fox News For Comparing Nuclear Summit Logo To Muslim Flags (VIDEO)

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