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Why Not Send Our Garbage To The Sun? UPDATED

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posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 12:33 AM
That kind of ideas could cause the next false flag environmental catastrophe called "global wobble", because they removed too much trash from Washington DC.

Reminds me of the congressman Hank Johnson on CSPAN saying he's worried Guam was going to tip over from over population.

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 12:50 AM
reply to post by tothetenthpower

then what happens if you continue this practice ad infinitum?

eventually.. maybe in the way long run... the actual mass of earth will deplete... and affect it's very delicately balanced orbit.

not a good idea for the long run with that in mind.

another thing... what is "garbage"? really?

i mean think about it... are somehow the "molecules" the very "atoms" that ACTUALLY make up this "refuge" .. somehow "damaged"?

are the carbon atoms in a cracked porcelain basin or tire or candy wrapper somehow "garbage atoms"?
no they're not. they're just as useful and important as the carbon atoms in a new basin or tire.

these need to be reprocessed.. recycled.. reused.
it's simple common sense.
garbage simply is not "garbage".

it's a group of atoms that are arranged in such a way that we find them to be tedious to deal with, because their organisation has been somehow put into a state that would cost us more energy and time than it would than to just get a new one.

the more and more recycling and nanotechnology evolves with proper initiative and innovation.. the more easily we will be able to transform these molecular arrangements BACK into instantly reuseable modes.

eventually we will arrive at "Star Trek" levels of disintegration and integration, where waste products are simply disposed of into a certain receptacle that on the nano scale.. dissassebles the atomic structure, and orders the elements into orderly containers, which FROM..are then used to create new products instantly...possibly in the same room in a compact wall-mounted appliance...

maybe even further in the future, we will be able to bypass this process and merely transform the matter into energy.. and then create said desired object FROM energy... and there will be no middle-man step of organizing the molecules .. just bap.. gone.. bap.. appears...

only things bought ans sold .. (if there's still money then).. would be schematics and plans on what the said object would be.. different designs of useful items of techonlogy, decor, art, LIFE....

sky's the limit.

we don't need to throw away atoms that aren't currently arranged in the manner we desire (garbage) .. we just need to develpp the tech that makes the intermediate phase of "waste management" be obsolete.


posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 01:05 AM
Hi! Recycling glass, plastic, aluminum, newspapers, magazines, office paper helps the companies to reuse the materials again. Take your scrap metals to a place that pays you money. They recycle the metals in cars, appliances, etc... Then very little goes into the dump.

Take items to charities that are not used up such as clothing and household useful items. Goodwill even takes your kitchen sink and other things like lamps.

Buy reuseable grocery sacks. In places like Ireland and Germany they won't even give you a plastic sack. Start a compost pile of vegetable food scraps, shellfish, and egg shells, yard waste like leaves and grass clippings, make good organic fertilizer.

Remember: Reduce ,Reuse, Recycle. It saves the enironment and saves
money too! You can get a tax deduction for donating to charities, and money for your scrap metals. My son used to collect aluminum cans for money at the schools. It's a good thing!

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 03:15 AM
The SAFEST way to dispose of nuclear waste, is, by far, to launch it into the sun. Absolutely zero chance of any side effect, FACT!

It's 2010 now people, rockets designed from now on have an extremely low chance of exploding during takeoff, and even less chance of exploding once out of our gravitational pull.

Mercury and Venus don't even come into it, calculations are made for ANY space travel to ensure the ship reaches it's destination.

If you made so much nuclear waste that it was a pile the size of Saturn and denser than Earth, and then put that into the sun, there would be absolutely NO effect whatsoever. The sun is just much too large. So no matter how much nuclear waste we produce, the sun can consume it.

FACTS: launching rockets is safe, they DONT blow up.
nuclear waste is dangerous if it's kept on Earth, one day, something will go wrong.
the sun can use our waste
cost is NOT an issue, it costs MORE to store it here for ten thousand years

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 03:23 AM
I disagree with the OP.

I think we should learn how to re-use our resources rather than throw them away into the sun.

By learning better ways to reuse or recycle resources, we can begin to lessen our resource mining of the planet.

If you shoot all of it off to the sun, we will be forced to go mine more resources to make more stuff.

This is a self-defeating cycle.

Learn to recycle.

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 03:56 AM
I think this is a pretty good idea. There is already tons of space junk floating around. It would be better than throwing it in the bottom of the ocean like we do now. The fact we trash the ocean is quite disgusting.

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 04:19 AM
Its not ethical to send human beings to the sun to die.
Second line.

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 04:31 AM
Why? because it is a stupid idea to begin with. Use Plasma arc waste disposal.

reply to post by nevermindme

FACTS: launching rockets is safe, they DONT blow up.
nuclear waste is dangerous if it's kept on Earth, one day, something will go wrong.
the sun can use our waste
cost is NOT an issue, it costs MORE to store it here for ten thousand years


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posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 04:53 AM
How about catapulting all the nuclear waste into the sun?

Launching a big capsule at many kilometers per second would take it straight to the sun with minimal costs.

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 04:59 AM

Originally posted by above
How about catapulting all the nuclear waste into the sun?

Launching a big capsule at many kilometers per second would take it straight to the sun with minimal costs.

Are you people joking?

Yucca mountain has a capacity of 77,000 metric tons. You are DREAMING if you think you can launch that into the sun.

Minimal cost? It would got 700 billion dollars to launch that into low earth orbit not including the capsule.

A catapult doesn't exist.

To reach the sun you have to remove all the orbital velocity the waste has at the moment. That orbital velocity is around 100,000 km/h. AND it has to escape earths gravity on top of that.

Burying it in the ground will be safer and cheaper. Turning that waste into energy in fast reactors will give us practically an unlimited energy supply while being even safer.

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posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 05:25 AM
Maybe we could use the LHC to make a black hole then we could just dump all of our garbage into that?

Didn't one already eat several tons of helium before eating its way out of the collider and down to the planet's core where it is slowly consuming the planet? (I'm going off memory here, it was something 'like' that - I think)

**Here it is:

Cern Missing Black Hole Raises New Safety Concerns
Published by Olivia Van Logum
March 11, 2010, Category: Astronomy

An article discussing the safety of the CERN Large Hadron Collider, after an alleged containment breach.

In April 2008 the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) held an official open day for the launch of the world’s largest particle accelerator, otherwise known as Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

In September of the same year, CERN was forced to shut down the LHC due to an electrical malfunction which caused a huge helium leak.

However, it has now been alleged that the reported helium leak was actually a cover story for a containment breach, after an artificially created micro black hole was reported as missing.

An unnamed source has suggested that the particle collision test went ahead as planned, and that following the experiment a number of micro black holes were created. The black holes were in the process of being documented and evaluated, when it was noticed that one of the micro black holes was missing.

*Fellas, I'm joking.

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 05:25 AM
I find this a silly idea.

We need to reuse and recycle our waste into something useful whether that is energy or other items of use.

It sounds like an idea you'd come up with as an eight year old.

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 05:52 AM
a civilization that had advanced far enough to develope a COST EFFECTIVE solution capable of sending domestic refuse to the sun - would already have sucessfully resolved its gargabe " criscis "through other means

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 06:33 AM
We have polluted this planet to the max, so yeah why not toss our rubbish in to space, "not our problem eh" let someone/something deal with it. Turn a blind eye.

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 08:02 AM
As others stated the cost to get it into orbit, for the quanities of garbage we're talked about the idea becomes inpractical.

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 10:49 AM
You can't just solve your problems by launching them into space. It might start with something innocent and helpful, like garbage. As time passes, nuclear waste. In the future, Humanity could simply launch prisoners, dissidents, anyone that is unliked into space. You are only postponing the inevitable problems that will have to be dealt with sooner or later.

And you want to launch them into the SUN? The single most important thing to all the life on Earth, and you want to use it as a trash receptacle? Apart from the sheer disrespect to our star, the sun is the last thing that we should be messing with.

I propse the following alternative: Send the organic trash to another planet. Use it as a very primitive form of pre-terraforming our neighboring planets. I am far from an expert in this area, but maybe enough garbage and bacteria could be sent to form a basic atmosphere, or a layer of fertile soil. And if this proves to be impossible, then we can use the garbage as a sort of canary in the mineshafts. We can send it to some planet or moon and monitor the level of bacteria. If they all die, it is not hospitable for humans.

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 12:07 PM
reply to post by tothetenthpower

No fair, I had that idea first back when I was in 5th grade. Granted, I was a pretty smart 5th grader but still...

I think the reasons this wouldn't work have already been mentioned, though I do like it just because of the memories it brought back for me. Even if we aren't using rockets to send it up, it would have to be sealed or coated in something to make sure it wasn't spreading junk everywhere as it flew up into space, we would also have to make sure it got shot up fast enough that not only does it escape the atmosphere, but it also would have to make it past the earths gravitational pull.

Can you imagine a few thousand tons of garbage not escaping the atmosphere and rocketing back down to land somewhere? Assuming we were launching massive amounts at once, that would do quite the damage upon impact. Maybe its the next military tactic, catapult giant bricks of trash across the ocean...

One key problem though is that the earth would eventually cease to exist. The amount of total matter on the earth would slowly decrease as we permanently lose resources that could have either dissolved and been reabsorbed or simply recycled. Of course, that would take a VERY VERY long time.

[edit] Wasn't trying to be disrespectful with the school thing, but true story, really. Had to draw a picture and everything. Teacher said it would be to expensive though.

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posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 12:33 PM

Originally posted by RussianScientists
reply to post by tothetenthpower

Its smarter to keep Earths resources right here on Earth instead of actually completely disposing of Earths resources.

One mans garbage, is another mans gold.

If the garbage pits were large enough here on Earth, then in the future they would be mined for all of the valuable metals and petroleum products (plastics) that could easily be recovered; and anything else as far as that goes.

Hey there R.S !

Your right , with the amount of `stuff` we use steadily increasing ...... destroying it even if we can convert it into heat energy etc , is still very wasteful considering the amount of energy utilised in the items production and our ever dwindling resources.

You might enjoy this documentary on the `Cradle to Grave` production concept .

An inspiring documentary on the Cradle to Cradle design concept of the chemist Michael Braungart and the architect William McDonough.

Waste = Food

Google Video Link

• Design every product in such a way that at the end of its lifecycle the component materials become a new resource.

Design buildings in such a way that they produce energy and become a friend to the environment. Large companies like Ford and Nike are working with McDonough and Braun gart to change their production facilities and their products. They realize that economically seen waste is destruction of capital.

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posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 01:05 PM
About 20 or so years ago a good friend of mine was working on his PhD in Materials Science at Penn State and working as a teaching assistant - a thankless task only lightened by the occassional outbreak of stupidity. One day, as he was teaching a large 101 intro to science section, he mentioned that one of the possible uses for mag lev technology was to fling nuclear waste on a collision path with the Sun as a way to get rid of it. As he tells the story, one of the students stood up shaking with fury and yelled "That's great! That's just #ing great! First we polluted the Earth with nuclear waste and now you want to pollute the Sun!"

My friend said that he simply could not help himself and burst out laughing. After a minute he composed himself and gave an off-the-cuff lecture on "How Mr. Sun Works".

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 01:38 PM
Is this for real? Really real reals? Please tell me this is a joke and that you are echoing the episode of Futurama entitled: "A Big Piece of Garbage." This will 'splain it, Lucy.

Funny post!

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