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U.S., Israeli Attack on Iran Would Be 'Unacceptable' - Russia Military

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posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 01:05 AM

Originally posted by BRITWARRIOR
This really winds me up when people seem to think its ok for iran to have nukes, its like dam how dumb are you?

Look the problem is giving every kid in the school playground a gun,

Iran cannot be trusted with nukes "END OFF" do i really need to explain that? No, its like giving a madman a knife and letting roam round your house "but im sure you do this all the time" can you trust a mad man? well until Iran start acting like a respectable peaceful nation and stop theating to wipe other nation of the face of the map (israel) i say NO... take wot ever actions necessary to stop the kids getting hold of the guns, sorry but its better than a all out nuke exchange later down the line,

This issue should not be brushed under the carpet and certainly not aloud to posses nuclear weapons as some people suggested,

And before the "but" israel & the U.S has them bus starts rolling, yes but they are not making Threats there trying to stop the child picking one up, this is the problem its a horrible thing to posses, there not designer items for nations who want to bully,

There mass killing devises how responsible would it be to just allow anybody who wants them to have them, with the amount of mentally unstable rouge nation leaders there are in the world why shouldn't we say who can and can't have them?

Its better to look back like we have done many of times in the past and say well why didn't we do something sooner? why didn't we make rules, how can we have let this happen,

But feel free you go ahead and let your support be know and let your children live in a much much more dangerous world and see where it got you,

So, you are saying that the USA and Israel are peaceful and Iran is not?

The region that's now Iran is and has been the most peaceful nation for thousands of years, never once attacking another country. The US and Israel have a much shorter history, yet in their brief existence they have attacked more countries than the rest of the world combined. They are the most aggressive bullies in the world by far. The US has shown no respect towards the international community by defying their decision to not invade Iraq. Also, the US and Israel have disrespected International Law by committing torture and using WMD's in the form of Depleted Uranium Ammunition and White Phosphorous.

So, these are real facts and evidence to what you consider peaceful nations? You believe these are the actions of respectable, peaceful nations that should be allowed to use, as well as determine use, of nuclear weapons? US is threatening Iran, but you say they do not? All you have to justify Iran is the bad guy is a fragment of a sentence that's twisted out of context?

I've stated multiple real facts as to why the US and Israel shouldn't have NW's. I also gave a historical comparison of Iran and US showing whom is more threatening. Can you provide anything realistic to prove otherwise? Or are you as hypocritical and uninformed as I believe you to be?

posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 03:30 AM

Originally posted by Silver Shadow
The roots of the current economic crisis and the coming collapse go back directly to 1971.

No. It started in 1910 when federal reserve was allowed to exist. Now why it was allowed is another can of worms.

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 04:37 AM
reply to post by JanusFIN

Why bother when you can arrange a serious earthquake to hit Iran very soon.Make it look like a natrual disaster but make sure the earthquake takes out important military and scientific industrial complexes.Millions dead just to destroy the Iranian Nuclear industy.It will proberly put it back ten years.

posted on Apr, 18 2010 @ 04:11 PM
reply to post by Zerbst

Persia peaceful for thousands of years? What?

First they allied with the Babylonians to destroy Assyria.
Then they destroyed the Babylonian empire.
Then, under the Achaemenid dynasty, they built the biggest empire of the ancient world. They conquered almost everything in between from the borders of India to Libya.

They tried to conquer Greece, but they failed.
Alexander the Great then took the fight back to them and briefly their empire collapsed.

They were occupied by the Greeks until the 3rd century BC, when they rose up off threw off the yoke of their conquerors and the Arsacid dynasty rose to power.

They ruled from Pakistan to Iraq, somewhat larger than modern Iran.
Their greatest enemy was the Roman Empire, whom they would fight for centuries.

A new dynasty, the Sasanians, rose to power in the 3rd century AD. They built an impressive empire stretching in the south from India to Libya. In the north from the Byzantine empire to China.

They fought the Romans and later the Byzantine for control of the Middle East. By the 7th century they had taken Alexandria, Egypt from the Byzantines.

Something else also happened in the 7th century, raiders emerged from Arabia carrying the banner of a new faith.

Arab tribes united a by a new faith, Islam, came roaring out of Arabia and across the Persian empire. By 633, Iraq had fallen to Arabs. In 642, the Caliphate ordered the invasion of the Persian homeland and by 644 the Caliphate had conquered the Persian empire.

The Arab Caliphate continued to fight the Byzantines and amassed an empire from the Atlantic to Pakistan. A new Caliphate rose to power in the late 7th century and continued their conquests, pushing to India and into Spain. It was the largest empire in human history. The Arab caliphate even tried to force all of its subjects to speak and write only in Arabic.

A new Caliphate, the Abbasids, rose to power in the 8th century. The Caliphate at this time began to fracture. The first rival Caliphate rose in Spain. Then the Fatimids rose to power in North Africa. The Abbasid's Turkish warrior-slaves known as the Mamluks, dominated the Middle East and Persia. The Mongol Horde arrived in the 13th century and laid waste to the Abbasid Caliphate.

In the aftermath, the Mongols established the Ilkhanate over Persia and part of the Middle East. They would rule until the 14th century.

The region fragmented in civil war and anarchy, until the arrival of another Mongol conquer, known as Timur. The Timurid/Mongol rule would last until the 15th century.

Once again the area fragmented into civil war and anarchy.

Finally after centuries of occupation and decdes of collapse, Ismail I would form the Safavid dynasty in 1502. The foundations of modern Iran would be formed by them. The Safavids made Shia Islam the official religion of the empire.

Things were not peaceful though. They soon came into conflict with the other major empire in the region, the Ottoman Turks. They would fight the Turks for centuries, until two new powers threatened them from the north and the east.

First, the Russians had rose up and threw off the yoke of their occupiers the Mongols. They quickly began to expand. The Mughal dynasty then rose to power in India and soon challenged the Persians.

The Persians began to have constant problems with Afghan tribal raiders. They tried to suppress them, but this only lead to Afghanistan's open rebellion against the empire. The Afghans were united by a Pashtun known as Mahmud, who lead Afghan armies into Persia and defeated their armies in 1722. Mahmud then laid seige to the Persian capital.

The Safavids abdicated, and this Afghan warlord, Mahmud, was declared Shah. The Afghans occupied Persia for around seven years until the rise of a Turkoman, Nadir Shah. He ruled the region until his assassination in 1747. The region fell into civil war. Karim Khan ruled as dictator from 1760 to 1779. After his death, the region again fell into civil war.

Agha Mohammed Khan, a Qajar Turkman, was absolutley ruthless in his campaign to reunite Persia. He was genocidal in his conquest. In 1794, he was victorious and crowned Shah, establishing the Qajar dynasty. They quickly came into conflict with Russia. By 1820, Persia had lost the Caucasus to Russia. They also failed to invade Afghanistan. Then in the 1850s the British Empire fought Persia, stopping them from again invading Afghanistan. Russia continued to expand south, into central Asia all the way to Persia's borders.

In 1905, the first major revolution began in Persia. This would lead to Shah becoming a constitutional monarch in 1906. This would not last. The Shah fought back and the country fell into civil war. This would last until 1909 when the Shah was exiled. In 1911, Russian troops occupied the capitol and suspended the government. In 1925, a coup deposed of the current Shah and a new dynasty came to power, the Pahlavis.

The new dynasty, was supposed to be a constitutional monarchy. Mohammed Reza Pahlavi suceeded his father in 1941 as Shah. In 1951, he and the Parliament would go head to head after the Parliament nationalized the oil industry. The Shah fled the country, but then returned after Operation Ajax. The US and the UK backed a military coup, which overthrew the parliament. The Shah returned and became more and more autocratic, until 1979 he was ovethrown in the Islamic revolution.

That was over 2500 years of Persian history. I didn't see any peace.

[edit on 18/4/10 by MikeboydUS]

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 04:30 AM
I'll probably get roasted for it, but if push comes to shove & a WW3 happens, I'm riding the US of A on red all night. USA, USA.

Let Russia go against us......we'll show those guys how to fight....

Unless they unleash Fedor on us, then we're ****ed

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 04:35 AM
Russias bluffin they're not gonna risk thier own lives over Iran.

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