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My reality and my encouragement to you all.

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posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 07:10 PM
Let's hope this gets some Crown Chakras (top of the head) feeling burned and tingled for those unfamiliar with the chakras. Sort of a "SHORT" breakdown of my life's current philosophy and modality of perceiving my reality. This was originally a reply to a thread on alternate realities and dreams, so it kind of starts that way, but I kept going for hours and decided I should just make a thread.


Indeed life itself seems to be a hallucination and just as ripe with symbolism as any dream if you look for it. So to belittle the dream experience by assuming its just subconscious symbols, I highly suggest you train your mind to be a little more aware and observe with an open mind every part of your daily process.

I find one of the best ways to really test this is when you have a friend to talk about it with. You'll both start noticing the same symbols between each other, the "co-incidences", and you'll laugh. Walking around with a buddy and guessing the symbol or deeper reason for every little thing you come across.

Treat your reality with an unbiased perception. Are you afraid to suspend what you think you know as to allow a whole new structure? The problem is we start believing everything we hear when really I've never done any of the science I'm supposed to just take for word, but once it comes from an "authority"... we forget to filter it.

You may start to feel that the infrastructure of reality takes footing in every direction rather than seemingly linear, and is relatively observable of its general nature through a chosen observation point. That is to say.. it seems to me that you don't have to expand far into space, deep down into a microscope or the expanse of consciousness to understand it... you extrapolate. It just seems like fractals to me. Inseparable and infinitely endless in it's math, thus the entire nature can be observed from any point, ...or NOT AT ALL.

Suspend your need to believe yourself right or intelligent and accept your ignorance in intent that you can be made wise. The intelligence being more like potential with the wisdom being REASON. We can make atomic weapons, but WHY should we? What do we need from that? What will it do for me, the creator of such a thing?

Just relax...if you're wrong about something, let it slide.. i'll trade the need to feel right and the madness that comes with it for a peaceful and clear mentality any day.

It seems really that it's curiosity that brings us to explore our reality in such ways.. it really seems like the lingering thoughts that creep into your mind when close your eyes... and just let the thoughts come... meditate even to the point where these thoughts gain depth.. the words become sounds and imagery becomes a 3D world and you are left thinking: All of reality seems to be the diverse thoughts of some MIND, ... its lack of single-pointed consciousness, its lack of focus, which could be why the universe is infinitely diversified as we are expressions of possibilities, endless thoughts. If we could just find what we are really looking for, ...what then???

I just live life, curiosity gets to me, the need to evolve gets to me, ambition gets to me, I become thrown into my experience, all the while I'm trying to understand why. This is simple enough for me. And you know, the by-product of it is: I've become a lot more functional, logically speaking, and this comes out as a pretty happy peaceful mentality that others seems to really appreciate, and words of experience that offer food for thought that is equally appreciated.... so I wonder... what harm does it do with me living a life like this? How does it make you feel knowing I am open to observe everything but I won't rely on the socially common system of morality or scientific BELIEF to govern my life? The point i'm trying to make is: I reached a point where I realized all that mattered to me was my own perception of reality, and my own personal understanding.. I don't refute science, it merits recognition for even the computer I use to type this. I just feel it needs to catch up and I use it when I choose to but certain developments, certain personal observations have led me logically deduce through my own experiences and devices..if you will.. that there is a nature of things that over-rides the current mainstream model of reality, and makes it appear limited and superficially, yet not entirely inaccurate. This thing, this threshold that I crossed which was so determining, was that I realized no limited perceptions mattered to me or appeared to represented the absolute truth..outside of what I guess...again.. through my previous point it all seems observable from any point.... that it seems that its nature is something else, observable in the superficial modalities... that the truth is just the nature...something of a polarity/contrast philosophy. For example... Infinite creativity/imagination... expressed and observed through form and experience (logic).... if that is the truth, it appears observable from any angle but it also makes every other explanation to me seem currently superficial...its not right but its not wrong.. its just limiting when there is endless expressions.... the perception of the limitation still containing the entirety... like a holographic picture, once broken still projects the entire image. To conform to one specific model of reality just seems unnecessary even, and restricting on this reality's potential through my experimentation of the effects of thoughts on reality. Further-more, I realized that if I am possibly swimming in the universal sea of limitless expression and potential, all that matters to me is this sense of reason, this sense of purpose, and this is such a..deeply programmed structure to seek.. a higher functionality.. to become harmonized/perfect, or beautiful as is perceived through the whatever end, and it results with my own experience of happiness, fulfilment..whether those are simple programs is of no matter to me.. but they are bi-products of a seemingly hard-coded calling to WISE UP... to expand that awareness.. to bring one's focus sharper and bring ones scattered mind, scattered expression/ "physicality" / mechanics..whatever... to bring it all into harmony and ...FOCUSSSSS.

So you know, you just live your life, but it seems as long as you persist with meditation efforts and the like, .. I guess a bridge of no-return can potentially be crossed where a deeper riddle and potential is realized, your desire to explore it increases, and eventually it can get to a point where it stretches out in every breath and action of your daily life until even the most seemingly mundane becomes a symbol and test in itself. Every fleeting moment we can be aware of is our workable reality that shapes the next moment... a moment passes and you become aware of what triggers alter your mind... what changed your mood, what distracted you.. until all of daily life becomes a clearer observation, seemingly out of an experiential evolutionary mechanism... the "once you know better, you won't want to fall into the same trap" routine.... and just like that... a "monk-like" existence may become more desirable, and sensible based on what you value and what you have observed. For me: "to keep the peace, to help bring harmony in everything, and maintain and expand the awareness of all, but through this endless possibility scenario, I really only have my sense of identity, and through expanding my own awareness, I see a piece of the internal self expressed externally in all things, all like symbols of a higher mind, which may be all we are. To that end, we are capable of learning anything and everything as we are our own TEACHER... to simply pull what we already know from some deeper awareness... and we learn from from others the same as we learn from passing thoughts, and it could really be the that our state of understanding reflects the reality of everyone around us.. it could very well be that our it vibration just mechanically fits into a different part of space...entering quantum realities if you will through your own self-awareness, and begin to see others around you self aware, which may all be just some damn fun program anyway... through the astrology and bursts of combined influence we are all pushed to accelerate collectively (ascension?).... but really... through the idea of infinite possibilities, then not everyone wants to go your way, or needs to... so this "awareness for all" seems to be entirely experiencial to the reality the "vibrational" mechanics you can call a unified consciousness placed you (itself) in". (exhale)...

And you know, as I mentioned, others seem to be pretty okay with me being like this, not that I need their approval, and actually its quite beyond that. I realized at a point such thoughts also wanted to be outgrown... to constantly meet other's approvals.. we get all caught up in a wave, a direction we don't even know what started. If you have the perceived choice to be a leader, why not do it? If anyone chooses to follow its up to them.. be your own leader. And you know, people will start to notice this, and as I said, some people really seem to appreciate it.. but everyone else really doesn't seem to mind it.

So I guess the ending question I pose then is... What's so frightening about living such a lifestyle that it would be treated as insanity or something not to be desired? Why is a simple underlying theme of "functionality meets freedom and curiosity, and through that wisdom which manifests as very positive and peaceful intentions"... why is it that some don't understand this? Is it because they simply don't understand or is there some thought process over-looked where I'm supposed to realize my whole wiring of consciousness is wrong and I need some ridiculous awareness-numbing medication and brainwashing just to get me back in line where I should be?

Continued part 2..

posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 07:13 PM
Part 2... please read above post first.

I can't go back (really?), I don't want to, because some part of me is convinced this is the direction my... machine... my body.. my mind.. my experience wants to go... it expresses itself as the perception of free choice.. a free consciousness and it really wants to try hard.. to wise the F%% up.

You have your own reasons and your own path. You don't have to meditate or do any of the things I or anyone else does and I don't expect you to. I just wanted to TRY and express what my reasoning is like so you can see where I or others who APPEAR like me are coming from, though their reasons are their own.

Usually if I become aware of a way of things that is more functional, I may be hesitant at first to change my ways, but usually I end up learning something and it could be even a year later but eventually through deeper understanding this other way...this more functional, more PEACEFUL way becomes desirable. Everything I do, every way I think is personally desirable.

Meditation, sitting still and trying (not knowing the mind-blowing experience), it never seemed desirable. Realizing some "spiritual truth".. never seemed desirable. Sobriety, and focus vs distraction never seemed desirable.. distractions, which took the majority of my time and outlet of my desires, because they filled some need that wanted to be balanced.. I found a substitute from understanding the nature of the mindset. My life's happiness is less damage control or maintenance and more of an EXPANSION because I further understand a little more of the fundamentals of my mind.

None of these things at first glance seemed desirable. We are so resistant to change, so stubborn.

So, simply... TRY and open your mind! For some of us we can't we even admit when ours is closed, FIXED, to think you know, to understand this open to extrapolation or change? Our ego, our arrogance, it doesn't suit others so why do you think it suits you though? What do you gain from it that seems so important and sensible? Have you become so closed and comfortable with it that you fear being open, and lash out with anger and an arsenal of someone else's belief structures to justify your own ego, to externalize everything and exempt yourself from all fault or perceivable imperfection? What satisfaction does this bring to your life if any? What about others?

Carefully examine those who appear to be completely different then you. They are a great source of learning, many questions arise, many challenging mental reactions surface.

Every moment you have the opportunity to become more aware, but distraction and desire pulls you out of it. You can sit still and meditate, focus and observe something, or just like your undisciplined mind, which you are a slave to its state and influence,.. it's always on the move, and so must you be. These things can be disciplined. The struggle with thoughts, the need to latch on to a final answer.. THE answer.. to the questions which make your mind reach outward in every direction, it overwhelms you and just like a dream or experience you weren't ready for, you instinctively react. You shut it down before it happens, just like a hard-wired code preventing you from, being stuck in an endless loop. You become stuck in your old patterns. This is not a bad thing, just something to be made aware of... Become aware of the opportunities as they present themselves. Every moment presents opportunity to evolve your thinking.

And after this has all been said: If you are only a limited "biological" machine, you are a marvel of ingenuity. Realize it, use it.

How can you belittle any creature, event or co-incidence that seems so in-genius? If I were to worship anything, it would be an expressed appreciation and admiration for the wonder that is "nature" or all things and everything, every concept or idea even, that is such creative genius and potential to me.


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posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 08:38 PM
Okay, Cave. I will try. You know, you are like my own little guru.

However, if I really thought the world was an hallucination, and I was bound entirely to my own perceptions, I honestly think I might be thrown back into the existential dilemma I was in...well... when I was your age.

What would be the point of working? One must work. One must accomplish. One must be goal-directed to lead a productive and fulfilling life, and what would be the point if we are simply emotions, perceptions, illusions and delusions?

But "giving up being right" is something it's high time we all thought about. It's difficult. It takes practice. To let someone else "be right".

Good thoughts and good thread. If you care to comment on any of my thoughts I would be most pleased.

posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 09:32 PM

Originally posted by ladyinwaiting
What would be the point of working? One must work. One must accomplish. One must be goal-directed to lead a productive and fulfilling life, and what would be the point if we are simply emotions, perceptions, illusions and delusions?

By just taking it very lightly.

I just live life.. but i just feel compelled to examine my reasoning and what i'm looking for.

I have to remind myself its okay to have hobbies. I actually had a friend who I visited do some subconscious balancing for me for: "I enjoy and am relaxed on vacation"... because to me life is good, I don't need to relax, that's what meditation is for, vacation is my adventure time, so I'll do crazy things that should provide challenges and new experiences.

But I use it as an example of my mentality that I have to remind myself it's okay just to take it easy... I mean.. is there a time-line? Do I have to learn all this? To what end? What if we just start all over again? Such thoughts make me realize that it's not something that needs/wants to be worried about, like anything to me.

I just live life like any other person, but I acknowledge that it may just inevitably change and become very different. Again... the whole "once you know better".. thing... wisdom gives way for personal responsibility. And them dammit, it seems like there is always a deeper level of your environmental effects to be made aware of.

People criticize gurus for sitting on their ass. Dammit.. I bet they are doing plenty while sitting there... thinking: "I am aware of my actions that are now undesireable and all I desire now is peace and harmony for all things" etc... so they go as far as to not even eat, or something, you know? It can always go further.

Don't look too far ahead, the future will only seem alien to you... besides...the thing about future moments is you observe the unfoldment of present moments leading up to it, and when or if it that future happens, it's not so strange and even natural and desirable.

My aspiration and ambitions of the future and expectations used to be way different I'll say that much.

Just relaxxxx....chill... just live life. The point of this thread is that in my process of just trying to live life, some things want to be addressed. I take note of such things, which to me seem quite tangible and logical despite what others may say.

You know how you feel when you act on complete ignorance when you know better? You feel like crap... OR... you use that opportunity to refine, to learn, to understand more.

Baby steps. But just don't stress over it. You're just allowing yourself to become overwhelmed and in doing so undermine your ability to do what you set out for anyway. There is a buddhist saying that really resonated with me when I read it. It was something like "Don't seek powerful experiences." Meaning... don't let yourself feel overwhelmed, over powered, by believing something to be too intense for you. Some would argue self-doubt is instinctual preservation, and then you try and justify why this cannot be, again.. and it always seems to lead back to some bigger yet simpler concept to me of enlightenment. The whole... why preserve what is possibly false and root of all your suffering type thing. But you can't let that get to you either.

Here's a little mantra i came up with:
"Just because I am possibly more then my ego, doesn't make it any less". Learn to appreciate and actually enjoy everything.

Why does hallucination have a negative interpretation? I use words as it feels to me as a mind that suffers to feel at ease at times... hallucination would be one such word, when really what I express it as is more like: A perfect system with logical infinity, allowing infinite possibilities and endless continuity and just being the perfect equation to explain and allow everything within imagination"

It's a playground to me. Your attitude towards it is something you control. Is it the insult that harms or the mentality that allows and perceives it as harm? You can feel the effects internally. That being said... we can sit all day and talk about it and over-complicate it like I usually do.... but in doing so it is perhaps to express to a hungry analytical mind the simplicity of MEDITATION.

To become balanced, the thoughts cease outside of what you choose because there is a stable foundation as to not leak out and grab your attention, and in this, time's wear on your mind begins to cease and what's left is an indescribable sense of freedom, peace and belonging.

Everything we think and do seems to be an expression, an expression in itself being a pattern. Could a perfectly balanced structure continuously emit different patterns? What I mean is, I use my imbalances constructively... imbalance sounds negative but one day your mind may be more inclined towards artistic thoughts, so use it for that.

I hear where you are coming from, I am actually very ambitious to what I do with my life, but I need to realize I can also relax and take it easy. I'm getting much better at it.

So you know.. Just live life...but in doing so.. questions arise, opportunities..things are observed.. things are learned, it changes everything. Close your eyes and ears and learn to shut down your brain if you don't want to learn because I bet you will continue to do so otherwise. My point is this is just where I'm at... partially due to that ambition in itself, that optimism and liking to the subject matter.

Thanks again for the kind words.

EDIT: for some of the horrible grammar. When I type fast I skip words.

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posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 10:02 PM

Originally posted by ladyinwaiting
Okay, Cave. I will try. You know, you are like my own little guru.

However, if I really thought the world was an hallucination, and I was bound entirely to my own perceptions, I honestly think I might be thrown back into the existential dilemma I was in...well... when I was your age.

What would be the point of working? One must work. One must accomplish. One must be goal-directed to lead a productive and fulfilling life, and what would be the point if we are simply emotions, perceptions, illusions and delusions?

But "giving up being right" is something it's high time we all thought about. It's difficult. It takes practice. To let someone else "be right".

Good thoughts and good thread. If you care to comment on any of my thoughts I would be most pleased.

it is only the mind, dominating us, that looks for action, requires a "point".

all these "musts" need attention in order for the disturbed lake of the mind to be placid. only then can the peace and harmony of the soul be felt/realized/reflected. all accomplishments give this peace because what disturbed this peace (desire in any form) has been extinguished/satisfied.

if no desire arises, then peace continues. there really is no point in existence, it simply "IS". and if something arises in ones life, it is just attended too. eg; when permanently abiding in the peaceful state, still chop wood and carry water, as the bhuddist teachings advise.

letting someone else be "right" is a great move. in an appropriate situation, it is accepting reality and allows expansion of consciousness. imho.

posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 10:48 PM
S & F
Well written!
i've got nothing to add, except that you made me smile.

posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 09:38 AM
reply to post by CavemanDD

Further-more, I realized that if I am possibly swimming in the universal sea of limitless expression and potential, all that matters to me is this sense of reason, this sense of purpose, and this is such a..deeply programmed structure to seek.. a higher functionality.. to become harmonized/perfect, or beautiful as is perceived through the whatever end, and it results with my own experience of happiness, fulfilment..whether those are simple programs is of no matter to me.. but they are bi-products of a seemingly hard-coded calling to WISE UP... to expand that awareness.. to bring one's focus sharper and bring ones scattered mind, scattered expression/ "physicality" / mechanics..whatever... to bring it all into harmony and ...FOCUSSSSS.

This was perfect, the sense of shifting perspective, probability, variations, absolute freedom to explore, and infinite possibilities, with the inner call to advance, evolve, develop and perfect oneself.

In a world designed to entrap and keep us unaware, disconnected from ourselves and source, embodied by disinfo at every turn and in every institution, this is one of the pure diamonds.

posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 05:00 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Thank you.

You know it's interesting, here in North America. In school they never put much emphasis on reasoning. It was all just DO DO DO. The next grade... do it better. And the only answers we get are that its "right", "wrong" or "the way things are". And you know I bet this is a major problem affecting low grades. People lose interest during their teenage years because they start to question the whole process.

There is so little emphasis on just discussing why we do or should do anything, why we care, what drives us, what satisfies us, to what end.. etc.. It's just do do build build... and be integrated into society to expand it. Why expand? Are we just expanding outward and externally? Is this what advancement is? To build things bigger and taller, more of them, make it unsustainable even, but for sake of arguement we'll assume its all balanced... and then. just fill it with workers who function on auto-pilot?

If we were to put more emphasis on this reasoning, to really find what we're looking for and why our society is the way it is, it could have serious reprocussions that cause such a ripple as to change the entire infrastructure. I'm not talking high philosophy.. I'm talking scratching the surface and people becoming just a little more aware of themselves.. through this process it changes how they act in the world. And if we all changed like this, it would change entire structures of society, since its the people who influence the structures.

My whole high school education fell flat when my attitude drastically dipped and I couldn't find a reason to possibly care about what was going on. I just wanted to be free. I just find that interesting because it's not uncommon for teenagers to be like this. I don't always see poor grades reflecting intelligence or USEFULNESS for that matter. And you know, I probably would have done better if I really knew what I wanted in life. If I took a break during my teenage years and THEN did high school. I bet i'd have all A+s because I'd actually want to KNOW what i'm learning.

This seems like such a problem because the school system spits out a bunch of kids who can't get into college when really they just lack the proper motivation.

In short... we do do DO... and seldom ask WHY. And when you ask why... you change and refine what you do, and you do it even BETTER. It's just like meditation where you sometimes need to reaffirm things to yourself.

There is just so little emphasis on the inner self, the philosopher. Its all just analytically based. At least we have the arts.

You know? Do you guys ever wonder what will make you happy, what the point of it all is? Why you should stick with the same job where the command structure is rampant with ignorance and they'd gladly use you as their pawn to further some manipulation? Another example I use. I changed my position in this company because I no longer wanted to be around the lies and covering for faults that weren't directly my own. I took the less desirable job that came with more responsibility because I was no longer of the mentality to be around such reasoning that didn't sit well with me. And then eventually I left the job entirely.

Just a little introspection can drastically change how you move through the world. And instead of just going along with the lie, you start gradually making a path of constructive change. And yes, it benefits others, but you do it because it becomes so natural and desired.

So lets all just stop for a minute and get to know ourselves a little better, right?

posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 05:09 PM
reply to post by Funk bunyip

hey getting a smile out of someone is a high achievement if everyone could do it. Life would be so happy we'd probably get sick of it because we aren't use to it and decide to pick a fight to make us feel safe again. haha.


posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 05:45 PM
So much attention given simply to "what needs to be done".

Do I care to focus most of my attention on my art because I prefer to? Or is it just fear I won't be able to pay the bills?

Keeping busy out of fear of losing your job... keeping busy to secure more wealth just in case you need it.. worrying about the future. Keeping busy with work because of the lifestyle you've built up has a certain sustainability cost. We get ahead of ourselves out of fear, and out of a difficult system. So much attention is given to thoughts of survival, I am no exception. I sometimes worry. But everyone I used to work with only knew the work, only doing more.. only going higher on the ladder as my boss would say... and man did their faces show the wear. Their hard working mentality is admirable, but i'd talk to them and just ask em why they push themselves to such a level of suffering. Why do they put in so many extra hours of work, shortening their free time. Its like your life's time becomes the property of someone else, or something artificial like money, or more directly your fears, which in nature... just something STUCK in your mind, something habitual.

I wouldn't have the mindset I do today if I didn't have the spare time that I did in a certain span of years.

Now imagine adding caffeine and prescription drugs and the like in the mix. It seems too easy to fall into a trap of acting habitually, just doing out of fear. It is this mindset I think that makes on miserable. They know their peace of mind is fleeting and unstable.

All i'm saying is I don't blame ANYONE, who goes through these hoops, and who has yet to experience a deeper state of mind or expanded clarity.

I observe the actions, the body language, the words and perceived intent of communication between people.. it all looks so mechanical, it all seems to be based on repeating that which they don't know but pretend they do and the rest is discussion of how they can't wait for the next distraction time, or complaints. Their eyes are glassy and lack focus. Through your own physical observations you take note of your externalize mental afflictions and you really start to see some familiar expressions in other people and you can only wonder if there is a correlation. You begin to pick em out in the crowd, the ones with clarity, the ones who are happy, distracted in thought, completely absent minded, and ones who lack a certain depth of experience, they eyes are shallow. But this isn't a negative outlook nor is it positive, but just a simple observation. These aren't sheep, these are your loved friends and family to you. You eventually get tired of putting on a mask, you feel the bruising of the straps and you can no longer pretend what you are what you've long outgrown. It's a standard custom, to offer a guest a drink, as you used to do casually in previous times. You drink that (wonderful) nectar and observe as you fade, becoming aware of what your state of mind used to be like. But again... it is not so bleak. It's just a simple choice. Just live your life. But you may find the liquid no longer gives you that certain satisfaction it used to. It no longer relaxes you as you are usually relaxed all the time. You find it more inhibiting. And as it sits in, you begin talk with your fellow friend, family and human, and you speak of complaints, your intolerance, lack of understanding or appreciation of a daily event. This is called unwinding. How are you supposed to agree with all the complaints when you no longer share the perspective? The conversation moves on to politics or science, spoken as if from an authority of truth.. how do they know what they speak of? The topic grazes onto a very slight philosophical ground and it makes others uncomfortable. They lash out and justify, again with the observations of others, taken as an authority to refute your ideas. If the arguement holds merit, understandable points to be made.. however, how do they know what they speak of? Are the laws of physics so well understood as to be without fault that any laymen can recite them as explanation for all of life's questions? You feel their anxiously recede a little as you submit and say "yeah I guess." It's at this point where you realize it's difficult to have a simple friendly conversation anymore with those who are unwilling to let go of what they think they know. Kindness and courtesy aside.

I'm just using one example.

Minor but sustained gradual efforts of deep self-examination can eventually lead you to feel alienated.

It's just that you begin to observe things and it all just seems a "little off" to your new mentality. I guess at that point it comes back to your reasoning. "Do I want this? How far am I willing to go?" So... how does that mask feel pinned tightly against your head? If you enjoy it, keep it on. It's a big masquerade party, but like all parties, you eventually leave, or the next time you come back you just may be that one sober person in the room everyone has a problem with. It just depends on what you value.

You see how much I type here and people wonder why I used to be so quiet in social events. Nowadays I strategically plan to talk just to cheer people up. If I throw in any philosophy, it's extremely subtle. It's an art! I just give them some encouragement but some are unreachable. Some people are so well educated but the education becomes a weight on their rising awareness. Oh well.

Just stating what it's like to live in a world where... i was going to say something like "people are stuck in their ways"... but lets not externalize, it sounds like blame... we'll say this is what it can be like when YOU.. put the effort into self-examination. It's what can happen to YOU.

Needless to say I feel this place is a bit of a constricting madhouse. More like robotic dollhouse. But I still like it.

posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 06:09 PM
That last post summed up in a sentence:
"Meeting everyone's expectations or keepin' it real."

posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 06:28 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

This is freedom, you're describing the path to setting yourself free, and how its getting off the treadmill. In this world, we struggle somewhat, some more than others, to get by but need to find ways to get by being true to our natures, ideally it would be like a grass roots venus projects, able bodies taking turns in small hours for necessary, and long hours of study, meditation, exploration and creativity, inventions, an ideal world. Give and take freely like open source software.

If enough people could group up and share, they could even transform neighborhoods, communities, like minded people could work less, and learn more.

Most important is that inner connection to our source, our Higher Self.

constance demby - I set myself free

Beyond our Universe - Infinity Zoom [HD]

posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 07:01 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Indeed. I don't need to be forced to work through fear (money). I'd gladly volunteer to sustain my society. I'd like to live in those little mini communities but there seems to be part of my nature that cares more about reaching people then settling down somewhere stable. Another example perhaps of ambition and instability as result, but I willingly take the challenges.

So you know, it can all start with utopian villages but that direction seems it would come back to a very buddhist perspective sort of... "so now we're all here and our needs are attended, desires have less appeal.. now what? I guess I'll just meditate"

Nothing wrong with that, it just seems like the direction it would go once a certain harmony is reached. That's why this world is like a game to me. What happens when you drop this person into something unstable and unsuitable to their nature? Isn't that what we're doing? And the result is wealth and control, or it goes another philosophical kind of way, and then there are those who just simply struggle and live.

My personal ambitions of wealth and the freedom that comes with it is to simply pick up and go anywhere I want and be able to survive with basic needs of shelter and food. It doesn't seem like much when you put it that way instead of into dollars. I just want some mobility and diversity of experiences. I'm not attached to property but I am attached to a sense of adventure and desire to network / communicate globally.

Right now I moved back to my parents a few months ago and I'm concentrating my efforts on different directions, a lot of artwork that has different purposes. It's just what I've gotten to based on how my nature changed, and like you said, more desire to free myself of the self-imposed chains that used to be a little invisible to me, though I always felt their tension. This is what I live for, discussions like this, trying to help people in the way others have done to me, trying to give them tips to explore on their own and take that sense of freedom and fulfillment i'm getting and share it with them.

Otherwise, I'd live in the mountains and meditate all my life.

I think the Buddhist's would call this "the Fourth way". Live your life, integrate that meditative aspect, what comes of it is completely within your freedom.

Whereas I look as joining a Buddhist monestary and something of some hardcore schooling. Intense discipline, and just doing what everyone else does, completely renouncing ambition and ego and just getting to know yourself through the same way everyone else does. It's not for me. Almost seems to defeat the purpose but I get it.

I'd be happy to live in such a better society when everyone else can.

Edit: I thrive on social environments despite my love for also being a hermit. It would more suit my needs to live in the country, yet also a big city, if you get me. That's just what it is CURRENTLY.

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posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 04:42 PM
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If people noticed all the clues, all the official stories and myths put out by leaders and institutes, and that they all have so many holes in them, they would spend a lot more time in meditation, personal inner searches and thought.

Pursuit of ambitions would probably be reshifted in order of priority, with alternative methods of surviving emerging as they began to envision it, for as we project our images and visions into the whole, we begin to draw these possibilities to us.

Because for many, the greatest test is, whether they can wake up and become themselves in this matrix/system.

Its all an illusion, a hollographic digital image, metaphorically and somewhat literally. The only way we can discover ourselves in this system is to recognize that others are controlling all the signals that are streaming in, they have hacked it basically. When we become ourselves the values that arise, love, equality, freedom, no need for money, envisioning an advanced world, all becomes possible, as we send signals out. by our emotions, wishes, yearnings, and also beginning to take actions.

Its all about awareness, waking up, and love.

Now, when you're sharing your insights and light in wonderful posts I've noticed, they're always worth noting, you share the a sense of being relaxed, taking your time, exploring self, others, the metaphysics itself and so all of it really, but the pace is personal, and the goal is unhurried. Which is needed, but I'm wondering in your waking up, awareness, if you have had the sense of pushing within. I don't know how to explain it, someone just started using this word with me, after I had tried putting it into a word that explained the cored need to push on, its not quite relaxed in its pace. Though one can achieve a letting go, going with it, its as if a river that just keeps flowing and we're in it -- pushed to wake up. No matter what happens, the river keeps flowing.

Because thats what its like for me. I keep tellling myself to relax, which is one reason that infinity zoom song appeals to me, "relax, take your time..." when something inside of me pushes on.

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posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 07:24 PM
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I hear what you're saying. A friend called it: Driving with your foot full on the gas and break at the same time. It just seems like a lot of resistance when put in that analogy.

How I interpret going forwards while in that letting go sense is I pretty much try not to stress over anything or say for instance... I found a new possible employer for some art contracts, but it didnt feel right... despite the fact it was an avenue to go, it just didn't feel right. I may still contact them, but the point I'm making is I don't push what doesn't feel necessary. If I push at all its feels like its more undoing what I've done wrong. Getting myself out of a mess I created so to speak.

Its an interesting topic to me because I used to be very YIN'd out so to speak.. yet not... like I've never been more relaxed and such as now but there has been a calling to really develop the strength of the ego to push on. I really needed to develop a certain confidence level to live the life I want. So there is some definite pushing going on and they are lessons I've embraced. I got a lot of fire energy in this astrology of mine, i'm a peaceful bull mixed with the ram. I got all the horns of the zodiac so to speak. It comes out as optimism but also an unstoppable sense of ambition.

Some astrology put it into terms I feel are familiar... like I'm pulling back in what I once rejected. I feel like I'm coming to terms with my past a lot and the other qualities that I felt I didn't need i'm starting to find interesting again.

For instance a big problem of mine, and i've asked advice for this on a few occassions because I feel stuck on it.. I ask "How can I learn to take? I want to little for myself, but I want that strength and determination"....

you know what its sort of like? Its like an illness, a yin imbalance from leading too many lives that were directed to the feminine energy.. to enlightenment, ego purification or something like that. People may think its a good thing to be so detached but its like I'm too ahead of myself.. i'm not ready to be this detached materially. ... yes I can swallow my pride but I wonder if I am capable of pride if renounce its use to me? Much has changed in that regard but its been a constant development for me to really work on that PUSH factor.

I realized about a month ago, which really added a big piece to this puzzle... I said to myself... Ok... I'm here... I want.. SOME..things in life... and do I want them or just sort of want them?... When you just sort of want them you still get them, but it happens slower.. there is less drive.. But i realized... hell with that.. If I make a decision to get something i'm going to ##$$in get it! you know? And its not just material, its just application of willpower to ambitions that still have some meaning to your life.

You see I figure there's a lot of clues to it, how we undermine ourselves with our self-perceptions.

My favourite analogy of what i'm going for is: "Be like water"... it is gentle, soft and healing, but has the ability to shape mountains.

I'm trying to balance the male / feminine energies, not KILL one of them. I figure its not so simple. I had some recent revelations a month ago or so... where I had a powerful meditative experience we'll say.. and I realized...

People speaks of evolving spiritually, raising the spiritual ladder. And I found this humorous.. since it implies an ambitious pursuit. And then there is that quote "going up or down the ladder, it's still unstable".

But I realized the "spiritual" way would be just to hop off the ladder entirely... yet I think all things are spiritual but if you wanted to say the most "yin'd out" way.. then I would say that.

I basically thought that as my ego desired to evolve... it would eventually see it is more then its limited identity..imagine pulling your view away from a fractal seeings it part of something bigger... raise into the sky and see the earth you are standing on... the more you pull away from your ego.. the more you realize you have more to work with...

Its like.. I thought this makes a lot of sense.. because as we evolve the challenges have to meet our level... so I was thinking you know its perfect that as we become better... life becomes better, the world becomes more beautiful, making it more appealing, the desire increases.

Its like becoming more spiritual but realizing you have a greater power available to you now. The lure is always matched.

So I sort of see a distant future projection of myself as like this form in the room that looks EXTREMELY focussed...entirely peaceful yet ridiculously powerful, a great containment of energy it acquired simply through its own efficiency, it need not be chased after.

So its like you gain all this power but you become equally mindful of how to use it.. Which could be why you don't see stars or galaxies chasing after each other and waging war, they do that through us, the smaller fractals! but hey.. for all we know that could be a simple expression of freedom, something regarded as a universal right. But I am externalizing again.. because to me it all seems like aspects of one mind all networking.

I'm getting off topic.

But it seems to me the lure of the ego will always be there... or it comes back to this thought of relative observation of the entirety from any point... like... right now.. you can end it all.. you can become enlightened and detached. But for how long? See I can't figure out the time factor. I've had moments where I knew I could let myself starve to death then and there, and just keep laying there and meditating, but some sort of.. novelty brings me back like "ahh maybe later" rather then something specific.

So I'd go as far as to say I'm not even sure the buddha WAS enlightened.. because hell.. he was here wasn't he?

seems like a lot of push and release going on.

I used to think if I just went with the flow then others would overpower me.. others who were just ego driven, and this didn't seem right either, it seemed imbalanced.. so I couldn't figure out this push factor. To choose to say "no".. just cuz. Needless to say I have problems with authorities of all kinds. If we didn't resist would we all not be enslaved to a single ego's will? But then it comes back to something like... they couldn't control you if you just made the ultimate act of letting go.. see conforming to their will still implies you living, eating, doing wordly attached things... you basically gotta sit on the spot and meditate yourself into enlightenment.. to me that seems like the ultimate yin'd out action.... the ultimate NON-action. No'one can control that who does not choose to participate in the game. No'one can be controlled who needs no control themself. The ultimate "peace out. I'm done here, there's nothing keeping me here".

This yin yang thing seems to be a huge riddle yet i think the answer is that there is no answer and in that its more simple than we make it out to be. That's why now I just say "just live life".... "just..whatever."

Instead of just resisting in a power struggle, what i've chosen to do nowadays is to explain to the "opponent" as to why I am resisting. I figure... wisdom is a good solution?

When it comes down to it, I just feel out every action.. and if it feels like harmonic, if it feels purposeful, if it feels like right in every way, I just go with it without a second thought. Many times I've had to get myself out of a problem because of that but you know what? I learned some awesome things. So when can a challenge be perceived as a mistake, or a wrong turn? I see them as tools I wanted to pick up anyway for this life.

I had a pretty interesting experience which I BELIEVE to be a past life recall when I was younger. In this dream I actually had these people in this temple erase my soul and give me a fresh start.. I already felt pretty wise and detached, and this dude deffinately had power but I think he was struggling to find the point of it.. I killed people with the wave of a hand and some white light, I was just missing something and it was enough for me to erase the entirety of my acquired experience.. or just..alignment or something. The next few months I became a floating ball that was in no better word to put it "retarded". And since then I felt like I subsequent past life images where I saw myself develop.. I deffinately started over in a sense..So thats interesting... in this existence with which time is somewhat of a conceptual question... I feel like I can say i'm 11000 years old maybe.
ha. I was also shared the date and location and such. Another topic for another time. I will talk about anything but I started this thread and tried to make it so open as to be receptive to anybody. I tried anyway. So I was trying to deal with terms of "what do you want now in life".. vs.. "do you think you had past lives, why do you think we have them, etc etc".

To me it all feels like we're just jumping on a spot on in rushing river, a life loop.

But yes... I think that's the whole lesson isn't it? I mean so many of us think we got it all figured out... its all push and release is it not? I call the spiritual path as one of releasing your own stubbornness. You know how simple it is.. but you push on.

Peace, and thanks for the kind words.

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 08:34 PM
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But I realized the "spiritual" way would be just to hop off the ladder entirely... yet I think all things are spiritual but if you wanted to say the most "yin'd out" way.. then I would say that.

I basically thought that as my ego desired to evolve... it would eventually see it is more then its limited identity..imagine pulling your view away from a fractal seeings it part of something bigger... raise into the sky and see the earth you are standing on... the more you pull away from your ego.. the more you realize you have more to work with...

Its like.. I thought this makes a lot of sense.. because as we evolve the challenges have to meet our level... so I was thinking you know its perfect that as we become better... life becomes better, the world becomes more beautiful, making it more appealing, the desire increases.

Well, this is what its really about, the test seems to be for many if we can become ourselves in this world/matrix. Gain awareness and remember.

Some feel its about ascending, which is somewhat true, raising our awareness, striving to perfect self, and frequency, love, all leads to this. But so many don't know who they are that they already exist in the Beyond, that they never really leave home.

I've had an experience just recently, as I've been experiencing my Higher Self more and more, where I became myself, and was walking down the stairs, it was kind of an OK day, but not really uplifting. As awareness formed that I had stepped into myself, each stair became bouyant, light filled, playful, happy, and who I WAS, kind of teasing, hippy like priestess of light, who said, Where do you think you are really? Do you think you ever leave home? And I had this impression suddenly of laying on a cot of sorts, with transluscent veils where my family, as outlines stood out, and they were talking.

Next I saw a movie screen curtain and pulled it aside, there was a video, so I knew we were all recording this and perhaps should make choose more awarenss of each moment, perhaps we should think of what we're recording for prosperities sake. Yet it was all in love, lightness, depth but a sense that this was all managed, help was here, not to let it get us down either.

So why are we striving more for ascension than finding out if we've come to help others with awareness, when if we but knew, we're not 3D, we're all from the great beyond, even beyond this hologram digital universe/school, we're from higher densities and higher planes already. Must be something else we're here for though our awareness, thoughts, frequency are able to project outward and affect the whole as well.

We're really becoming ourselves again, here.

When it comes down to it, I just feel out every action.. and if it feels like harmonic, if it feels purposeful, if it feels like right in every way, I just go with it without a second thought. Many times I've had to get myself out of a problem because of that but you know what? I learned some awesome things. So when can a challenge be perceived as a mistake, or a wrong turn? I see them as tools I wanted to pick up anyway for this life.

Yes I feel everything reaching inside and feeling my way through, my direction, my next step, often the light in someone reaches out and activates the light in me in recognition, filled with joy and so happy to feel them, and the next step begins, as I'm drawn to more clues and activation inside as well. Its almost as if it was predetermined this way on the side, the stepping to awakening, and how we never do this alone, but team effort, for family, for each other, because we love each other so much on the other side, we're actually all, on fire for each other.

The dark ones here, and the sleepers, and the aware, are all there together and loving each other with a profound sense of equality. That is in "no time" wherein a progression of events is still understood in consciousness but not programmed in perception as our time is here. Its not really the clock ticking, but our minds ticking, and some cycles involving our orbits and star. So we can step out, and be in a trillion years school, and step back a second later, where there really is no second. We're all there on the other side together. And there is but another series of learning, wonderful, never ending, infinite levels, of advancement.

When I write anything I just reach in, I never get a preplanned one, just reach in, some of it is already there from another post, but its like it reshifts and reorganizes and things just come out. By feeling/love/insight we become ourselves.

posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 09:37 PM
off and on throughout my life I keep having these moments of PURE CLARITY....

and in those moments I always see:


in those moments fall the construct of time.

I am trying to find a way to remain in that state of bliss.

This Robotic Dollhouse is an amazing place to bring, and to find such reflections.

(go ATS! )
Thanks be to Skeppy who thinks up, and creates & builds this platform.

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posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 02:23 AM
I will post more tomorrow. I took a rest from the writing for some hours and apparently I wasn't done. A friend asked me a trick question "when did you become a philosopher?" and I unloaded on him with riddles.

Excuse my Canadian use of "u"s (colour) example.
I remember I rented this movie called my life when I was 12, I saw it before and forgot. Deja vu took care of the rest. I am here to blow minds and be a symbol to you all, nothing more, that you just may be dreaming and its time to take it to new levels of lucidity. You have an arsenal of power, endless creativity and you need not worry what you believe to be human potential, for then you would first have to truly believe you were defined and human in the the first place. You are the most beautiful thing in the universe with the potential and humour to perceive yourself ugly. You hold the keys to your own freedom, you are you own jailer. You need not me nor anyone else to remind you that your reality is in your imaginary hands and is as you define it. But don't let it get to your HEAD. That's a riddle.

We have forgotten that its our perceptions that shape our personality, thus our capability. There are no states only degrees and all of which are imaginary. There is no limit to what you can't do so long as you keep telling yourself there is. And there is no definition of who you are as long as you stop trying to define it as such. You hurt your own feelings, you process the input and outputs and your amnesia is what makes you forget your invincible character.

And it is your mind, your ego, your own real enemy.. your SELF.. that ever took a word I just said as truth without filtering it on your own. The mind is full of corridors, riding a magnetic train. We self-program and don't even notice it.

Take everything I just said it and remove it from your mind, then remove everything else, kill your identity that is older than 1 second, and treat your future expectations as a crash collision course you force yourself to unavoid.

Remove it all and what can be left but a more deeper level, a pulse. See if you can find the bottom of your mind and very being. It's an infinite pit and we've only just put one foot in. That analogy has a double meaning as that which is infinite needs no reference to space or size. Can you find rock bottom of your mind? Or can you find only tears, truth and your forgotten estranged self. It is with you when you rest with your problems and wake up anew, it is there when you think you are done and had enough, suffered the limit, and yet there is never a limit, we persevere yet.. and you realize you are perfect experiencing imperfection, that which can deal with anything, as the lazy man suffers from the work that the hard working man finds easy, that its all just a perception of a reality you chose.

Logic is an endless spiral, endlessly indefineable, just like maths with repeating digits. So what good is it that its taken as the solid state perception of reality. It is the tool, the mind, the intellect, it does not even realize that its also a sculpter of reality. How can creativity and endless imagination be logical? how can it be defined? you are experiencing it. The hemispheres, the poles the contrast, the light (substance) and the lack of (darkness). Yin, Yang.. Proton, Electron, Male, Female, translate that reproduction to penetrating / dominance/ willpower mixed with receptive and nurturing. The very sexual act is a universal nature. The endless coil of the fibonacci spiral, the golden ratio "god"s number, in all of nature's forms... spiraling and spiraling but it would be invisible and non perceivable unless the equation went on... hence... infinite....repeating...digits.....endless...indefineable...logic.... pull that circle (feminine) and stretch it and it become a spring, a coil... a wave, a 2d representation of a vibration, a sound wave, LIGHT, but it is MASKED..with imperfect logic.. it it takes forms..definitions.. expressions..colours...tones... it is not a simple /\/\/\/\/ up and down coil on the surface, but what your mind, the supercomputer human comprehend. 5 - 10% of your brain capacity is a defined number, and also very small in its referenced use.

The human breathes the oxygen, and expels the carbon dioxide, the tree inhales the carbon dioxide and expels the oxygen. Accelerations are like the coding matrix of reality.. through the perception of temperature.... warm air rises... something extraordinary happens..cold air takes it place, like some unstoppable magical force.

Jeff Ciancio the mostly cancer, steve the partially taurus, the sun rotates, we rotate, we put ourselves in the right place at the right time, if you are put a frequency, a tone of sound in an elaborate orchestra.. if you are but a frequency of light, then you have a place of being.... because you can choose your personality, how to think.. you can choose how your "body" resonates..functions... and so putting yourself in a fitting reality is just natures way of keeping order and putting the pieces where they belong.d
If nature can place the cold air where the hot air was, I wonder what sort of compensation it has in store for me when I perceive myself as above my reality. When my heart is is raised that I know no fear in a world diluted in it. Where will the wind take me? We are like atoms, you an I.. thought-forms in the same mind and art-forms of genetics in the same pool. That is to say... it is our perceptions that bring us together like magnetics. Certain people and events become our reality as we identify them as our own body, our friends, families, and enemies... remove all illness of the mind and may your body forever be healthy. Remove all illness of the mind and there will never be an issue. Flow with love and confidence and there will never be any stress, as you detach and realize, its all perceptual.. stress can be perceived infinitely.. or not at all.

And most of all... forget it all like a passing thought, the curious thought forms to our hungry intellect. It begins to think it is right.. or begins to think it is wrong. It begins to control because we are passive to its nature. Forget what I have said.
Forget what you are. Close your eyes, just relax, focus on a single thought until all others reluctantly cease, then let that thought go.. like breaking through the prison wall you enter eternity...

now rebuild anew... or let go of the need to build (define) at all, but if you must.. build a better one, a better you.


long rant short:
What balancing measures will nature take when we no longer currently fit with this reality model?

Do you ascend or does the universe ascend you? Does astrology define you or do you define your astrology? I'm not really asking the question but implying a sense of automatism. To go with the flow, your flow, is go with your will, and nature's will. It will place you where it needs you.

But I could be wrong. I hope. It would be terrible if I was right. That would mean I'm sane!

posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 02:33 AM
Also I don't think i'm going to make any more philosophy threads when I have something to say. I will comment to others as I usually do but my personal initiations I think I will put here, because I feel very content about the first post and the exchange thereafter that it really gets the ball rolling explaining where i'm coming from and many others who try to explain... that they can not explain and will not explain as to dilute the purpose of explaining that they need not explain that they do not know in (solid state) reasoning. We know everything. It doesn't mean we can recite the entirety of it. We're still downloading the information (learning /living).. if you want an answer wait until the download is complete (never?)

The day where we not agree to disagree, but cease to care.. we just be ourselves.. function naturally... and it just so happens throwing ourself into that free state leads to exactly the kind of life and co-operation we may have agreed upon. Talking about is, as we do now is to constantly remind ourselves what we already knew. Just be yourself. Let the rest unfold. What else can you really do but feed into a construct? If it is your desire so be it. I am a reluctant participant, but I think you'll find I won't get in your way unless you put me there.

I will continue to speak as a psychedelic rubix cube and let it flow without second guessing as long as these "stars" orbit me.


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