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A reflection of recent predictions in my words

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posted on Jun, 4 2004 @ 12:54 AM
Well, it took a lot of time but I read through all these postings , and the Aussie bloke thing, and a generalized overview of religions as a side note.
Interesting comments from all posters.
This my perspective in seeing this in a very simplified manner to digest, as follows:

Love - love oneself with respect and reflect that love outwards in a caring respectful way that creates a positive aura to all that surrounds you.
< my examples:
1) Unconditional love to people closest to your heart < an example of unconditional love- you as a pet owner raises your pet from a baby, your pet loves you .. You can yell at it, forget to feed it ect.. But it still comes to you unconditionally, it trusts you without question,
2) Caring for the creatures of the earth … to get that sick, sad, emotionally upset feeling when you accidentally run over a squirrel, when you tried to avoid it [I know a weird example here. but it’s one I can relate to]….
3) Saddened to see land stripped away for its resources and not returned even close to its original habitat.

Self Meditation- This can be interpreted in many levels. But I feel that it is taking some time and reflecting upon everything around you and sorting it out in a rational perspective, then once your mind is cleared of all that ”noise”, Then focus upon yourself to reflect upon yourself to understand yourself. Not the meaning of life, but the meaning of your life that you experienced. I feel, if you can understand who you are to yourself, then you can be yourself.

That’s it.
But I would like to add this:

It is easier to have negative feelings then positive ones…. (I don’t know anyone that lives a continual Mary Poppins life)
Society continually feeds negativity to us..
1) At work (gossiping, backstabbing, lying ect)
2) On TV (violence it good to watch but bad to do, but sex is bad to watch and good to do /boggle)
3) TV news 30mins, well, 29mins and 30 seconds of bad news and a 30 second highlight of one nice thing going on in this wide world. Is there that little of positive things going on in this world?
4) Our leadership/governments focus on this bill and that amendment to please this wing or that wing or this or that investor/lobbyists, yet forget why they are in office.. Where are the interests of the masses, …example.. The cost of living keeps rising: gas prices, property taxes, food prices (is a tomato grown today better then a tomato grown 100 years ago with less toxins available?) everything rises .. But the minimum wages stay unlivable, why?

There is so much negative influence to “drag us down daily” its hard to be “ole chipper Bob next door”
Like dieting - it is cheaper and easier to eat junk food, then eat healthy food. Why?
The list can go on and on…

I am still a newbie here ATS and read more than post, but after reading those 20 some pages of a future yet to be seen. Every single human still gets up, put on clothes (unless you’re a nudist) and does their version of work grind somewhere in this world and returns to their haven to recoup. Rinse and repeat, generation before us and after us.. All for what?
Life is short and not everyone can be a shining star…

My Prediction: I can be a shining star to those closest to my heart, and feel that I have lived a long rewarding life.


Ps : Mods not sure where to post this, but kept in the same forum of recent predictions


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