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Protesters defiant after deadly clashes in Bangkok

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posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 11:30 AM
It is with great sadness as I, only a mere nobody, write this post, trying to make sense of the carnage I saw, heard, talked to, listened to, all sides of the Thai drama...the testbed and harbinger of things to come for the whole world.....

Regardless if the mass of unarmed protestors were constitutionally legal or not, there is ABSOLUTELY no reason to murder or maim them. 19 innocent citizens and 1 Japanese citizen dead, 800 maimed.

Heavy calibre weapons, machine guns, high velocity rifles need to be used against stick and stone throwing soft skin majority unarmed civilians???

This is a horror. Worse when the murderers do not admit to their crime. The poor protestors could have killed or maimed themselves long ago and spared the agony of the days of great heat and hunger, and need not wait till Saturday to do themselves in.

The dead bodies were found with head wounds, and 800 unarmed citizens - men, women and children would not simply get maimed if not calibred weapons had been used on them. There is undeniable evidence of military killings being conducted upon a defenceless citizenery.

But the battle hardened and capable army is not responsible. The animals that were responsible for the inhuman and atrocious act were the Abhisit govt. The soldiers had no wish to kill their own mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, but had been pressured by the illegitimate govt of monsters.

It is a ghastly sight, but worse for those loved ones of victims. All the unarmed protestors wanted was a free and fair election, nothing more. Only a cry of hunger and for help. And for such, they had to be maimed and murdered with weapons???

What had the world whom had witnessed such atrocity done? Nothing....

Where is US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, the champion representative of democracy?
Why is there no condemnation of the illegal Thai govt?
Why is there no economic sanctions against them?
Why is there no withdrawal of military aid and training for that illegally runned country?

Is the world to continue biz as usual in the light of such murders upon the Thai poor, who are humans just as we are? To do so would mean we sanction such atrocities against humanity, complicity with the monsters that are ruling Thailand today!!!.

For those who do not realize it yet, the drama is watched closely by the NWO/Corporation elites. They know they had made mistakes, and in time, humanity will rise against them one day.

They want to know the limits on how far they can go and how far humanity will take it lying down and be trod upon, when the military machines are unleashed freely upon mankind.

What we humans do today will be the answer to how far the greedy and selfish NWO/Corporation will go. The location may be different and many can choose to be apathetic, for it is not happening to their country, but if we remain silent, there may be none of us remaining on Earth....

posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 11:44 AM
reply to post by JanusFIN


We humans had seen how Radical Islamists twisted the holy words of the muslim Almighty to further and justify their murders upon innocent humans, even of their own kind.

And you are doing exactly just like them, using the beloved CONSTITUTIONAL monarch to justify the oppressment of a people!

Being a constitutional monarch, the king has only limited powers and mostly ceremonial.

It is the Parliament that holds the power. Although he may approve the rule of democratic govt, it is largely ceremonial approval, for his powers are limited and way below the influence and hypocrisy of the powerful armed elites.

But can he be held accountable for the corruption and illegitimacy of the current monsters ruling Thailand today? NO!

Can he be held accountable for the order to the military to murder his children/subjects? NO!

So DO NOT make use of the good king to justify the rule and decisions of the greedy depotic monsters!!!!

posted on May, 9 2010 @ 01:11 AM

Originally posted by detachedindividual

Originally posted by ironfalcon
If the Red Shirts are hell-bent on destabilizing the Kingdom of Thailand, then the police and military have the right and the duty to suppress these riotous demonstrators.

This forum really scares me sometimes.

Where is your limit?
When you've tried everything legal and reasonable to elect a stable, democratic, just and fair government and a power-mad bunch of self-serving corrupt people are leading your nation. What then?

It's not as simple as people think. This is far more about pure anti-elitist sentiment than anything else, in that people are fed up all over the world of seeing a select group living in luxury at the expense of the people, running a country for their own ends rather than the benefit of the people they are elected to serve.

The people have the right to choose their leaders and their destiny. And when governments refuse to listen to the people and do the job that they were elected to do, this is what happens.

And no government on the Earth is actually paying any attention. Otherwise, they'd all be cutting their own pay, refusing to bail out the bankers, destroying the central banks and severing their corrupt corporate connections.
Instead, they're sitting back and laughing, before breaking out the weapons and shooting at their own people!

It's disgusting. Every government watching this should be ashamed, and be fearful. This is only going to get worse until governments actually take some action to rectify their standing with their own people.

Coming to a major city near you: civil unrest on a massive scale.

We all knew it was coming, it's only going to get worse as taxes rise and standards of living decline. America, England, Europe... we're all in line for it. The only question is how long it's going to take until we get as angry as so many other societies.

Personally I'd predicted this to take place a year ago. So I give us another two years at most before our governments are shooting at our people from their ivory towers.

Of course people have a right to take a stand against their countries' governments should they step out of line and turn corrupt; some are willing, others are not.

The reason little to no attention is paid to these demonstrations, from the protesters' POV is the belief that they are against government when they are against corrupt government altogether and want true leadership.

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